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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Senior Safety App Review: Most Easiest Solution to Keep Your Seniors Safe

Posted by Madhu Gupta
The Senior Safety App is a relief for all those who have to leave their elderly at home without any attendant. It is a useful online control panel to monitor the elderly that has evolved, taking into account the experiences of their users. 
Senior Safety App
Its service is popular in 79 countries, and it has received great reviews and appreciation from millions of users worldwide.

What is the Senior Safety App?

Designed on the Easy logger platform, the application software is created to monitor a smartphone that you own. The sole purpose of this application is to keep seniors safe in the absence of a caregiver. 

Features of Senior Safety App

The application has the following features:

1. SOS Alert 

The app allows the user to raise quick alerts and request for help. The request help feature automatically notifies the emergency contacts about the situation it real-time location via text message and email. The sound alarm feature has a maximum volume alarm to call the emergency contacts. 

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SOS Alert
The SOS feature has a round robin call option which calls all emergency contacts in turn until one gets connected. It sends out alerts simultaneously to multiple contacts.

2. Automatic Fall Alert

Using the phone's built-in motion sensors to track movement, the app automatically notifies the account holder of any fall, sudden jerk or incapacitation with the present location of the device.  
Automatic Fall Alert
To avoid false alerts, the sensitivity of the fall tracker can be adjusted by the user's lifestyle at high, medium, or low sensitivity. 

3. Geo-fencing alerts

This feature helps the account holder to track where their loved ones are remote. A geofence (such as home, neighborhood, or town) can be customized in the Senior safety app, which informs the owner if and when the device enters or leaves that territory. 
Geo-fencing alerts
Moreover, the app keeps a note on the number of times the user went to any specific address, the route, and speed of the user. This Zone Alert is beneficial for patients who suffer from diseases like dementia and have the tendency to wander away from their homes.

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4. Inactivity Tracker

For the aged who live by themselves, this alert is of utmost importance. The app owner can customize the level for hours of inactivity (choosing the number of hours within 1 to 12) based on individual lifestyle. 
Inactivity Tracker
When the setup interval is exceeded, the Senior Safety App alerts the owner of the account with the device location. 

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5. Low Battery Alert

The account holder can select an option between 5-20% battery charge so that the app sends them a message in case the battery is close to drying out. You can also use these Best Free Fast Charging Apps for Android.

Low Battery Alert
The owner can check on the user and information to keep the device charged. This feature also assists seniors to find their devices if they are lost.  

6. App Usage & Location Logs

On logging into the account, the owner can see all the applications used by the user. Moreover, a daily report facility is present to notify about the Apps Usage; Locations visited, location tracking dated from three months ago and Alerts. 
App Usage & Location Logs
This helps to protect users from online scams and phone abuse.  Moreover, a stolen device can be detected through the network change alerts.

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How to Use Senior Safety App?

The application is compatible with any Android smartphone. You must ensure that the target device has proper internet facilities (such as a fast and stable 3G, 4G or WiFi connection) so that you may receive regular reports and live tracking facilities.

1. The application can be found on the Google Play Store and can directly be installed from there. The email ID used to create an account would after that be used to login on the cloud console at for signing up multiple devices or for monitoring. 

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2. The second step is to set up emergency contacts, reporting & alerts. To do this, you can assign 5 phone numbers as emergency contacts in the target device. In case the "Reach Emergency Contacts" option is selected, the emergency numbers with be contacted in a round-robin manner. 

You can also decide when and how the emergency alerts will be received. Moreover, alerts for device falling, phone location tracking, geofence entry and exit, app usage details and other alerts can be switched on, and adjustment of the sensitivity of device fall tracker and location features can also be made.  

Furthermore, you may also sign in your application account to set up the option to keep track of multiple devices through the same account.

3. To get reports and alerts, format the app according to the user's lifestyle requirements. Thus every alert can be reviewed online along with GPS coordinates showing the live location of the user on Google Maps. Each alert has options to cease sending and reconfiguration.
4. To access the online control panel to track the registered device at all hours, the account creator can log into the cloud console from the application website. This page contains an archive of phone usage data along with all the alerts that were generated from the app, live location, and 90-day location history. 
The owner can change the app settings directly without manually accessing the user's phone. Thus the owner can set up multiple devices which he can monitor together on Google Maps.

Plans & Pricing of Senior Safety App

There are two pricing plans:

1. Free Plan

This plan consists of features such as quick access SOS alerts for urgent help, round-robin calling function to reach any available emergency contact and quick access SOS alarm activation features.Read More: Top 10 Countdown Apps Or Widgets For Android

Free Pricing Plans

2. Pro Plan

After installation of the app, the pro plan is open for trial for7 days. After that The Free program can be upgraded to the Pro plan starting for Rs. 1600. This plan comprises several features which include the features promised in the unpaid version.  
Paid Pricing Plans
The other features can be subscribed to on a monthly or yearly basis. These features are protection against scam and fraud, remote monitoring live device location with a 90-day location history and a range of safety alerts, such as geo-fencing alerts, fall alerts, alerts for long hours of inactivity, low battery alerts and network change alerts. Moreover, this provides online management and reporting dashboard. 


The Senior Safety application is thus a "Simple, Easy, Powerful" solution for the aged. Its services ensure fully well if the user is within a specific boundary or has left it or whether the user has reached his destination safely with live location facilities. 

With alerts on detection of falls, battery charge shortage or extended periods of inactivity, the owners of the app can rush to the location at the earliest to aid to their loved ones. 
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Apollo Physical Therapy Software Review: An All-in-One PT Practice Management Software

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Founded in 2009, the Apollo Physical Therapy Software is a management tool that can be used by individuals and organizations, likewise for physical therapy practice, scheduling, billing, EMR, and reports. 
Apollo Physical Therapy Software
It is a SAAS-based platform that provides flexible model applications for Physical Therapy practice management, thus aiding clinicians, practitioners, and clinical staff in management issues  This application works entirely on cloud-hosted platform, offering practitioners with many benefits, such as fast, secure access to several operations at all times, thus increasing efficiency, return on investment and decreasing costs. 

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Features of Apollo Physical Therapy Software

Some of the various features of the application are stated below:

1. Physical Therapy Scheduling

The software maximizes the user’s productivity by eliminating scheduling delays or issues caused by manual approach. The SAAS functionality of the app ensures that the user can update the schedules at any hour from any mobile devices from many locations. You can also check how to track mobile number location online.
Physical Therapy Scheduling
Furthermore, from multiple locations, the user can easily create appointments,  set up reminders and alerts, customize the to-do calendar, rebook or reschedule appointments, create walk-out receipts, and scheduling versus transaction receipts.

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2. Physical Therapy EMR Software

With configurable templates, integrated email and fax facilities, fast paperless online documentation, billing options in SOAP notes, quick text and quick view options in notes, this software give the user easy access to all patient files in a short time. 
Moreover, all documents and records are stored in the cloud, thus ascertaining no lost or misplaced data about any patient. Check out these 12 popular websites to send large files online for free.

3. Physical Therapy Billing software

The billing software allows the user complete control over all billing requirements. The user is easily able to perform patient invoicing, accounting for insurance claims, billings and payments, cash payment and overpay, optimizing bills, credit card processing. 

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Physical Therapy Billing software
The SAAS base ensures new insurance rules are updated on the software automatically to provide that the customer’s claims are received and accepted.

4. Practice Management Reporting

The application has in-built software to optimize real-time information which monitors business growth. It provides features like building exclusive report, practicing management, financial and productivity reporting, monthly billing options along with full collection as well as rejection reports. 
Practice Management Reporting

5. Easily Accessible Dashboard

In the dashboard, the “My Schedule” section contains the total number of appointments of the day, listed according to the appointment status. The “Therapists appointments list” allows the user to access the daily appointments under “ Today’s Appointments” section along with the patient details like how many times a clinician observed a particular patient in the current year and the year before. 

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The “Quick patient search” option lets the user find a specific patient by only typing the first and second names and patient number, while the “Patient dashboard” provides all records against the patient. 

6. Custom SOAP note 

The user can create a well-structured note in the form of a template for each patient. The note can be designed using provided templates from the “SOAP template library” or can be customized as needed by the users.

7. Easy Navigation

To make the app user-friendly, Apollo has features like similar task grouping, having a simple search box, an autocomplete feature along with sorting options as desired by the user.

8. Easy-to-Use

The software is easy to understand, learn, and use and is flexible to the user’s necessities and work processes.

9. System migration

The patient details can be extracted and migrated in formats like excel, word, and DB.

10. Efficient Customer Support team

The customer support team is entirely online and highly active, thus assuring every query meets an answer. 

How to Use Apollo Physical Therapy Software ?

The application has a user-friendly interface that assists the staff members to understand the daily activities effortlessly, thus increasing efficiency and productivity of the clinic.  The user can request a scheduled demonstration service or a free trial to comprehend how the application may be useful. 

To set up an account, the user has to provide personal details like legal name, email address, postal address, city, state, pin-code, as well as phone number and fax. Once the user account is created upon approval from the Apollo team, the user can use the software from the easy guides supplied by the software website itself. 

Training options are also available such as documentation, webinars, live online as well as in-person training programs. 

Plans & Pricing of Apollo Physical Therapy Software

With no long term contracts or commitments nor any set-up charge on the user’s side, this application is affordable and convenient to use. The form can be used under the following pricing plans:

1. Single Plan

At only $90 per month, a single practitioner can use this app for unlimited scheduling, billing, and EMR, along with monthly provision for 100 text messages and 100 Fax pages. 

2. Team Plan

 The team plan allows 5 practitioners to access unlimited scheduling, billing, and EMR, with 500 text messages and 500 Fax pages every month. The monthly price for this plan is $190. 

3. Medium Plan

At the rate of $290 per month, 10 practitioners can use the facilities of unlimited scheduling, billing, and EMR. This plan allows 800 texts and 800 Fax pages on a monthly structure.

4. Group Plan

This plan includes unlimited scheduling, billing, and EMR, along with monthly provision for 1500 text messages and 1500 Fax pages for a total of 15 practitioners at a $590per month.

5. Large Plan

The monthly cost structure for the massive plan is $990. It permits 25 practitioners to avail unlimited scheduling, billing and EMR, and 2500 text messages and 2500 Fax pages every month.
Pricing Plans of Apollo Software


Thus the Apollo Physical Therapy Software is undoubtedly a professional tool which includes all the essentials required by a physical therapy practice. 

With its comprehensive and user-friendly interface including several useful actions, the application delivers a digital solution to manage the daily scheduling, appropriate documentation, billing, and producing reports for a  large number of patients and effortlessly.
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Top 5 Best Lead Generation Tools to Boost Targeted Leads

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Attempting to introduce a new company can be undeniably challenging, although, what’s even more challenging and time-consuming is trying to find new leads. Lead generation should be on the front force of every business’s strategy in digital marketing

Regardless of the type of business and customer target, all customers are bound to look for you online, and with the use of effective lead generation tools, the process of getting your message to existing and potential customers will be simplified. 

5 Best Lead Generation Tools

With top-rated lead generation tools, you can adequately find the best leads, resulting in a relaxed and simplified process that would otherwise be extremely difficult. Here are 5 top-rated lead generation tools.

#1 ScopeLeads 

ScopeLeads is an online lead generation tool that was developed to manage your sales force in a matter of minutes. This innovative software is capable of finding the right leads for your business, and it will also assist with the process of connecting you to email outreach. In addition to this, ScopeLeads allows you to run website audits and gives you the option to send out customized cold emails one by one or in large batches. 
You can also track and automate sales prospects with alluring auto-run features. What’s more, you can easily export your data, and the user-friendly dashboard design and functionality explains why ScopeLeads is a top-rated lead generation tool. 

#2 HubSpot Marketing

With HubSpot Marketing, you can ultimately build up your inbound marketing from scratch, and the software will also enable you to create alluring content for website traffic to target good leads. This online tool helps you capture leads with one of several functional features provided, which is excellent. 
HubSpot Marketing
HubSpot Marketing is also developed to make nurturing leads simple with other great features that allow kickback emails. Using this online tool to generate leads will promote brand growth, and you can also take advantage of the free trial period to test out the software and decide if it is the right choice for your business. 

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#3 Intercom

This lead generation tool incorporates a variety of useful features and functions that make lead generation significantly effortless. When opting for Intercom, you can make use of the on-site communication platform to engage on-site prospects and collect their details at the same time. 
This online tool also enables you to take note of potential customers on-site behaviors while also assisting with message triggers to encourage proactive customer support. 

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#4 Mailshake 

Mailshake is another top-rated online tool that is designed to simplify lead generation. Some of the features offered include a useful content promotion feature, assistance with sales development, and fundraising. 
This online tool is an all-in-one suite for digital marketing that will significantly assist with lead generation and luring in prospects. 

#5 Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a useful online polling tool that can be used to generate leads through the process of collecting user feedback effectively. User feedback can also be used to improve products and marketing experience for prospects. 
Even though this online tool is not explicitly developed for lead generation, it can proactively merely the process of finding great leads. 

Why Is ScopeLeads A Great Option For Lead Management?

While lead generation tool all seem to vary significantly, in general, it appears that ScopeLeads is understandably the most effective tool available. This is because it provides user-friendly features that can help you find the ideal leads for your business. 

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However, finding great leads is only the start of effective digital marketing, and this online tool has been developed to do more than just that. It will further simplify luring prospects in with personalized cold emails and sales tracking features. Therefore, ScopeLeads is more than merely a lead generation tool, which is why it is a top-rated choice for practically every different type of business. 

Because first impressions are crucial for luring in new prospect customers, it is a great idea to opt for a useful online lead generation tool that will assist with every aspect of growing your brand. 

This will also give you more time to focus on other elements of running your business, and it will pleasingly prevent negative outcomes from cold email campaigns that can potentially be extremely damaging to your reputation.
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Monday, 20 May 2019

5 Tips to Keeping Up To Date with SEO Trends

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Every entrepreneur dreams of growing their business and leaving their mark in their industry. However, running a business in today’s world can be a challenge because you have to keep up with the growing online competition. To succeed, you must be visible online since many potential customers search the internet first before making a purchase decision for products and services.
SEO Trends
In the SEO world, things can change very quickly. Every year, Google makes at least two significant algorithm changes, while the smaller ones occur more frequently in the course of the year. This means that the SEO strategy you are using now may not be relevant a few years from now. If you want to grow your business and stay ahead of your online competition, you must be in the know about SEO changes.

Here are 5 tips for keeping up to date with SEO trends.

1. Read Read Read

If you want to be in the know about SEO trends, you have to invest your time in reading. Reading an SEO blog once every 6 months or every year is not sufficient. You have to dedicate at least three hours every week to read up on SEO.  Websites such as Punch SEO will ensure that you are informed every time there is a new trend so that you can adjust early before your competitors.

2. Grow Your Network

Be sure to attend networking events and seminars aimed at SEO and digital marketing in your area. This will help you connect with other like-minded people who can give you great advice and guidance. Remember, the main aim of networking is to get your business off the ground. If you can find professional SEOs to help you market your business online, you will be on your way to building a great business.

3. Make Social Media Your Best Friend

Social media is growing bigger by the day and lately, it has become one of the most effective ways to discover the latest SEO trends. Twitter and LinkedIn are great resources since many SEO experts share important tips on these platforms for free. You can also ask questions on these platforms on how you can grow your business. This will save you a lot of time and energy trying to find out everything by yourself.

4. Keep Tabs On Your Competitors

As you constantly try to keep tabs with the latest SEO trends, remember that your competitors are doing the same. Ensure that you keep an eye on your biggest competitors so that you can be one step ahead of them. Do your research by visiting their websites to see what they are doing lately and if it’s generating better results. You can always borrow an idea from them and use it as a marketing tool as well.

5. Hit Subscribe

If you come across a very informative article, be sure to hit the subscribe button on that website so that you can receive more newsletters in the future. But remember to do this selectively to avoid getting bombarded with articles and write-ups you don’t really need. You can subscribe to authority websites that frequently update important information on SEO marketing ideas so that you’ll always be in the know. 
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Surfshark Review: An All-in-One VPN to Secure Your Digital Life

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Surfshark is a recently launched Virtual Private Network that guarantees online safety instantly and no basic user experience. It offers secure tunneling protocols by securely connecting to the internet and protecting data. It also keeps your passwords, photos, videos, private messages and other sensitive data confidential.
Surfshark allows you to maintain your privacy and protect its users from the free flow of the internet nowadays. Now you can choose to unwrap your personal details or be unfamiliar as per your wish.
Surfshar Review
Surfshark is an award-winning VPN audited independently that securely encrypts your online data and help you to stay confidential and also protects you every day to make it hassle-free. Its features include some of the brilliant points to reason out why you should go for Surfshark.

Features of Surfshark

1. Security

When it’s about security Surfshark proves itself exceptional as it includes all the model features such as CleanWeb that gives Ad blocking feature to all pop-up Ads, Multihop double VPN that encrypts your data across more than two or two servers, it also includes automatic click switch, Zero-knowledge DNS and many more.

2. Compatibility with device

It provides connectivity with unlimited devices for each account. However, it's not consistent with native Apps.
Unlimited Devices

3. Speed

Surfshark’s base speed is 60 Mbps without using a VPN and it claims to provide an “ultra-fast speed” to its users.

4. Torrenting

It also allows person to person sharing and supports torrenting too and their major server allows P2P traffics.

5. Logging

Surfshark has no strict policies regarding Login and has a warrant canary as well as a transparent privacy policy.
No Logs Policy

6. Customer support

Surfshark comes with one of the best customer support systems and helps you to clear with your FAQ in their troubleshooting guides, set-up tutorials many more.

7. Easy to use

With its simple user interface, it allows a smooth user experience. 

How to Download Surfshark?

This guide applies to the Windows app version and if you need to use it for Android phones and Apple devices, you may find it on Surfshark's Support Page.  The following steps will take you through the entire process to download Surfshark on your computer system:
  • The first step is to set up your account using your email ID by using the Sign Up option on the Homepage of the website. 
  • After confirming your subscription, you need to go to the Apps and then to  Windows. 
  • Now, click on the download button and the download will start. It hardly takes a few seconds if you've got a good internet connection.

How to Install Surfshark?

Installing Surfshark is very easy and all you need is to follow these steps:
  1. You need to agree to the terms and conditions. 
  2. After installing it successfully, click on Run. 
  3. Choose Login in the App and click on Login after entering your email ID and password. 
  4. Now you will be able to see the Main menu and the Surfshark logo when you’re connected. 
  5. You may now start using Surfshark.
Don’t hurry up before you're assigned an IP address. It takes some time and hence you should wait patiently.

How to use Surfshark?

After you have installed Surfshark successfully, following these instructions will guide you on how to use it:
  • Press the small green gear that is present on the top left of the main menu. 
  • You can connect with optimal location by starting with Connectivity in General. There, you can choose to get started with VPN. 
  • Now here, you can select how Surfshark treats your Wi-Fi, which will help you to connect from different locations. 
  • Now moving from Notifications in General tab, you can switch on or off information about VPN. 
  • Whitelists for web pages and applications features helps you to connect to some trusted resources. 
  • In the Advanced option, you can get some extended features such as protocols, NoBorders mode, and Multihop and you can make the best use of it.
These were some of the easiest and simplest steps you could follow to download, install and use Surfshark and enjoy its features.

Pricing of Surfshark

Like many other players in the industry, Surfshark also offers three plans:
Surfshark Plans & Pricing
  • For 30 days: $11.95 a month which is equal to $143.40 a year. 
  • For 1 year: $5.99 a month which is equal to $71.88 a year 
  • For 2 years: $1.99 a month which is equal to $23.88 a year
Surfshark has the following payment options:
  • PayPal 
  • Credit card 
  • AliPay 
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • TenPay 
  • DragonPay
All the payment options will give you the same features but different subscription lengths. It also has a 30-day refund policy and it depends on the mode of payment you make and how long will it take for the refund to arrive. Moreover, if you make the payment using Credit cards, it may take up to 10 business days with dependence on the working speed of your bank.

Advantages of Surfshark

Surfshark has many worthy reasons to be used and that's the reason it is being popular. The significant benefits of Surfshark are as follows:
  • Excellent performance: Surfshark executes a superb performance when it comes to providing security. 
  • Offers browser extension: It allows an extension for browsers such as Chrome as well as Firefox. 
  • Unlimited devices: It can be accessed in unlimited devices. 
  • 24/7 Support: Surfshark has a 24/7 support service that is always available to help you with your queries and FAQ. 
  • Other Platforms Unlocked: It is streamed in Netflix, BBC iplayer, Kodi and gets unlocked with it.
Surfshark has got many advantages out of which we have listed the most beneficial ones that'll make you go with Surfshark without any doubt.


Surfshark has created a wide range of premium features and that makes it the best VPN you have ever heard of. These features have helped it to contend with its competitors in such less time. As it’s a newly built brand, it doesn't make the mistake of having slow servers and thus it is the best reason why you should choose it as it will give you the best user experience.
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