How to Change the DP in the WhatsApp Group?

WhatsApp is a well-known instant messaging service that lets users talk to one another one-on-one or in groups. One of the critical features of WhatsApp groups is the display picture, also known as the DP.

Changing the group DP can be a fun and creative way to personalize the group and make it stand out from others. As a result, group members may feel more a part of the whole and more identified. In this article, we will learn How to change the dp in the whatsapp group and provide tips for selecting an appropriate DP.

Understanding WhatsApp Group DP

The WhatsApp group DP is a small image in the chat window beside the group name. Each group member can modify it, and it is visible to everyone. WhatsApp supports various group DP types, including images, pictures, logos, and other visuals.


 While some teams might favor a fair idea, others might choose a more complicated design. The group DP should reflect the theme or objective of the group.
For instance, friends might decide on a group DP that includes a picture of a special occasion they experienced together. A sports team may choose a graphic or logo depicting its name or colors, and a company may use a qualified logo or a product image to represent its brand.

You can even choose to hide your DP from people like you can hide your number On WhatsApp out of privacy concerns.

How to change the DP in the WhatsApp Group?

  • Here are the steps to change the dp in the whatsapp group: Open that group chat to alter the DP for a WhatsApp group discussion.
  • In the chat window’s header, tap the group name to join.
  • Select the group’s DP image by tapping it.


  • You can take a new photo with your phone’s camera or select a new image from your phone’s gallery.
  • If required, crop the image you want to use as the new group DP after choosing it.
  • To save the new group DP, tap the “Done” button.

It’s crucial to remember that any WhatsApp group member can change the group DP, so it’s a good idea to get everyone’s approval before making a change by communicating with them first.

Best Practises for WhatsApp Group DP Selection

  1. Here are some pointers for selecting a suitable DP for a group: The group DP should reflect the theme or objective of the group. If it’s a group of buddies, the DP can include a picture of the entire bunch. If it’s a sporting team, the DP might have a logo or image depicting the group’s name or colors.
  2. The DP ought to be clear and straightforward to read. Avoid utilizing intricate visuals or images that group members can find perplexing.
  3. Pick clear, eye-catching images that are of a high caliber. Images that are blurry or have pixels may not appear friendly as DPs.
  4. Ensure you do not select an image protected by copyright or owned by someone else. The ideal photographs are either original or have a Creative Commons license.
  5. It’s critical to consider the potential consequences of choosing the wrong DP. Some group members may feel offended or angered by inappropriate photos, which may cause conflict causing group members to leave the group.
  6. Therefore, picking a DP that is appropriate and respectful of each group member is crucial.

To use DP safely and effectively, follow these recommendations:

  • Avoid employing insensitive or offensive imagery. It includes depictions that are obscene, violent, or discriminatory.
  • Observe religious and cultural sensitivity and avoid using imagery that could offend people of particular faiths or cultures.
  • Ask the group for feedback before choosing a new DP to ensure everyone is at ease. It’s preferable to pick a different image if a group member opposes your chosen one.

Troubleshooting Typical Problems

The following are typical problems that could occur when altering a WhatsApp group DP:

  •  Image size: Selecting the wrong image for your DP can cause it to crop or deform the picture because it may be too big or too small. To avoid this problem, users should opt for an image optimized for WhatsApp DP, with a minimum resolution of 640 x 640 pixels.


  • Internet connectivity: If you can’t modify the DP, it can be because your internet connection isn’t working well.


 Before changing the DP, confirm that your internet connection is steady.
  • Permission issues: Before changing the DP, certain phones may ask you to allow WhatsApp access to your photos.


Check your phone’s settings to ensure WhatsApp has the correct permissions if you have problems choosing an image from your gallery.
You can resolve these issues by using the advice provided below:
  1.  Resize the image: You can use an image editing program or app to resize the image if it is too big or too small.
  2. Pick a different picture: Try a different one or take a new idea if the one you selected doesn’t work.
  3. Refresh the app: If you are experiencing issues with WhatsApp or your phone, try restarting it.
  4. Verify your authorizations: If you are experiencing problems selecting an image from your gallery, check your phone’s settings to ensure that WhatsApp has the required rights to access your photographs.


How can I change the default profile photo for a specific person in a WhatsApp group?

You cannot alter the DP for a specific member in a WhatsApp group. For all group members, the group DP is the same. Everyone in the group will have their DP changed if you request it.

What kind of WhatsApp group DP can I use?

Although you are free to select any image for a WhatsApp group DP, you should be aware of copyright laws and the potential repercussions of doing so. It's preferable to avoid using copyrighted photos without permission and to utilize high-quality photographs already sized for WhatsApp DP (minimum resolution of 640 x 640 pixels).

Can I change the DP even though I'm not the WhatsApp group administrator?

Whether they are an admin or not, any WhatsApp group member can modify the group's default profile picture. When changing the DP, it's crucial to respect the group's rules and norms and consider the possible repercussions of selecting an inappropriate image.


In conclusion, updating the WhatsApp group’s DP can be valuable in conveying the group’s character and principles. Group members can produce a DP that is respectful of copyright rules and visually appealing by choosing an acceptable DP that fits the group’s subject or purpose, employing high-quality photographs, and doing so. However, it’s crucial to use DP responsibly and with consideration for any potential repercussions of making a wrong choice.

Group members can prevent conflicts and guarantee that everyone feels happy with the selected DP by adhering to the best practices described in this article. If you experience any difficulties while changing the DP, try the troubleshooting tips offered on this page. Additionally, WhatsApp has a support section on its website where you can find additional information and fixes for typical issues.

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