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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

8 Best Benefits of SSL Certificate | 2018 Edition

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Security is a significant issue of concern whenever you are using the Internet and especially when you need to transmit some confidential information to a particular party using the Internet. With the advancement of technology, solutions for the better safety of websites are coming up, and this problem has been resolved as now people no longer need to be scared of their confidential information getting leaked out. 

SSL Certificate is a security protocol which has solved this problem as SSL makes sure that all your incoming and outgoing activities on the Internet are secured from any unauthorized people or access.

What is SSL?

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. It is a security protocol which makes use of encryption to send and receive confidential information through the Internet. SSL creates a secure channel among the user’s browser and the website’s server with which the user wants to connect or communicate. All the sensitive information which goes through this secure channel is encrypted by the sender and decrypted by the receiver.
Benefits of SSL Certificate
Due to this even if a third- party which is not meant to be there but still gets involved in this process will get no understanding of the information and the third- party won’t be able to understand the encrypted information anyhow. 

To use SSL, websites need to acquire an SSL Certificate first. This will make your Browser to detect the certificate and to get to know that the particular connection is required to be encrypted.

SSL Certificate is a digitally signed file which is issued with a specific domain name. It also contains the signature of the issuer, serial number, Issue and expiry date of the certificate and so on. All the SSL enabled websites shows a tiny lock near the website’s URL, and also they use https instead of HTTP protocol.

Despite the benefits of SSL Certificate, many users and website owners do not enable it due to its pricing and its complicated implementation. But they are ignoring that an SSL Certificate comes up with more advantages than the disadvantages and their installation process has also become more comfortable with time. You can get HTTPS SSL Certificate from Cheap SSL Shop at $7/year and can save more.

Benefits of SSL

There are a lot of benefits to using SSL. It is beneficial for both the website owner and the user. As users are nowadays very much concerned about the security of their data over the Internet, for them SSL will undoubtedly prove itself to be very useful and advantageous. Given below are some primary and primary advantages of using SSL Certificate:

1. SSL Encrypts Information

SSL Certificate works to encrypt information so that only the targeted or intended parties can read and understand the data altogether. Usually, when any data is transmitted through the Internet, it goes through a lot of computers and forms, and then finally it reaches its destination, and the more the involvement of ways are there, higher will be the chances of the information getting leaked out to some third- party which can misuse the information severely.

By using an SSL Certificate, you can insert some random characters in the original information so that it would become impossible for any unwanted person to understand it without having a proper encryption key. In this case, even if your data gets leaked out in the hands of some unauthorized person, still they won’t be able to read and understand it, and so the information will be of no use to them. 

And when the users visit your website, they would know that you have used encryption at various places. One common replacement is of “HTTP” replaced with “https.” It gives the idea that the page is protected and is also backed up by a lock option placed at the location bar.

2. SSL is Mandatory For Accepting Payments

Every online business such as E-commerce businesses needs an SSL Certificate with encryption of about 128 bit to meet the required criteria of Payment Card Industry (PCI). PCI standards verify that you have issued the SSL Certificate from a trusted source and it is legal, not fake. 

They also check details regarding the right amount of encryption and also provide a private connection on any web page which requires users to enter personal information. If a site does not have a proper SSL Certificate with all these standards, they won’t be able to accept payments from any source.

3. SSL Increases The Ranking of Websites on Google

Many companies and businesses spend a lot of their money and efforts on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve the ranking of their sites in the Google search results. But people are unaware that by enabling SSL, they can improve the ranking of their website in the Google search results. 

Two years ago, Google declared SSL as an important ranking factor in its PageRank algorithm to make the web a safe place for users. So a website having SSL will have a good ranking than the one not having SSL despite all the things being equal. 

Although content quality is the major factor in the ranking thing and it is generally more influential in the ranking criteria than the SSL Certificate. Most of the Google results have https protocol, and this will be increasing with time.

4. SSL Provides Authentication

SSL Certificates also provides authentication. It ensures that you are transmitting your information to the right server as you intend to, and not to any hacker or thief who might be trying to steal your information to misuse it. 

Users might try to send you information through Internet using various computers and any of those computers might pretend to be your website and can trick users to send them their personal information. To not get involved in this problem, you need to use a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and also issue an SSL Certificate from a trusted SSL Certificate provider company.

5. SSL Makes Website More Professional and Generates More Revenue

Usually all the popular and recognized websites on Internet are secured and they flaunt a tiny lock icon near their website’s URL. This is because business people are aware that digital privacy is very important these days. Also they want to convey it to their users as well that they are secured and protected. SSL Certificate carries the message to their uses that the site is safe to use which also helps to make it look more professional. 

Security is very much required in the E-Commerce industry as these websites need sensitive information of customers like credit and debit card details. SSL enables websites have around 128 bit encryption so it is safe to make online payments on SSL enabled sites only. 

6. SSL Improves Customer’s Trust

Your online transactions are secured on SSL enabled websites and this encourages the customers to trust the place with their personal and sensitive details like login information, cardholder’s information, passwords, account details etc and they start using online payment option more. This increases the sales and thereby the revenue of businesses.

7. SSL Provides Protection For all Subdomains

There is a particular type of SSL certificate called as Wildcard. Wildcard enables you to secure your main site with all its subdomains by using one single SSL Certificate only. It is very helpful if you own a large number of websites with many subdomains. While, if you install a standard SSL, you need to install separate certificates for all the subdomains. 

8. SSL Prevents Phishing

Sometimes users get phishing emails that contains attachments or links which takes them to some other reputable website and tricks them without creating any kind of suspicion. Phishing e-mails are received in the form of advertisements or shipping confirmations and they try to get your credit card details to misuse it. 

But people who use and develop these fake sites are unable to get an official and authentic SSL Certificate. And this will make the users to realize that it is not a trusted and secured website and they will move away to other sites without giving any information. 

Final Words

Issuing an SSL Certificate is a right decision to make if you are a website owner. It provides you a lot of advantages and security, and whenever the issue is regarding security, you should not be careless. So buy an SSL Certificate as soon as you can (if you do not have it) from a trusted source and then enjoy your business operations with no risks.
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KeepSolid Sign Review: Fast & Secure Electronic Signature Software

Posted by Madhu Gupta
KeepSolid Sign is an electronic signature app which is available to sign contracts anywhere and anytime and from any device. It can be used for any work whether it is corporate or personal. Usually, you need to print, sign, and scan a document before finally sending it to the concerned party and it takes a lot of your time due to which the process and the deals get delayed sometimes. 

Not just this, but the bigger the level of the business, the higher are the responsibilities and formalities, but KeepSolid Sign resolves this problem of users by creating this process of signing documents straightforward and convenient for all users. It is also available in offline mode.
KeepSolid Review
All the documents signed on KeepSolid are purely legal, and so there’s no risk of making frauds or cheating. It works well in urgency when you don’t have any access to the paperwork, but you need to sign some pdf documents. With this, you no more need the older print and scanning method to sign contracts. It can be used on all major platforms like Windows, Web, Mac, Cloud, iOS and on Android devices too. You can also try it for free for 14 days with their trial version. 

While using KeepSolid, you need only to drag and drop your e- the signature to the essential place and can finally send the documents to the targeted party. However, you can learn to how to use KeepSolid by opening their training feature in the online signature app. The starting price of KeepSolid is set to $7.99/month/ user.

Features of KeepSolid Sign

  1. KeepSolid allows you to create your own electronic or e-Signature.
  2. It takes care of the signing process remotely and that too quickly and safely.
  3. Pdf documents can be filled up and signed up very quickly.

Fields of Using KeepSolid

Business Works

  1. KeepSolid reduces the chances of delay in paperwork in businesses and industries.
  2. All the contracts can be signed within a few minutes as KeepSolid is very efficient.
  3. KeepSolid helps to make and initiate deals with targeted customers.
  4. It improves and affects your customer’s experience positively.


  1. The documents signed on KeepSolid are all legal and official so it can be used for personal work as well.
  2. You can check and access the contracts already approved in the offline mode too.
  3. It makes sure that all of your documents are safe and secure.


  1. Keep solid can be used for educational purposes. It reduces the stress of using and maintaining a hard copy of signed contracts.
  2. It reduces the time of preparing for contracts by hiring lawyers.
  3. It lowers the chances of making spelling mistakes and errors and in turn, prevents misunderstandings.
  4. It reduces the chances of making frauds in educational work as everything is done through the app.
  5. It takes no more than a few minutes to get ready, and it can be used for remote education as well.


  1. KeepSolid creates contracts and agreements very quickly by using smart templates.
  2. It keeps you up-to-date regarding the status of your agreements and keeps an eye on old contracts also time to time.
  3. It manages the workflow of the enterprise and improves its efficiency.

Pricing of KeepSolid Sign

The available plans of KeepSolid are created according to the number of users in a particular team. In a specific team, all the members can access the app with all its features. However, the people who sign the documents that are, the signees need not pay any fees. They only need to register to get the KeepSolid id for security purposes. And after this, they can immediately sign the document after reading it.

KeepSolid Sign can be purchased through their website or directly with their app. They accept all primary payment methods that involve credit cards, Stripe, Paypal, Bitcoin, Amazon, AliPay, etc.
The amount of buying KeepSolid varies according to the purpose and number of users for which it is required.
  1. For personal use, the amount is set to $9.99/ user/ month, and it will be paid monthly. It is available for one user only.
  2. For a small team, the amount is $39.99/ team/ month, and it is allowed to be used by a maximum of five users.
  3. For the Big team, the amount is set to $71.99/ team/ month, and it is allowed to be used by maximum ten users.


  • It allows a lot of features in the offline mode too.
  • It saves your precious time and efforts.
  • It can download and print different files and documents.
  • It can synchronize with your smartphone.
  • It makes paperwork very easy and fast.
  • It creates new reports with impressive and attractive templates.
  • KeepSolid uses very advanced level encryption which keeps all your sensitive data and confidential information protected from any unauthorized access.
  • It is available free to be tried for 14 days, and there is a 7-day money back guarantee too.
  • Credit card details are not required to be filled up while you are using the free version.
  • Multiple users can sign a particular synchronized document. It makes it very convenient for them to sign and send the report electronically without having any direct face to face contact.


  • Some users feel that the trial period of 14 days is too less to decide the reliability of this software.
  • It is limited to pdf files and documents only; word doc is not supported which is a massive disadvantage for KeepSolid as many users prefer making use of word docs.
  • Sometimes KeepSolid’s performance becomes very slow, and it takes a lot of time to connect to the server.
  • It is mandatory to create an account and register with your details first before using KeepSolid and sometimes this software demands to create an account even if the user already built it. This creates frustration in users, and they move away to use a different app for signing documents.
  • It is not entirely free but comes with a subscription, and so users who are owners of small companies and enterprises might hesitate to use it.
  • There is only one package and price option.

Final Words

Overall, KeepSolid is very easy to use the electronic signature software. It displays proper quality signatures, and its popularity is increasing at a fast pace. Many users are starting to make use of this software to manage their workload and to prevent the unnecessary wastage of time. 

Only with few clicks, you can initiate a contract or a deal signed by multiple people in minutes. A lot of users have been able to very quickly get adjusted to this software without having any usage complications.
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IOTransfer 3 Review: Ultimate iPhone/iPad Manager & Video Downloader

Posted by Madhu Gupta
IOTransfer 3 is an iPhone Transfer software and management tool which enables its users to manage and transfer data, files, and programs between an iOS device and a computer. As only the iPhone users know how problematic it is to move anything from an iPhone to any other method. But IOTransfer 3 is a software which has come for the rescue of iPhone users.

IOTransfer 3 efficiently transfers songs, videos, photos, contacts, files, eBooks and other information in a short period and that too without the use of any plugging device, but only by syncing the data between your iOS device and your computer through the Wi-Fi connection.
IOTransfer 3 Review
It has a lot of new features that are liked and appreciated by iPhone users. IOTransfer 3 can also convert videos into different file formats such as .doc, pdf or in an audio format.

Features of IOTransfer

  1. IOTransfer 3 can support anything which makes it the best software you can have. 
  2. IOTransfer shows all the details about your phone after it has been launched. So all the details and statistics of your phone can be seen on the connected PC. 
  3. IOTransfer 3 has the feature of data back up in any computer system that you choose. 
  4. It enables you to copy any file that you wish to form a local directory to your Apple device. 
  5. It is developed with more than 14 languages. 
  6. Manages Photos and Videos: The HD images and videos that you capture and create on your iPhone can be transferred and handled very efficiently using this photo management tool. Multiple files can be moved at a particular time. You can also convert heic to JPG photos that too online.
  7. Organizes Music: If you are a music lover and you have a habit of downloading a lot of songs from iTunes or Apple music app, then your music playlist can be efficiently organized and managed using IOTransfer 3. 
  8. Downloads and Converts Videos: IOTransfer 3 helps you to download videos from any platform, be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or any other website. It can support all the first video and audio formats such as avi, mp3, mkv, wmv, aac, egg and so on. Using IOSTransfer 3, you can directly transfer your downloaded and converted file from your iPhone device to your PC. 
  9. Transfers Files using Wi-Fi- Network: IOTransfer 3 does not need a USB cable to transfer any data or programs to your PC. All can be done through a standard Wi-Fi network.


  • It can transfer all files to your PC with just one click, and so saves a lot of your time and efforts. 
  • It cleans up the junk files and data from your iPhone to free up space some storage space and to increase the efficiency of your device. 
  • It is straightforward to install IOTransfer 3, and anyone can do it without any complications. No professional technical expertise is required to run this app. 
  • It can convert videos to any format very easily and quickly. 
  • There is also a Help feature in the software which enables you to get any advice regarding how to use the software. 
  • It has a gorgeous and neatly designed user interface which is a further addition to its popularity. 
  • It can download videos from any website on your phone.


1. You won’t be able to change the theme of the app here.
2. It is only suitable and available for Windows PC users.
3. No Backup and Restore feature is available.
4. You need to pay some money to buy the pro version of this software which will enable auto updates.

IOTransfer 3 Pricing

IOTransfer 3 is a chargeable software, and you need to pay $24.99 per year to buy a single plan of this premium software. This offer is however liked by many customers who are using it on a daily basis. 

They also offer a 7-day trial version which is free to let the customers try it for free and then decide whether to buy it or not. Also, there is a 60 days refund guarantee provided on their plan if the customers are dissatisfied with it.

IOTransfer 3 Performance

IOTransfer 3 have been tried and tested by many users, and according to their experience, they have never seen any bug, lag, error or performance issue in it. It is a very reliable software and very trustworthy too. All the features available are very user-friendly, and the overall performance is efficient and effective.

Final Words

Indeed IOTransfer 3 is a fantastic utility and management software that you should have if you are a smartphone user. It will help you to manage every issue in your smartphone whether it is iPhone or Android. 

It consists of great features that are very impressive and commendable. It works perfectly fine with any device. All the features available on this software are active and can be used by you quickly. IOTransfer 3 is a great iPhone manager tool, and if you are interested in managing all the data of your smartphone, you should not think twice before installing IOTransfer 3 in your system. 

It is recommended for every user and especially the iPhone users. I am very much impressed with this software, and I hope you will also feel the same if you download it on your system. So download it and then share your experience of using IOTransfer 3.
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Monday, 20 August 2018

AnyTrans for Cloud Review: Manage Your Cloud Content Easily

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Before we proceed with the review, let’s have the necessary know-how about AnyTrans for cloud. With the trust of over 10,000,000+ iOS/Android users using the iPhone Manager and Android Manager by AnyTrans. An additional feature introduced by AnyTrans recently is the online cloud storage for its users with the new Cloud Manager- AnyTrans for Cloud.
AnyTrans for Cloud Review
AnyTrans for Cloud is an online cloud-based storage management system available for Windows PC, Mac and on the web. You can use this FREE cloud manager for managing your important files across multiples cloud-based drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. all at one place. 

With its dominant search engine that works flawlessly across multiple cloud accounts, you have easy access to all your files all at just a login! You don’t need to login to separate accounts individually. The file browser is also very advanced with all the inbuilt latest features so that you can manage your cloud files better across your mobile, PC and tablet phone. 

AnyTrans for Cloud Review
It hosts an additional 2 Factor Authentication along with your regular login id and password so that your personal and valuable files are in safe hands. AnyTrans cloud service is provided by a reputable brand in the software industry, iMobie. So, if you are someone who is looking for a complete solution for cloud drive management, this could be the solution!

Features of AnyTrans

1. Manage Multiple Cloud Storage From One Platform

To allow you to manage your various cloud drives efficiently, AnyTrans for cloud has integration with almost all the cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. Also, this is the only cloud service that supports iCloud to allow you to access. All you have got to do is add up all your cloud accounts to access files across multiple platforms. 

AnyTrans for Cloud Review
And Manage. In this way, all you have to do is add your cloud accounts to it, and then you’re able to access and view your files from one place. The “Intelligent Search,” helps you search and locate the data you need.

2. Transfer Cloud Files at Lightning Speed

AnyTrans uses a unique technology called multithreading, using which AnyTrans can make transfers between cloud and computer faster. So, whether you are downloading or uploading files, bulk transfers can be made without any issues with internet bandwidth. AnyTrans picks the nearest server for each assignment to be faster. 

3. Share Cloud Files Safely via The Simple Link

AnyTrans for Cloud also allows you to share your files via email or ring on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Also, you can set a password on your data to ensure data safety.
AnyTrans for Cloud Review

4. Safe and Secure 

You can trust AnyTrans for 100% security on your uploads, downloads or transfers. AnyTrans for Cloud has many security protocols to check the safety of unauthorized access including the use of 2-factor authentication by Google and SSL-256 encryption protocols.
AnyTrans for Cloud Review

Supported Cloud Drives

  • iCloud Drive 
  • Google Drive  
  • OneDrive 
  • pCloud Drive 
  • Box 
  • Dropbox

System Requirement

  • Hard Disk — 100MB and above 
  • CPU  – Pentium IV 2.4 GHz and above 
  • RAM   – 512MB system memory 
  • Android Version  – Android 4.0 and later android versions 
  • iOS   – iOS 5 and later 
  • Mac OS  – macOS X 10.11, 10.10, 10. 9, 10.8 
  • Windows OS  – Windows10/8/7, Vista, XP

How To Use AnyTrans?

Let me tell you that AnyTrans for cloud is a third-party software and it needs to access all your data stored in multiple cloud drives so that it can help you to manage that data in the better way. If you're okay with this go ahead and navigate to AnyTrans for Cloud
  • You should have landed on the website. 
  • Now, choose the software based on your operating system on which you are going to run this app. 
  • For Mac OS: 
  • For Windows PC:
  •  For Web App: 
  • Once downloaded, follow the on-screen instructions and install the application. 
  • Next, launch the software. 
  • Now you need to sign up for the service. If you're going to sign up early, you're going to get access to their premiere plan for free and $10 coupon which you can redeem while purchasing any product from iMobie.
  • So, input your valid email address, create a new password and hit sign up. 
  • Before using the software, make sure to verify your email id. 
  • Tap on the plus button on the left-hand side and start adding the cloud services. 
  • All set, now you can share your files across multiple cloud storage. 
  • You can tap this little star button on the right to prioritize your favorite record. 
  • You can tap on the share button to share it with your friends, colleagues, etc. You may also copy the link and share it. 
  • In the Advanced Settings, you can select if it is to be public or private file and decide precisely how many times the media may be downloaded.


So now as you must see after the discussion of the beneficial cloud storage management system, AnyTrans is undoubtedly one of the best choices to store, manage, transfer and share your important files across multiple cloud drives. 

Also, it is the only cloud service that supports iCloud, and available for both Windows and Mac; so you can quickly meet your needs. So, without thinking twice, give AnyTrans for Cloud a try! In case of any further queries, feel free to comment below.
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Ottomatik Review:Super Easy & Simple to Use MYSQL Backup Service

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Let us consider some cases. Suppose you run a table booking application for restaurants, the expected arrival timings of customers is critical. That will decide how your staff plans their service. In brief, if you run a web application based business, the data generated and stored in a database is of ultimate importance. 

That's why database backups are so important, preferably one that's automated and cost-effective. So that you no more need to write a billion scripts and use python to script the database into a CSV file or something very time-consuming. After a detailed analysis, I finally found Ottomatik!

Ottomatik Review has to be the Best Backup Software currently. Here, we shall be discussing the MySQL and Cloud Backup services provided on If you are in constant need of database management system, and unable to handle so many backup software on your system, Ottomatik is perfect for you! You won’t need any other backup software again for your databases. Let’s now discuss 

What is

Ottomatik is a based web service that handles MySQL database backups automatically. Once you configure it, Ottomatik shall automatically make backups of your MySQL databases onto your cloud server. The best part is that Ottomatik has dedicated cloud and local servers with an IP address. The reserves are made securely using SSH connection. So, ensure that your servers allow SSH protocol access.

This web-based service shall handle your websites great. The backup feature works fine for sites whose servers are located anyone around the world. This backup feature worked fine for a server located in the United States. The configuration of the recommended setting is pretty straightforward and takes a few minutes to complete. 

Ottomatik Review
Once done, backups shall be done automatically. Ottomatik runs the backups scheduled in the plan of your dashboard. The history and status of every reserve can be found in the history panel. 

You may also opt for email notifications after every successful backup or failed backup. You can even link your Ottomatik account to your S3 account, by providing your credentials like access key, secret key, Bucket name/path so that Ottomatik can automatically send the backed up files to your S3 bucket linked. 

The free plan allows you to store up to 1 GB of backup data. So, you can pick the number of backups to be made and have them logged. Thus, Ottomatik web service is reliable to handle your backups.

Features of Ottomatik

1. Cloud Storage Available

You can choose to upload your backups to the cloud service hosted by Ottomatik or link your Amazon S3 account to it or even both. This way you can ensure that your data is not lost either way.
Ottomatik Review

2. Plan Your Backup Schedule

You can decide your backup schedule and queue your recurring jobs as per your choice, with the next task pre-allocated after a complete chore.
Ottomatik Review

3. Secure

All sensitive data is safely encrypted on a secure SSL network. Thus, you can be assured that your information is in safe hands.

4. Unlimited Servers

You can link multiple servers to your Ottomatik account. All the backups are done over a securely tested SSH protocol.

5. Viewable History

You can easily access and search through your backup history using its dominant search engine that can find any backup done previously. This way you can easily keep track of all your tasks so that you don’t get any bit of data ever.

6. Team Management

You can create authority levels for each member logins based on their positions in the company so that they have limited access only to files of their use. 
Ottomatik Review

7. Notifications

You can subscribe to real-time and summarized notifications of the latest backups, successful and failed ones. You can configure the notifications as per your preference.

8. Referrals

Ottomatik provides real cash on their referral program. Once you create an account on the website, you get a unique referral link which you can share among your friends to earn rewards.

Pricing of Ottomatik

Ottomatik provides four types of premium plans namely Lite, Startup, Professional and Elite ranging from $10 to $109 a month. These plans also come with a year-long plan ranging from $100 to $1090 annually. 

The annual plans as you can see, are comparatively cheaper. These plans differ in the backup plans you can execute. The Elite plan covers up to 100 backup jobs while the Lite plan allows only up to 10 backup jobs. There is also a difference in the cloud storage data you get, where the Elite plan gives you the maximum data at 15.00 GB of cloud storage.

Ottomatik Review
You can go to the website to buy any price that suits the budget of your company. Every plan comes with a 14- day free trial where there is 1GB data limit. If you find Ottomatik helpful in the trial period, you can go premium!


When we tested Ottomatik, we found the configuration part very quick. It took only 2 minutes to configure our SSH settings. Once done, it was straightforward. Scheduling backup tasks to our MySQL databases was easy and automatic. 

The website based interface is straightforward to use. We tried adding up new servers, and backup functions and everything worked just fine! I would recommend everyone to give it a try. You can always opt for the trial plan to test it out, and once you are good with it, you can choose your plan. 

One thing though that this backup service is entirely online cloud-based storage and not the right option if you are looking for a local backup server. If you have any further queries, feel free to share in the comment box below.
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