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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Kicksta Review: An All-in-One Platform to Get Real Instagram Followers

Posted by Madhu Gupta
There must have been a lot of instances when you would have tried to make your audience grow by trying to increase your social media followers. However, the task only seems to be easy, but to make it happen in reality is a challenging task, and not everyone manages to do it. A lot of brands, celebrities, people, etc. go unnoticed despite performing well due to their lack of fan following and user base on social media. That is when tools such as Kicksta kick in and make things easier and better for their users.

What is Kicksta?

Kicksta is a service that uses artificial intelligence to help you engage with a real audience and not bots because those bots will only be a blot on your account if they're stagnant. Kicksta started rolling out its services to different groups of people and brands and has become a favorite in a short period. 

However, Kicksta does not make false promises to its users, and hence the users are completely aware of what they are doing. Kicksta does not grow the followers, but only helps the brands reach to their users.

Why Prefer Kicksta?

This is a great question and a valid one too that the users need to have an answer to. There are many tools and websites which are helping their users to grow their Instagram followers and become micro-influencers. 

But Kicksta is doing things differently because the followers you gain from Kicksta's services are real and authentic. Kicksta does not use bots to randomly open up your profile to fake accounts and let you live under an illusion of false followers. Instead, Kicksta allows the real users to select and choose if they want to show their interest in your brand or not. This is one of the reasons why Kicksta does not promise the number of followers that it will increase.

Features of Kicksta

Kicksta comes with a lot of features, which will help the users who have decided to take the services of Kicksta in improving their presence on the image-based platform of Instagram. 

Meaningful and Real Audience

When you sign up for Kicksta services, you are not at all asked to stop posting new content, neither is Kicksta going to do it on your behalf. Instead, Kicksta will help your content reach the intended audience, who might never have come across your profile due to obvious reasons. 

Once the audience comes across a page repeatedly, the scrolling stops, and gradually, that audience becomes your follower. Your profile gets a better viewership, as it will now be shown in the recommended list of their followers as well. Therefore, the list of followers on your profile will consist of only those who have an interest in your content and brand, and no unnecessary and non-engaging profiles would load your profile.

Round the Clock Growth Rate

Another promising feature of Kicksta is that the growth does not state to a particular region in the World. Since the World is now global, the audience and followers discover your profile from all the parts of the World and help you to get around the clock growth rate. 

The artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies used by Kicksta ensure that the audience remains engaging and the content goes to the like-minded people continuously for a better rate of growth.

Frequent Reports and Insights

While you might be able to see that your brand and profile are having a steady growth, but without having a review of what is working and what isn't, you won't get an idea of the best thing to do to reach the zenith. Hence, Kicksta provides you with lots of insights into their methodology and everything it has done to promote your profile. 

From these reports, you can easily make out where to invest more effort and what to stop. After all, not everything would work for a particular brand or profile. Therefore, Kicksta allows you to work on your strengths and make your presence felt on this platform.

Safe and Secure to Use

While making your profile available to the public, many tools of this kind will expose you to unnecessary spamming. However, since Kicksta is well known for its security and safety, it does not let the spammers spam your profile and make the experience for your core users terrible. Due to this excellent and essential feature, the existing users and followers don't leave your brand citing lousy expertise. That gives stability to your user base.

Pricing and Subscription

With so many features of Kicksta, the users will surely want to use it, but for the pricing system. However, Kicksta provides a money-back assurance to all of its users within 14 days of signing in. Once you have confirmed your account details with Kicksta, you can continue testing your performance until 14 days and can opt to leave if you feel the services are not up to mark or as you had expected. 

Kicksta won't ask you a single question and will proceed with a 100% refund. However, if you wish to continue, you will have to choose between one of the two plans available — Standard and Premium.

Standard Subscription

This subscription is available for $49 per month for a single user. Under this subscription, you will get access to the basic features such as meeting targets and steady growth rates. However, the characteristics of blacklisting and advanced targetting won't be available to such users.

Premium Subscription

Under the Premium subscription, the users are entitled to every feature under the standard subscription. This also includes other features such as email support and live chat support, along with blacklisting for spammers. It costs $99 per month for a single user. Also, the targeting rates enhance, and the growth rates reach to the peak levels under this subscription.


This was a comprehensive review of Kicksta, which will help you to grow your brand and user base on Instagram. The followers are genuine, and the services are up to the mark and highly secure, based on the real-time reviews of the clients.
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How to Improve Academic Performance With Online Learning

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Over the years, online learning has become the trend of the education system. It is a vital aspect and a popular tool in the space of higher education. Both working professionals and adults can leverage the benefits of online courses to enhance their new skills or learn new ones. It is a practical approach to providing an alternative way to learn in this digital age. Also, some of the sources confirm the beneficial methodology to improve academic performance with online learning. 
Online learning
Online learning
Due to the interactive and flexible nature of online learning, it is instrumental in career advancement. It increases the chances of students/learners to get employed and make trainers better prepared to work in the digital era, and of course, it is quite suitable as compared to classroom-based learning. Here, we will discuss how online learning can improve academic performance.

4 Benefits of Online Learning to Improve Academic Performance

Below are some of the benefits of online learning classes to improve academic performance. As when staying at home, apart from learning the abilities sanctioned by the education system, any one can learn some of the key courses to enhance your career growth.

Enhanced Student Engagement

Student retention is one of the ongoing problems with traditional classroom-based courses. Most often, students are unable to grasp the course materials or lectures conducted by instructors. This results in poor classroom attendance, and some students cannot match up with their peers.

According to research, online courses can improve student engagement and can boost retention rates by up to 60%. With enhanced flexibility with online education, it can be less challenging to manage other essential commitments alongside. Besides, with the availability of various authoring software, you can create interactive and multimedia content for educational purposes. Hence, educational institutions get diverse opportunities for delivering content in ways that today’s students can keep up with.

Builds Confidence Among Students

Participation in open classroom discussions isn’t easy for inherently shy students. Such students, with online learning, may feel more comfortable participating in discussions and course activities. Trainers/educators can effectively interact with a multitude of students, getting different views on course matters. Apart from making more exciting and interactive classes, it also helps you to build stronger bonds with students. You get to know them better and also get a chance to understand how they are making progress with the course materials.

Enhances Digital Education

Usage of online tools in a workplace has a lot to offer to students—a basic understanding of digital-know-how is essential across all types of businesses. For instance, using social media, people communicate with customer service representatives. Hence, the customer service team must know how to provide impeccable customer service while those in human resources and learning and development should know how to use various platforms to improve employee engagement.

Online learning helps in improving digital education. It provides students/learners with knowledge of how to communicate with peers and remain effective online. Likewise, online training enables educators to communicate more effectively through various digital mediums. Interacting with peers and students through email and message platforms helps you build computer skills and develop the confidence to handle the digital age devices and technologies. At the end it is a beneficial technique to improve academic performance.

Various Ways To Learn

Flexibility comes to a halt with traditional programs confined to a physical classroom set up and a fixed timetable. This way, students build must-learn pressure according to the prescribed methods, which consequently make them fall behind. Online classes enable lecturers to choose from different approaches to delivering practical training. They also offer innovative and exciting ways to provide training and elaborate on the points. The various methods that online training boasts include web conferences, pre-recorded lectures, games, guided design projects, and PowerPoints with voice over.


Unlike the traditional education system, online educational platforms can respond to many problems in the education industry.. Thus, resulting to improve academic performance. With eLearning, educational institutions ensure that a strong relationship between teachers and students is maintained that leads to improved performance and success.
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Saturday, 4 April 2020

Top 4 Multimedia Software for Windows [Free & Paid]

Posted by Madhu Gupta
With the ever-growing dependency on digital platforms for daily tasks, there has been a massive rise in the availability of multimedia software for Windows. As many software are available, it becomes a Herculean task to determine the best of the software and to discard the unnecessary software from the collection. It is due to this reason that we have compiled a list of the best multimedia software for Windows, which includes both paid as well as free software.
Multimedia Software for Windows
Multimedia Software for Windows

The 4 Best Multimedia Software for Windows to Use in 2020

These multimedia software for Windows prove to be highly beneficial for the users who deal with authoring software and other such products. Besides, multimedia software for Windows are of general utility as well, which help the users to enjoy media on their devices. Some of the best software to use for this purpose have been listed further in this article.

VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is an old and reliable tool in the list of multimedia software for Windows. You can find it on almost every menu. The reason behind such an extensive presence is that this software is straightforward to use and has a wide range of features. The most crucial element of the tool is the VLC media player; a top-notch player in this field is that it supports all the video and audio formats. So, it does not matter at whether you are playing a regular video or a high definition video in some other form or even an audio track in amr format. The VLC media player will let you play all the media without any hassles.
VCL Media Player
VCL Media Player
Also, it is one of the best free software as it comes for free. The users can download it from the website with all the latest updates and features. In the latest update, the VLC media player has provided an auto-rotate feature, which helps the users to view the videos at a tilted angle, which makes use of the accelerometer sensor of your device. Also, the other features, such as playback and subtitle, enhance your experience with this multimedia software for windows. In a unique feature, this player allows you to convert any file to the VLC file for playing it across any other device as well.

Media Monkey

Media Monkey software is one of the best multimedia software for Windows if you want to deal with only audio files. It is not that this multimedia software won't allow you to play videos or trim audio, but the focus of this software has been on the audio files. The software supports a lot of audio formats, such as WMA, MPC, WAV, MP3, AAC, OGG, etc. While most of the features are available for all the users, this software has a unique feature of customization of audio for several devices such as iPod, iPhone, and others as available in the market.
Media Monkey
Media Monkey
There are two versions of this software — free and paid. However, the paid version does not require a subscription but only payment of the services you need. For example, to handle single files at a time, you may use the free version, but to process multiple files, you will have to pay money. Similarly, if you want the feature that Media Monkey can scan your hard disk for music and categorize it as well, you will require to pay, but to do it manually, you may use the free version as well.


Media does include images, and there are several software to work on the pictures. But if you are looking for the best multimedia software for Windows, you will have to wind up your search when you come across Inkscape. This software has so many features that it ratios with Adobe Illustrator. If you want to create logos, edit them, or create diagrams for other purposes, it is Inkscape that will help you to do it for free. This software allows users to create their own Scalable Vector Format images for future uses. Also, it will enable the users to flip, rotate, scale, and move the existing photos.
The Inkscape is regarded as one of the best multimedia software for Windows as it you can efficiently work on it via a computer or even a phone. In its latest versions, the software is now available for Mac and Android as well, where the tasks carried out conveniently. This software even performs some unique duties such as the addition of text notes to images using keyboards, editing the SVG source directly, etc.

Windows Media Player

As the name suggests, this software has been developed by Microsoft for Windows 10 users. Therefore, if you are a Windows 10 user, you can easily opt for this software, which will help you to play, edit, and produce different types of media files on your Windows computer. As a unique feature, you get to publish your videos on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and even One drive with ease. If you require to produce multiple copies of a video in different versions, you should use this software like Windows Media Player does not even touch the original video.
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player
Instead, save a separate copy of your every edited change in a folder of your choice. Hence, you need not create unnecessary copies of the videos on your device to use up all the space. Also, you can save the videos after editing them in any format you want — a newer feature in this multimedia software for Windows when compared to the previous versions.


This was a non-exhaustive list of some of the best multimedia software for Windows. Some of these multimedia software for windows provide free services, while some provide paid services. Moreover, these software are easy to use, and there are a lot of video tutorials available online, which can benefit users from all the domains of work, exhibiting different tasks using these software.
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Why Investing in AWS Certification and Training is Good for your Business

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Revenue of AWS (Amazon Web Services) had an overall growth of 24% and continues to grow faster than its parent company Amazon, as reported by CNBC. AWS has been providing most of Amazon's operating income for the past four years. Started in 2006, AWS stays ahead of its competitors Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, IBM, and Oracle. 

It delivered 71% of Amazon's total operating income, and total revenue had a 13% contribution of AWS. It has become a highly successful company with a $10 billion run rate. It has garnered more than 30% of the cloud infrastructure market, according to data from Synergy Research.

AWS Certifications

Founded in 2006, AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides cloud computing platforms and APIs(Application Programming Interface) to companies, governments, individuals on demand. AWS is an IT Service management company. It is a broadly adopted cloud platform that offers over 175 services that are fully featured from data centers worldwide. 

To minimize the costs, grow faster, and become more agile and innovative, a vast number of companies, startups, and governmental agencies are using AWS.

AWS Certification demonstrates the cloud expertise of an IT professional that attains by passing one or more exams that are offered by a public cloud provider. An AWS certificate validates the knowledge and skills of an IT professional regarding the cloud.

There are different certification exams provided by AWS for cloud engineers, administrators, and architects. AWS certification is valid for two years, and you can retake the exam to get recertified.

4 different certifications are grouped into four main paths

Here are four essential certifications to require. 

Cloud Practitioner

It is meant for individuals who wish to build and validate overall knowledge of the AWS cloud. It crafts for individuals in technical, sales, purchase, managerial or financial roles with the AWS cloud.


Crafted for the solution design engineer, solution architect, and the candidates who wish to learn design applications and systems on AWS.
  • The two subpaths are
  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate.
  2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional.


Crafted for software developers who wish to learn the process involved in the development of cloud applications on AWS.
  • The two subpaths are:
  1. AWS Certified Developer - Associate.
  2. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional.


The two subpaths crafted for sysops administrators, system administrators, and the candidates in DevOps role who wish to learn the process involved in the creation of automotive and iterative deployment of applications, systems, and networks on AWS platform.
  1. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate.
  2. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional.
Apart from these certifications, there are specialty certifications too. Those are:
  1. AWS Certified Big Data- Speciality
  2. AWS Certified Advanced Networking- Speciality
  3. AWS Certified Security- Speciality
  4. AWS Certified Machine Learning- Speciality
  5. AWS Certified Alexa Skill Building - Speciality
AWS Certifications
AWS Certifications

Why AWS?

AWS has the largest community of customers and partners globally and that too of all sizes, including startups, enterprises, and public sector organizations. Moreover, AWS offers the most number of services and features within those services than any other cloud provider. AWS is suitable to be the most flexible and most secure cloud computing environment. You can accelerate the pace of innovation and transform your business by inventing new technologies and applications.

Benefits of Getting AWS Certified

To transform your business, you need modern technologies and the cloud. The best way to bring the transformation is to leverage the darkness and technology. One can achieve this by training your existing staff to develop those skills. This lets you attain your business goals sooner, and you stay confident that your company is utilizing the cloud to the fullest.

Stephan Orban wrote that "everyone you need to move forward with the cloud is already there; you just have to enable them."
Training current employees can save time and money related to the recruitment of new employees. 

Also, they can leverage their fundamental IT skills to get the transition to cloud roles. Investing in training your staff allows them to use the cloud better to accomplish the business goals more effectively. Training helps candidates understand the dust and its usage in-depth as well as provide your staff with a common language so that they can work together for a common goal effectively.

A trained AWS professional will find out the services and solutions required much faster, eventually developing better solutions for your customers. Through training, they learn how to manage, operate, and execute applications using the AWS platform.
If you need more experienced professionals in the cloud platform, getting them certified is the best option. 

You can encourage your staff to get approved to develop the skills that are required to leverage the AWS platform. You can validate the knowledge of your team regarding the cloud via the various certifications offered by AWS.

It doesn't depend on what kind of training you prefer. Whether it is self-guided or instructor-led, in person or online, AWS in any way suits your organization. AWS Training is available globally in eight different languages through AWS and APN Partner Training network. It implies that training is not a matter of your location, and you can use your local language and customs.

Over to You

For making a move to the cloud, AWS Training and Certification can prepare your staff as it does not just train them, it builds knowledge and awareness of your team. AWS certified staff lets your company accomplish your goals faster with less investment. 

Investing in AWS training and certification is undoubtedly worth transforming. There are a lot of online courses available that prepare you thoroughly to take the exam. These courses help you learn at your own pace, and you don't need to care about the arrangement of study material. There are video sessions that meant to clarify your doubts and let you start building your learning strategy.
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Friday, 3 April 2020

How to Use Web Scraping Software to Scale Up Your Business?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Data is growing, and at a breakneck pace. The IDC study titled Data Age 2025 puts it that worldwide data generation will grow to a staggering 163 zettabytes (ZB) by 2025. And with such data explosion, how can your Business grab a chunk of the “big pie” and use it to gain a competitive advantage? The answer is simple — web scraping!

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is the terminology for describing the different methods of data collection across the internet. You can initiate the process with a web scraping software that simulates human web surfing and collects bits of information from various websites. People who use web scraping software want to collect certain kinds of data to sell to others, or it could be for promotional purposes on a website.

Importance of Web scraping for Business

Web scraping is useful to many companies. Regardless of your company, you can leverage data to take your business to the next level. The level of importance of web scraping is in two ways:
  • Essential - Businesses using web data
  • Optional - Businesses seeking to supplement internal data
Let’s dive in to provide more clarification. Web data is vital for price comparison and acts as fuel for a web application. For a new aggregator, sourcing new articles would be paramount as well as getting snippets from other outlets too.

But with a market research firm preparing a report as regards the job market will need to do their primary research and also require web data from different job boards. In this case, we may say web data is not essential. However, it provides some level of clarity and completeness to the project. 

Benefits of using Web Scraping

When you scrape using your web scraping software—especially if you know how to do it correctly — the results reveal information that helps improve your bottom line. The following are the benefits of web scraping for Business. 

1. It Breeds Innovation

With the web scraping in the mix, businesses are creating new products and taking innovation to the next level.

Let’s look at a site like Kayak — a price comparison site — or even a job board created with information from various sources. Imagine for one minute their existence without extracting web data — impossible, I guess?

Web scraping raises the bar in terms of innovation for companies as they try to outdo their competitors at every point.

2. Building a Sales Machine via Lead Generation

With access to company data, there’s a possibility to create an automated sales machine. Taking a look at the previous example, you’ll quite agree that you need to search out information about any company before you can fill out their company’s profile.
You can do a few things manually and automate others:
  • A LinkedIn search to find companies that fit your requirements
  • A local business search using Google Map
  • AngelList companies search for startup companies.

3. Automation of Marketing Efforts

Let’s assume you have spotted one of your competitors on social media. And you’re shocked at their community of over 30k followers. However, you believe your product offers better value, and you can win them over.

Now you want to play smart. So what’s your next line of action? Scrape! Search for their page and extract their followers.


What to look out for in Web Scraping Software?

No doubt, there is severally web scraping software out there. The right web scraping tool should scrape effectively even with little time.

The following factor will come in handy in your search for the right web scraping tool for your Business. 

1. Ease of use

The right web scraping software should be newbie-friendly with no complexity of any sort — and give accurate results. The automation should be such that delivers within the shortest time. It should not feature certain types of formats when generating results — the right tools provide effect in CSV, Excel, and XML.

2. Feature Learning Tutorials

The right tool must offer tutorials that point you in the right direction. New users can leverage the learning materials—they’re not familiar with its working principle. Such tutorials will suffice to get along and learn pretty quickly.

3. Cloud Service

A cloud service is essential for users who engage in nonstop data extraction. It is fast extracting from a couple of websites rather than using one computer to achieve the same goal. You’ll benefit in cost-saving and time of extraction. By spending less time on this, you can have more time for other pressing matters that need your attention.

Businesses are getting ahead in their sphere of endeavor and delivering best-in-class products and services. They go as far as outperforming their competitors, create better values, and remain relevant doing the same thing but in a better way. All thanks to this simple yet effective tool.

One of the tools that I can’t recommend enough is an solution called Real-Time Crawler. Currently, it’s the leading product on the market that allows capturing any data from the web effortlessly. It’s worth a look if you are serious about getting into the web scraping world.
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