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In this fast moving modern era, we keep forgetting is that this “technology” we are so obsessed about, has the potential of putting our privacy at risk. Clearly, our smartphones have become our most faithful companions. From our ATM card numbers to PINs, passwords and our intimate moments captured; our smartphones hold all these details. So, I guess protecting all them is a crucial task.

App Lockers for Android

So here is a list of top 10 android app locks to protect your smartphone for prying eyes.

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1. Applock

One of the finest and most popular app locker with over 100 million downloads, this app, gives you facilities like password or pattern protection, photo vault for your images, video vault to preserve your videos, easy call locker, etc. And what more? Well numerous themes to save your phone from the dull, monotonous looks.
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2. CM Locker

With the app having one of the highest rating of 4.6 on Google Play Store, it is one of the most downloaded apps. You can either go for password lock or the pattern lock. Furthermore, being liberal about your smartphone’s battery, it cleans out the battery drainer apps. Also, the intruder pic will be clicked and saved for you to see. The other cool features include showing weather forecast, enabling you to control your music playback.

3. Smart Applock

It is helpful for users who pay serious attention to their privacy. With this app, you can set a different password for different apps. You can use a password of PIN or words type and can also use a pattern. While the time of installing it, you have to provide an e-mail id. A person trying to snoop into your phone but with the wrong password will have his photo clicked and sent it to that particular e-mail id. Another important feature is that fake pop up shows on your locked apps to give the intruder the feeling that your app has crashed. 
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4. AcDisplay

Apart from performing the very essential function all app lockers do, it has other intriguing features like showing notifications in the background of the lock screen. Plus it also has the active mode and a blacklist. The active mode wakes up your device when you need it, so you get a quick glimpse of the notification you received. The function of the blacklist is restricting apps from sending notifications to the lock screen.

5. Leo Privacy Lock

This small size app is a combo package of app locker and booster. So, it just doesn’t protect your phone, but it also helps your phone function faster. You cUse pattern or pin code to lock your apps. It also comes with the anti-theft mode. You can also change the background setting as your wish with the various choices provided.

6. ES App Locker

Developed by the most popular ES groups has a user-friendly interface, easy navigation. It also has auto app lock feature and comes with less battery usage.In this app, you can protect your apps using PIN or password. You can also change the settings of this app locker.

7. App Locker – Lock Any App

Being another efficient app locker, it functions well with its sleek User Interface. You can lock your SMS book, your WhatsApp, Gallery, emails, etc. Moreover, you can also lock your incoming and outgoing calls. And in case you forget your password, then this app comes with offline password recovery.

8. Perfect App Lock

Use passcode or pattern or even better gesture to protect every app you hold dear; be it WhatsApp or your Facebook or gallery. This app gives you the liberty of consuming less space of your RAM and CPU. You can even remotely lock and unlock apps. Also, if the interloper pushes himself into your private apps then ‘snap’ ‘snap’ and yes, you get a picture of the intruder saved.

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9. Screen Lock Guardian

The primary focus of this app remains to guard the privacy of your phone through PIN number and a pattern. The silent selfie feature clicks the pic of the invader of your privacy and saves it to your gallery along with date and time. You can launch up to 5 apps directly from the lock screen. It has extra features like showing weather forecast and attractive wallpapers.

10. App Lock And Gallery Hider

 Best known for its smooth functioning, this app perfectly secures all the stuff private and important to you. Apart from securing your system apps as well as the downloaded app. You can also lock settings. Furthermore, you can hide photos, gallery, videos. Snoopers can’t uninstall this app from your phone. You can make use of PIN or pattern. Developed by MIGITAL, this app provides a complete security solution for your phone.

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