Top 5 Best Alternatives to Microsoft OneNote

A Note is a blank canvas for us to paint our thoughts and ideas. Microsoft OneNote is one such application by Microsoft where you can scribble your thoughts. Type, draw or write freely, and you will come to know why is it different from Notepad or Wordpad.OneNote lets you gather text images and drawing in tagged notebooks. You can also import text and tables from other Microsoft apps as OneNote synchronizes your data through your Microsoft account. The best thing about Microsoft OneNote is that you don’t have to worry about saving your document as Microsoft OneNote automatically saves data on OneDrive as you pour your thoughts out.

Microsoft OneNote Alternatives

There is no doubt that Microsoft OneNote is one of the most dominant notes taking applications available today, but what if you want other applications that does the same? Let us see some of the applications which are best alternatives to Microsoft OneNote.

1. Evernote

Evernote is considered as the closest alternative application to OneNote. Evernote has been a long time rival to Microsoft OneNote. Evernote helps you turn your smartphone into an extension of your brain. Just like OneNote, in Evernote also you can pour your thoughts by writing, adding the picture, drawing, or in the form of voice memo.

But Evernote is a bit easier to use and understand. There are numerous features offered by Evernote. Some of them are clipping content from web pages, attaching PDFs to notes and table tools, as well as extensive organization capabilities. The one advantage that Evernote has over OneNote is its synchronization feature.

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Every data you create in Evernote is automatically synchronized on the Evernote servers. As it is saved in the cloud, you can edit it from anywhere if you have an Internet connection. Evernote has two editions which are free and paid. The difference between the two is the cloud storage capacity.

Convinced? Shift your clips and notes using OneNote to Evernote Importer and you’re ready for a not so new yet different ride!

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2. Simplenote  

As the name, Simplenote is the simplest way to keep your notes, ideas, thoughts and more. Simplenote was bought by automatic, the company famous for WordPress. Simplenote is completely free, and also it has no usage limits. The unique factor is that it supports Markdown.

Apart from Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS and web, Simplenote also supports Linux and OS X. You can publish your work straight to the Internet with just one click in Simplenote.

The downside? Simplenote is text-only which means no images, web pages or doodles. But Simplenote is so tiny in resource usage, sizing around 6 MB for the Android version that you might as well download it on every device you use.

3. Google Keep

Google Keep is a Google service to create notes that connect to Google Drive. It makes Google Keep portable. Google Keep on helping you to capture your thoughts quickly without worrying about saving issues. You can type, record voice, add pictures or scribble by hand in Google Keep. You can organize your data using different styles, highlighting and making use of bullet points. 

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Also, it is not necessary to arrange everything in the linear form. One can drag and drop anything anywhere on the canvas. Google Keep is linked with other Google services. Keep uses your Google account to sync across devices.

Hence, it is a very useful option for Android users. Google Keep is supported on Android, iOS. Google Keep doesn’t have a desktop app yet, but you can access your notes on the web. If you use Google Chrome, then Google Keep app is available. Google Keep is also linked with Android wear. If you pair it with a smartwatch, then the top 10 items in Google Keep automatically show up.

Catch? Despite the convenience, Google Keep is quite limited compared to Microsoft OneNote and Evernote. To attach files to notes in Google Keep, they must come from Google drive. In 2013, Time listed Google Keep as 50 best Android applications for 2013.

4. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper or Paper is the newest application launched this year by Dropbox. Paper is a simple and creative product of Dropbox.  Dropbox Paper supports images, tables and tasks. Every document or folder created in Paper is stored in Dropbox, and you can access it by logging into your Dropbox account. 

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Thus to use Paper, you must have a Dropbox account, or you have to create one. You can create notebooks using this application which has no size limit yet but to insert a document you have first to upload it to your Dropbox account. Paper is still in Beta, so there are many limitations and is still going security testing.

5. Tiddlywiki

Tiddlywiki is a non-linear web notebook. All the data that you save in Tiddlywiki is stored in a single document. It is an open source application. It consists of CSS, JavaScript and the content. Tiddlywiki divides the content written by you into small, meaningful pieces called as Tiddlers. Tiddlywiki only supports web browsers.

There is no need to download & install any third-party software. All you have to do is download the TiddlyWiki HTML file and start using it. The only downside of TiddlyWiki is that it not as user-friendly as other applications.

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