PayClick Ad Network Review & Features [Earning Proof Inside]

Is AdSense Dead?

No! But from considering the situation of most of the budding bloggers and website publishers, establishing a well-off earning source using Google AdSense can be a tough task. That’s why advertising networks are prevailing for everyone who wishes to generate revenue from his niche blog, website or publishing platform.


Have you worked hard to make your site more content worthy and engaging but couldn’t find a way to generate the required profit and revenue from it? 

And if you’re tired of placing ads those irrelevant ads that distract your readers and is decreasing your targeted audience, then it might be the time to move on from AdSense and stop using all those self-proclaimed “Best Advertising Networks” that eventually reduces your site’s traffic.


However, there’s another reason behind the struggle of all the newbies to generate profits, but they are yet not aware of the fact. Being in the affiliate and marketing networking for a time now, the one that I’ve realized is that the native ad format for all the websites is much more reliable, efficient and profitable methodology for both publishers and the advertisers.

PayClick is one of the proven global advertising networks that works in a similar way to increase the revenue for all the publisher’s web sites that by introducing the advertising placements of widget ads in the native format. 

It simply means that your visitors would be able to views these ads on the pages of your site without making any difference in the content and the ads. It’s as the ads are smartly camouflaged in between the website’s native environment.

Fortunately, this review of PayClick enlightens you on why choosing PayClick is beneficial and is it the most recommended network for you or not. So, let’s get started.

Why PayClick over all the other Advertising Platforms?

PayClick is here just because of its overwhelming influence and impressions exposure worldwide. That’s why I’ll recommend you to start your blogging journey with PayClick. However, to generate some profits, the first thing is to drive traffic and a readership to your website with the content and social media. 

With over 120,000 advertisers teamed up with this network, its network is expanded across 107 nations globally. With the recent discovery of the seven planets by NASA, I’m assuming PayClick would also expand its services to these planets as well. Just Kidding.

Widget Settings

It promises to deliver 100% appealing and content driven advertisements along with high payouts and impressions.
The pricing plans also act as a catalyst for luring both the publishers and the advertisers together. PayClick, in fact, offers CPM and the CPC based pricing models which I’ll discuss thoroughly in the review later.

Getting Started – Registering Yourself with the Network

PayClick Registration

You can easily join the PayClick Ads Network directly through the site’s homepage. Being a blogger myself, I registered as a Publisher looking to increase his/her revenue without placing irrelevant ads on the site’s blog page.

PayClick’s offering to all the Publishers

  • Native ads depending upon the audience’s interests and website content.
  • Highest CPM and CPC based Revenues.
  • Over 50+ ad unit settings and options like background color to a type of product/content recommendations.
  • Works seamlessly along with AdSense or any other Network.
  • Redeem your payments on a weekly basis and advance options.
  • Super responsive widgets for every device from a desktop, to mobile and tablet.
  • Exclusive offerings for premium partners and smaller websites.
  • Various payment methods including PayPal, Web money, Pioneer, and Wire.
  • Fast and easy widget installation, suitable for learners and newbies.
  • Reliable support is available for 24*7 by super friendly guys in your local language.
Adding a Site

A Publisher’s Perspective – The Review

PayClick boasts a global coverage, and with successful deployment since 2010, it’s getting better regarding tracking, revenues, and support. The partnership with more than 120,000 advertisers is still trustworthy for its members.

As we all know that the higher CTR is, the higher your income would be. However, most of the networks aren’t able to satisfy the whim of the publishers with the CTR rate. PayClick uses the advanced technology of native ads placements, that has ultimately made it possible to provide a 5% CTR against the average of 2.3%. 

PayClick Statistics

Publishers are also entitled to join the network even with blogs that have average traffic and a growing audience. The setup process is minimal, and within 10-15 minutes, you’ll be able to configure the ads on your site seamlessly with the content.

The website offers you an interactive dashboard which allows you to keep an eye all the running campaigns on your websites. You are entitled to access full reports on the ad clicks, impressions, income rates for CPC and the effectiveness of the native ad placement.

Guaranteed Payments

PayClick promises to follow a flexible ideation of providing revenues to the publishers. The website allows the members to avail the payments on a weekly basis, that too with numerous payment methods available. Just fulfill the payment threshold of $20, and you can redeem the generated profit whenever you want. 

Want to increase your impressions? Here’s a secret trick that I’ve been using for a few years now. Configure your website/blog with the Heatmap tool and track where your readers visit the page more often. Now, place the widgets on the similar areas, above the folds, etc. Placing the native ads in the sidebar isn’t as much as effective as you think. 

The real scenario of the CPC and the CPM rates on PayClick’s Network ranges from $0.3-$5. It’s something that you cannot determine yourself. The rate varies with the amount of traffic your website gains, impressions, and your current location. The highest CPC rates are often generated by the site hosted in the Europe, and Asia.

Choose Ad Type

Fully responsive ads by the devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops would help you produce impressions from every possible user who visits your site. The design of the ads can be easily customized with more than 50 settings and changes. 

You can also contact the Support Manager for manual recommendations and other changes. Reliable support is the key to keep long lasting customers, and PayClick hasn’t disappointed me in any possible manner.

Final Words

So, this was my take on the native ad network, which is aimed to increase your revenue. You can get more information about advertisement placements, CPC or CPM plans, and an exclusive partnership with the VIP membership for the publishers. 

So, would I recommend this network to other bloggers? Hell Yes! It’s a good place to start your revenue journey, and with flexible eligibilities, you can easily grow your website. 

Do share your thoughts on this network and let me know if you’ve started generating profit from your site or not.

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