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Thursday, 22 July 2021

6 Best Medical Practice Management Software In 2021

Posted by Madhu Gupta

All medical facilities will require medical practice management software to run smoothly, helping with clerical tasks and patient records. Proper medical software is vital for healthcare facilities, and without the right software, you might overlook the important nuances. This leads to incorrectly servicing your patients.

best medical practice management software

That is where healthcare software development comes along. With built-in features like updated ICD-9 codes, auto-populate fields, and more in mind, you won’t spend too much time having to flip through coding books to get the correct codes.

Furthermore, when you use manual medical data and charts from filing cabinets, it would be challenging to manage patient information, especially when expanding the medical facility. You might have to spend hours and hours looking for just one file!

With the correct medical practice management software, you get to reduce the number of tedious tasks to perform, saving you and the team a ton of time to achieve your goals. You can get all the patient information you need within minutes, including their medical history, contact information, and notes about their specific medical needs.

But wait! Before investing in software, which one is the best for your medical facility? This article will tackle the 6 best medical practice software to help narrow down your options and get you the most suitable one.

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Top 6 Medical Practice Management Software

Without further ado, let's quickly dive into the topic:

1. Epic

Epic is a solution catering to all aspects of medical practice, a comprehensive and easy-to-use software. It covers most medical management areas, including

  • Support for focused specialties
  • Improvement of patient experience and engagement
  • Support for focused specialties

Besides the management features mentioned, you can find other features that can improve daily functions, such as workflow, statement consolidation, paperless billings, and coding automation. 

Epic also includes built-in electronic medical record systems, allowing the providers, staff, and clients to collaboratively view and manage their medical records. Thanks to this important feature, there is a centralized location for anyone to access the records (with permission) no matter where they are within the medical facility. The built-in tools and healthcare analytics allow the staff to identify the high-risk patients, offering the best-individualized treatment.

Besides this, the software helps patients see their prescriptions, contact their healthcare provider, and even book appointments without making a phone call. There are also personalized outpatient self-care recommendations to keep patients well-informed. 

Visit Epic

2. Kareo

This software is best for independent medical practices, allowing owners to tailor the platform to whatever facility type. For example, your independent practice needs a solution to help manage billing to ensure payments continue coming in. Yes, medical billing can get quite complicated. But with Kareo, the tasks get easier as they offer billing management software for you to collect payments efficiently.


One ideal example is the accounts receivables. The software has a claim tracking software, so it reduces delays and confusion for independent practices. The software also has analytic tools, which are helpful when requiring health snapshots to maintain your budget.

You can also take advantage of its appointment and scheduling features, which make the process smoother. Such features offer personalized alerts, scheduling capabilities, and custom appointment reminders. As a result, you have increased patient satisfaction and closer relationships with them.

It is essential to focus on the patients, especially when you want to expand the facility over time. The software offers Kareo Engage for this goal, offering online communications and care reminders to encompass end-to-end customer experiences. This keeps patients happier and healthier. 

The system is HER-integrates, so one can manage patient records and write notes and scripts quickly. Overall, this software can help facilities handle unique challenges efficiently, being a customizable software meeting unique needs.

Visit Kareo

3. WebPT

The WebPT software makes things very easy for therapy professionals that aim to improve patient care and experience. You can maximize the potential of your clinic’s physical therapy using the documentation features and marketing tools. This medical practice software also offers financial trend analysis so that you can improve the accounting workflow. Practices will also appreciate the intuitive dashboard, making it easier to schedule appointments while celebrating patient milestones. 


Physical therapy facilities need to document information as much as possible. They will need to monitor the many variables while coordinating a ton of documents. For old clinics, you can update medical practice records and manage them better with this software. It offers a built-in customer EMR to keep patients’ progress reports safe and secure. In a few steps, you can check and share patients’ outcomes as needed.

This software isn’t only for physical therapists. It’s a helpful tool for outpatient rehab service providers, too! Language and speech pathologists, along with occupational therapists, can take advantage of the software features.

Visit WebPT

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4. LumaHealth

Medical practice management comes in various shapes and sizes, with LumaHealth bringing the focus to patients. The software helps keep patients informed of their care, which is just as crucial as billing and scheduling. This platform specializes in connecting patients with care providers and specialty clinics. 


Patients can utilize the text messaging feature to ask questions, securely receive updates through phone, along with receiving details of their prescriptions and lab results. The tool can help patients and providers communicate in more than 20 different languages if your clinic has a diverse patient list.

 Also, clinics can automatically send out educational content to their patients, making this a great feature and comprehensive tool for clinics with patients that have specific post-care guidance. 

Visit LumaHealth

5. DrChrono

This is the perfect tool for those who require something to build around their practice. It has a focused approach for medical procedures and health records, addressing unique challenges. Plus, you can create specialty EHR!


You can add customizable fields like medication and demographic fields for those specializing in internal medicine, allergy, immunity, dermatology, or OB/GYN.

Besides this, you can take advantage of its billing features, which are essential for any practice’s wellbeing. With DrChrono, one can achieve better collection for payments and claim rates through the integrated tools handling the complexity of billing processes.

Visit DrChrono

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6. Greenway Health

Greenway Health medical practice software connects healthcare providers to the right information and insights, offering improved patient care. It helps meet physicians’ goals, benefiting patients, staff, and strategic partners. 

greenway health

This would come with practice management and health record features that small and large practices can utilize. Furthermore, it has clinical and prescribing alerts, along with a dashboard to track your progress for PHRS and clinical quality measures.

Visit Greenway Health

To Summarize

The right software is crucial to help with the efficiency of medical practices. A medical practice management software can help you with that, offering facilities the right solutions to many problems faced by midsized and independent practices. Furthermore, using software will help keep your patients’ health in check as you streamline the necessary clerical work for medical practice.

I hope you find this guide fruitful, and it helped you in better understanding the functionality of medical practice software and gave you the place to begin looking for the most suitable one. I wish you the best of luck with your search! If you’d like to share your insights and reviews of any of these tools, do share them in the comments section below. 

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Monday, 19 July 2021

How To Use Magento Web Services | Complete Guide

Posted by Madhu Gupta

Growing your business in the current market is a considerable task that requires a lot of research and analysis. With thousands of companies already working, a new business will have to stand different to gain customers. Moreover, eCommerce platforms are quite making their way into the industry.

magento web services

Further, every process, right from posting the products to delivering them, is entirely automated. Today, we will be focused on Magento and its various features. You will learn about how to use Magento and gain a massive profit in the business. Also, there are some critical details that you must keep in mind before proceeding with it. Hence, let’s start our guide without wasting any more time.

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What Is Magento?

The first stage regarding how to use Magento is to understand the concepts behind introducing it in the market. Magento is the largest open-source eCommerce platform that helps you boost your business. The initial release was delivered in 2008, but recently Adobe Inc acquired it in 2018.


The software allows you to entertain various business requirements by implementing the core files. Also, users can install multiple plugins and add-ons to improve their experience. The platform is constantly evolving after its very first update and developing startups since day one. Hence, it improves the overall functioning and helps in managing the business.

Moving further, Magento provides its services to the community at minimal charges. Moreover, you can always get more resources once the business gets a headstart. Magento Commerce is a viable method to create an interactive shopping environment with the help of innovative tools. According to the research, Magento manages more than $100 billion of gross merchandise for its customers.

Features Of Magento

 Magento is a robust tool that helps the business grow, especially on eCommerce platforms. We see a lot of companies building massive empires just by promoting products online. 

features of magento
Features of Magento

If you still are not following the description of Magento, here are some features that will show its usability.

Includes Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud is a unique tool that combines all the technology that you require for those who don't know. It means you can have a single place to save anything related to your business. Whether it is to deliver your email campaigns or manage online content, it has your back. You also get a detailed analysis and data insights regarding your customer base and their purchase patterns. Further, it can adapt to the latest trends in the market to meet the customer’s requirements. Therefore, users can proceed with the integrated models to have a smooth walkthrough.

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Best Cloud Solutions

Magento is a perfect mixture of both physical and digital shopping experiences for the customers. Further, it resolves various cloud-related issues of the users by providing adequate solutions. Magento adequately addresses the needs of the business within any industry.

magento cloud solutions

You get help from developers, merchants, partners, and other business experts. Whether a small startup or an established brand, everyone needs help at some point, and that’s precisely what Magento does. The solutions are duly tested and approved by the panel, and hence you get the best results.

Advertising Tools

Every business requires a proper solution to promote and advertise its products to the target audience. Magento lets you market the brand using emails, newsletters, social media posts, and whatnot. Moreover, users can include special discount coupons along with free shipping opportunities for the customers.

You can also categorize the product descriptions to help the customers make an ideal choice. The landing pages are made more user-friendly to increase the value of the business. Overall, it will prove to be a complete marketing strategy without spending many resources.

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How To Get Started With Magento

As already mentioned, you should consider shifting your business to an effective eCommerce platform like Magento. But many of you are not aware of how to use Magento and start with it. Well, you have two different options, to begin with, Magento depending on the requirements. 

The Open Source installation is free, and you don’t need to pay anything for it. However, there will be limited features available. On the other hand, Magento Commerce is a premium paid version where you get additional features. It includes perks like Magento Hosted Cloud, B2B functionality, Technical Support, Magento support services and a lot more.

You can begin the downloading process by following the steps mentioned on the official webpage of Magento. Once you have the software installed in your system, you are ready to go. The user interface is quite engaging that will allow you to manage all the aspects of your platform.

 Also, you can migrate your old business and transform it into the new configurations of Magento. Further, some of the stages might vary depending on the version you downloaded.

You can continue installing different plugins on the environment that will increase productivity. Some of the major APIs that you will come across in Magento are,


Make sure to have the essential details about these to help you understand the platform better.


We hope that this will give you a clear picture of how to use Magento and get an advantage over your competitors. The platform even provides a Demo Trial for the new users who are looking forward to it. Make sure to test out it for yourself and analyze the difference. It will revolutionize your whole eCommerce business and take your sales to the next level.

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Thursday, 15 July 2021

10 SEO Tracking Metrics That Matter in 2021

Posted by Madhu Gupta

SEO is such an important and in-depth tool that you can use to measure and track everything related to it. You can focus on various metrics, be that rankings, engagement, or revenue, to name a few. The SEO metrics allow you to have a better insight into how successful your organic searches are growing and performing. They also provide users with a lot of information that can help to form new strategies to target different markets.

seo tracking metrics

There are many metrics one can choose from to focus on and track. Below are our top ten metrics to help you make a serious impact on your SEO campaigns. 

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New Referring Domains

As backlinks are the most important Google ranking factor, the more relevant backlinks you have from good quality domains will boost the impact of your own domain. If a site links to you, Google believes that this makes you a trustworthy site. However, a second link from the same site doesn't have the same impact. New referring domains should be a priority to increase your visibility online, T-ranks SEO mentions. 

On-page Optimization Scores

This is the process of optimizing the contents of your page for both your users and the search engines. You can use various online tools to analyze your offerings and give you a score to reflect how well it is optimized for SEO. 

on page optimization scores

The score takes into account items such as; keyword density, instances of related keywords, URL, page title, and the meta description, to name a few.

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Text Readability

Whereas most metrics for SEO focus on more quantifiable metrics, text readability tracks the quality of your content. It uses things like the relevance of the content and comprehension. Actionable content that has clear takeaways is much more valuable than less researched and over-glorified content. 


Whenever your page shows up in Google search results, this counts as an impression. This is correct even if the user doesn't actually scroll down and see your listing correctly. Impressions are a great early indicator of how well your SEO campaign is going. As your rankings increase, your impressions will increase; once you can break into the top three, then your traffic will surge.

Click-Through Rate

Your click-through rate informs you of the percentage of impressions in Google SERPs that generate a click-through onto your web page. You can track this easily through Google's search console using the performance module. 

click through rate

Click-through rates and your page's ranking position have a strong correlation. The higher you rank, the more clicks you will get.

Keyword Rankings

Although obvious, keyword rankings are a very important metric to keep on top of. 

They allow you to benchmark your progress and offer early signals that your SEO strategy is working correctly. It would help if you focused on both branded and non-branded search terms while conducting your research to have the best results. This should also evoke organic growth and traffic to your site.

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Organic Traffic

It is essential to track the amount of organic search traffic your site gets. This is a true and relevant reflection of your page and campaign.

organic traffic

 It ultimately identifies whether your SEO efforts are delivering the foundations of a successful program or not. You can track this easily via Google analytics and map out your progression.

Indexed Pages

Google shows their pages and search results in an indexed format; to showcase them correctly, they must have devised a way to display this properly. If your pages aren't indexed, then they will never get any organic search traffic. You can use various online sites to ensure your page is indexed correctly to get the best results.

Pages Per Visit

This metric highlights your user's ability to explore your site further and move into the conversion funnel. Many people visit a site and only use one page; this is a missed opportunity to persuade them further to adhere to your site. This is the next step after gaining more traffic, and you must interest your visitors to stay on your site.

Bounce Rate

This, too, focuses on the number of pages viewed by visitors, and the bounce rate highlights those that visit one page on your site and then leave. 

bounce rate

This isn't a ranking signal, but it definitely indicates a problem with certain pages or your site as a whole. It is essential to track this and make any edits to help your page flow.


These ten metrics are vital for ensuring your site is successful and fully optimized for SEO. Keeping an eye on these metrics will allow you to track your campaigns' impact and give you the chance to tweak them to ensure you receive the best results. 

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Tuesday, 6 July 2021

How To Prepare For IBPS PO Exam? | Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Madhu Gupta

IBPS PO Exam or the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Examination is a competitive exam. It is an exam conducted for the banking sector. 

IBPS PO exam

You should have a sound understanding of the topics to crack the exam.

What Is IBPS PO Exam?

It is a banking sector exam to hire for the positions in IBPS participating banks and institutions. Your exam preparation should be a well-structured method. Many candidates apply for this exam, but only a few succeed. This page has more information related to the preparation for the exam, including the syllabus, mock tests, etc. 


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Examination Process

In the IBPS exam, there are two sections of each common written exam and interview. People who clear the written exam become eligible for an interview. For the IBPS PO exam, there are Pre and Mains examinations. Candidates who clear Preliminary become eligible for the Mains exam and then Interview. 

Here is an article to help you with books to help you with your exam preparation.

Valuable Tips For The Preparation

Some useful tips to prepare for the IBPS PO exam can help candidates achieve success.

Know The Latest Syllabus And Exam Pattern

Prior to the exam preparation, you should have a proper understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus. You can make a study plan according to the exam pattern and syllabus and follow the same strictly. 


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Analyze The Previous Exams

You should analyze the previous exams to learn the difficulty level of the paper. You should know the minimum marks required to qualify for the exam. It may be different every year depending on the difficulty level of the paper. You should make a strategy to prepare and follow while giving mock tests. 

Know Your Weakness And Work On It

You may have slow calculation speed or confusion in any particular subject. It is essential to know your weaknesses. Keep giving lots of mock tests as they can help you to understand your weaknesses. Try to work more on your weakness while doing preparation. 

Give Regular Mock Tests

Solve as many mock tests as you can. This will help you to stay updated with the type of questions that come in the exam. It also helps you get an idea of your preparation level and improve your weak areas. 

Read Newspapers

Reading newspapers regularly helps you to stay updated about current affairs. It is an important part of preparing for the IBPS PO exam. 

Use Intelligent Methods To Solve Questions

You have limited time to solve the paper. Therefore, you have to learn smart and straightforward methods to solve the paper. Most people think that using the book methods will help them to solve the paper quickly. But, the right way is to use simple and easy methods to solve the questions. This will help you to manage your time. 

Give Enough Time To Study, Practice, And Revise

Study new topics and revise the old ones regularly. Practice is important. Practice regularly so that you can remember the old and new stuff. Give sufficient time to your study, practice, and revision while preparing for the exam. 

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What To Prepare For The Exam?

The things that you are required to cover for the IBPS exam are as follows:

Professional Knowledge

If you are going for a specific officer post, you will be required to have professional knowledge. The syllabus for every special post is different. The special officer posts include HR/Personnel Officer, IT Specialist officer post, Law Officer, marketing officer, Agriculture Field Officer, etc. 

Computer Knowledge

It is another topic on which you should prepare. You should have a basic knowledge of computer skills. This is one of the must have skills for IBPS PO Exam. You have to prepare for computers, network basics, basic internet knowledge, Microsoft office, etc. 

Quantitative Aptitude

It is a vast topic and takes a lot of time. The main part of this topic is data interpretation. You must invest a lot of time-solving the problems. You should have a good knowledge of solving tabulation, sequences, quadratic equations, percentages, averages, etc. 

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You will choose English or Hindi, depending on your background stream. Having a better knowledge of the language you select is a must. You should have a good command of the English language as it is a global language. It is indeed an important topic. You need to focus on solving comprehension, grammar, spotting errors, etc. 

General Knowledge

Good general knowledge is the key to success for any competitive exam including IBPS PO Exam . Keep yourself updated on the latest events and news in India and the world. Newspapers are the best source for getting the latest news and information about the world as a whole. Reading newspapers daily will help you cover most of your general knowledge. Focus on the latest news about the Banking and Finance sector. Concentrate on the last year's development in the economic, Banking, finance, Marketing, Sports, Agriculture, etc. 


It is an important subject and plays an essential role in the banking exam. It helps you to score well if you are well prepared. You should focus on some crucial topics such as series, coding, problem-solving, etc.


IBPS is a difficult competitive exam. One has to study hard to crack the exam. Proper preparation and understanding of each subject and topic are essential. Dedication, hard work, and concentration are important to achieve success in the IBPS PO exam. You can also prepare for the exam without coaching. But you'll have to work hard and focus on preparing for the exam. You should study consistently for the exam. Try to devote at least 5-6 hours a day to prepare well for the exam.

Solving the previous years' questions papers can help you to know the exam pattern and the level of questions asked in the exam. It not only allows you to see the difficulty level of the questions but also helps to improve your speed and time management.

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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Tips For Managing A Facebook Store | Beginner's Guide

Posted by Madhu Gupta

After establishing your Facebook store, it's time to manage it so you can be sure your products are set up the right way. As the first rule of thumb, think about the items you want to sell first and take into the amount of inventory you will need in anticipation of consumer demand. 

tips for managing a facebook store

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If you feel that your products are going to sell fast, stock up with enough inventory so you can fulfil all the orders you receive. To learn more about how you can successfully set up an online Facebook store, find out here for more information.

Tips For Managing A Facebook Store

Let us begin with the tips to be followed to manage a Facebook store.

Adding Products to Shop

All Facebook Shop pages need a product catalog or product listing to display the products you want to sell. To manage this, Facebook has an easy-to-use tool called Catalog Manager that allows business owners to have complete control of their active inventory. When you open a new shop tab on your page, you will need to set up Facebook's Commerce Manager. You can select an existing catalog during the setup process or create a new one for your inventory. You can then add and manage your products in the Catalog Manager.

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What's great about adding your products to your Facebook online store is having as many catalogs as you want. But it's essential to keep in mind that you can connect only one catalog to your shop at a time. After your online shop has some products, you will be prompted with a "manage your catalog" button at the top right of your page. One mistake many new online businesses make is mismanaging their inventory. That is why it's essential to keep your inventory count for each product updated in your catalog. For example, if a product's inventory is zero, it will appear as "out of stock" in your Page shop even if its availability is set to "in stock."

Using the Commerce Manager

One of the tips for managing a Facebook store is knowing how to use the Commerce Manager, which gives entrepreneurs and small businesses complete control of their catalogs and sales.

This tool allows you to manage and customize your shop, product listings, in addition to getting insights about customers and popular items. You can also use Commerce Manager to upload inventory, track orders and receive payouts for each product sold. 

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Order Fulfillment

Another one of the tips for managing a Facebook store is to make sure your orders are fulfilled. You can use Facebook's Commerce Manager to fulfill incoming orders once your customers place their orders on your store's checkout page. However, there are many items to keep in mind before you begin your order fulfillments, such as being familiar with seller performance and accountability policies. 

Whether you ship your orders in one or multiple shipments, it is highly recommended to ship orders within three business days or within the specified handling time. Afterward, you can go ahead and mark the orders with a "shipped" status to let your buyers know that their product is on the way. Don't forget to provide tracking information for each purchase to initiate your payout, as tracking information gives the buyer peace of mind. 


These were the basic tips for managing a Facebook store. Give all of them a try so that you can efficiently manage your Facebook store. However, if you are a beginner, it would take a bit longer to ace the art of selling products at the Facebook store. Let us know if you use any of our tips and how they worked for you!

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