How to Create a Fake Venmo Screenshot? 5 Best Ways


If you do online payments, you might have heard of Venmo. It is a popular online payment app that facilitates you to do monetary transactions, such as sending or receiving money from anyone. In this article, you will come across a few applications and methods of how to create fake Venmo screenshots. Also, you will learn how you can differentiate between a real and a fake Venmo screenshot. If you do online payments, you might have heard of Venmo, a part of the evolving landscape of online payment systems.

Various apps to create a Fake Venmo Screenshot are ExpressExpense, Invoicewriter, Quickreceipt, etc., to generate fake Venmo screenshots. You can use this as a prank tool against your friends and fool them by generating fake Venmo payment screenshots. Also, some fraudsters use this for scams.

As a Venmo user, you may know how people use fake Venmo screenshots to fool or scam someone. Read more to understand everything!

What Do Fake Venmo Screenshots Are?

A screenshot is a pictorial representation of one’s screen that shows its activities on the screen. Today, people prefer to take screenshots of things as evidence.

The same is a fake Venmo screenshot, an artificial representation of the Venmo payment receipt. As Venmo’s payment history does not carry much information, it is easier to make fake screenshots. And while looking at the darker side, fraudsters generate fake screenshots for scams, similar to other online scam tactics you should be aware of.

Reason For Making Fake Venmo Screenshots

There are a few reasons why people use different tools to make fake Venmo screenshots. While looking at the brighter side, people, especially students, create fake screenshots to fool their friends, cousins, or other members regarding making payments to them.

Reason For Making Fake Venmo Screenshots

And while looking at the darker side, fraudsters generate fake screenshots for scams. They generally use it for some goods or money by sending fake screenshots to them showcasing that they have made the payment, but in reality, they have not made any such payment.

How To Make Fake Venmo Screenshots?

Generating a fake Venmo screenshot is not such a big deal. You can make a fake Venmo payment screenshot in two ways:

  • The first method is through readymade templates. Several ready-to-use templates are available on the web, which you can download and edit on your computers using different tools, such as Microsoft Word.
  •  The second method is through different software and applications. Numerous applications and software are available that facilitate the creation of fake Venmo screenshots.

5 Best Tools to Create a Fake Venmo Screenshot

There are numerous ready-to-use tools available that allow you to do so. A few of them that you can use to make fake Venmo screenshots are:-


ExpressExpense is one of the most popular and best receipt-making tools that allows you to create receipts for different purposes. With the help of ExpressExpense, you can develop fake Venmo receipts.


You must enter the information, choose the template, customize it, and download it. The tools facilitate the creation of professional-grade receipts.
It is free to use, but if you want to access more templates and remove the watermark from the image, you need to become a member of it.


InvoiceWriter is another tool that permits you to make fake receipts for any purpose, including fake Venmo receipts. You can access it by visiting its official website on the web.

You can search for Venmo in the search bar, click on the template, and start making necessary changes there. After completing all this, you can directly share it or download it.
There is no way through which you can use it free of cost. They offer only a single freestyle to use. But if you desire access to more than that, you must purchase its membership plan.


Another tool on the list of best fake Venmo screenshots is Quickreceipts. With this platform, you can create fake receipts for any platform, including Venmo.


It is an application that you can download for any of your devices. To start with Quickreceipt, you do not need any technical knowledge, and it is so because the application provides an easy-to-navigate interface.
Currently, you can use the app completely free without paying anything.


It is a downloadable template resource. nuTemplates provides high-quality tools and practical tips to generate fake receipts for any platform.nuTemplates

Along with the facility to make fake Venmo screenshots of payment, the platform facilitates you to make fake receipts for several different industries, such as legal, finance, business, education, etc. Once you complete making the phony receipt, you can download it in any format, such as PDF, word, etc.


Using Photoshop, you can also make fake Venmo screenshots. To understand more about this tool, consider reading about the advantages and disadvantages of Adobe Photoshop.


But if you do not have that much professional knowledge of Photoshop, you can still make fake screenshots of Venmo by implying professional services. Using Photoshop, you can generate realistic screenshots and edit existing Venmo screenshots.

How do you distinguish between a real and fake Venmo screenshot?

Although it is challenging to differentiate between a real and a fake Venmo screenshot, you can distinguish them to some extent with a few tips. Here are a few tips that will help you to do this:

  • Get an insight into the inconsistencies in the design of the screenshot and match it up with the actual Venmo screenshot.
  • Look for different editing signs in the screenshot, such as blurriness, distortion, etc.
  • Check the transaction details, such as the transaction date, sender and receiver name, transaction amount, etc. If it seems suspicious, it is not an original Venmo screenshot.
  • As Venmo does not ask you to share your personal and transaction details, if someone asks you to share it, then the screenshot is fake.
  • Authenticate the screenshot with the official Venmo website or application, and validate the transaction with Venmo’s customer care.

Although it is challenging to differentiate between a real and a fake Venmo screenshot, being aware of secure online transaction practices can provide additional insights.


What is Venmo used for?

Venmo is a payment application that lets you do monetary transactions with anyone at any time. With Venmo, you can send or receive money with anyone.

Does Venmo notify screenshots?

No, Venmo does not notify you if you take a screenshot of the payments on the application. Also if someone else takes a screenshot of your payment, you will not get any notification.

Which is the best tool to make fake Venmo screenshots?

However, all the tools are the best to generate fake Venmo screenshots, but ExpressExpense is the best.


Hopefully, you have liked the article. The article outlines the ways through which you can generate fake Venmo screenshots.

All the ways are the best ones. With them, you can quickly and easily make fake Venmo screenshots. Also, the article outlines a few tips to differentiate between a real and a fake Venmo screenshot and save yourself from scams.

You can make use of it to prank your friends and others. Remember that scams are against the law, and never use fake Venmo screenshots for fraud.

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