Top 10 General Knowledge (G.K.) Apps for Android

Friday, 16 September 2016

Top 10 General Knowledge (G.K.) Apps for Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
There are Android apps available for almost everything you need in the Play store. People who wish to study using these apps sometimes run into a fix about which one to choose out of the swarm of apps out there. You’ll find a lot of apps on the learning and academic education, a little less on GK, though. So here we present some of the Chosen GK apps that can help you to improve your GK quotient.
GK Apps for android

10 Best Android Apps for GK

1. Wikipedia

Who doesn’t know about Wikipedia? No Doubt Wikipedia is on our list. Wikipedia is the biggest source of information available on the web freely where contributors from all over the world are maintaining and updating information daily. Wikipedia is no doubt largest source to develop GK. The app has beautiful material design and is pretty light build and works smoothly even over slow data connections.
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2. General Knowledge 52600 +Faqs

If you’re searching for something that combines most of the GK quizzes into one, this app might be on your checklist. The app is designed beautiful UI that’s easy to scroll about as well. You can choose any topic from a wide range of subjects and pick a quiz or a puzzle. Play and learn at the same time. This app contains questions from most of the sectors with answers and is regularly updated. You can keep track of your progress within the app by signing in with socials.

3. GK Current Affair SSC-IBPS-IAS

This app provides GK quiz and knowledge on a broad range of topics. The app has quite well designed material design UI. It’s mainly an app for the ones who are preparing for civil service exams. You also get Study material and E-books within the app. You can also the study offline as the apps works offline as well.  The app supports three languages English, Hindi, Marathi. You can connect the socials to track your progress within the app. The content updates on regular basis.
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4. GK 2016-17 & Current Affairs

It’s an app combining most of the questions from general knowledge and daily affairs & happenings. The app UI is decent and the information is also updated on regular basis. You can choose the set of questions and take a test. At the end of the test, you’ll get the result of how many correct and incorrect and so on. For the ones who want a straightforward and light build app for GK quizzes this one is a good choice.

5. India GK

India Gk app features a good looking and simple UI. The app focuses not only the GK section but also the civil services exams. It’s a good app for the civil service aspirants as it covers not only the GK but also the current affairs along with the past solved civil exams question papers. The app also offers you study material to improve your knowledge and prepare yourself for the in-app quizzes.
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6. Aptitude Test and Preparation

As its name suggests this app is for the ones who are focused on their GK and Aptitude skills. You can choose any test from the broad range of tests that available on the wide variety of topics. This app bundles a lot of stuff like quizzes, formulas as well as solutions for every question. It also brings you quizzes on aptitude and logical reasoning. You can view and track your progress.

7. GK Quiz - Current Affairs Quiz

This app is for the ones who want to learn and enjoy along. You can choose any quiz, trivia or challenge from the broad range options available. The app has combined questions from several topics ranging from the basic GK, technology, medical science, history, arts, geography, economy, etc. You can go for quiz or ‘Just for fun’ games. The app also works offline, and you can even view your progress with the quizzes that you’ve taken.

8. Current Affairs GK - IBPS PO

This app features a good looking UI which is easy to go through. It contains all guides and GK study materials along with the quizzes. You can read E-books, guides, and other study materials. Civil services aspirants can find study materials, model papers, past solved question papers, etc. You can also have access to all this offline. So you need not have internet connection whenever you feel to study.
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9. Trizzio - The Quiz with Prizes

The most interesting part of Trizzio is minimalistic its unique and design beautiful UI which makes it one of the factors why should one install the app. It combines all the questions from the broad range of topics like GK, Logos, Sports, Movies, Music, Current Affairs Fashion, Cards, Literature, People, Business, Cartoons, lifestyle, etc. It has an algorithm design to present your questions according to your level. It’d Ad-Free app, where you can not only view your score but can also compare it with other users and can have one on one duels. Overall, it’s a fun learning app.

10. General Knowledge Quiz-GK

This app is again for the ones who are quite serious regarding improving their GK. This app is made with the intention to improve GK for the competitive exams. The questions are from the broad range of topics like India, Science, Sports, Current Affairs, Basic GK, etc.

There were more like Khan Academy, but Apps like Khan Academy are learning apps which include Courses rather than Focusing on GK. It does have a small GK corner where you can learn from. Since we were considering only GK apps, we have kept it out of the list. But you can refer to it if you like it. But most of the apps listed above have a huge bundle of knowledge that will help you about accomplishing your goals.


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