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Saturday, 7 December 2019

How to Mirror Your Mac to TV Wirelessly

Posted by Madhu Gupta
The Holiday Season is coming up! What's the best you can do at this time? Catch up with all the series you have missed throughout the year! It's a warm and snuggle-worthy period. You can lay around all night without worrying about waking up early and binge-watch all Christmas movies. 

But doesn't it become frustrating to watch all your favorite scenes, marvelous actions, and heart-wrenching rom-coms on a small screen? These are the times when you will crave to have a screen that allows you to check out every detail of your favorite classic. 
The obvious answer to this problem is connecting your Mac to a bigger screen, like a TV. Isn't it much Bigger, Larger, and Better? Because obviously, it is!

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Now, several sites allow you to stream online content. They may be Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any other. Except there is a shortcoming. These sites may not always have the content you are looking for or wanting to watch. Besides, you may have your collection of fantastic movies and TV series collected over the years, which you may want to watch, but with a little added screen space. 

The first way to connect and mirror Mac to TV is with a wire. Though it may sound easy here, that's not where it ends. Connecting with hardware has its cons as it is. There is a lot of hassle and tangling that will go around and consequently will take away all the fun. So, the second option is to use a Screen Mirror app. YES, it is a screen that is mirrored onto your TV. 

Though, with iOS devices comes the limiting factor where it becomes difficult to attach devices that are not Apple made. If you have a Samsung, Sony, or LG TV, it will be a bit bothersome to get the Mac device connected. Firstly, you will need specific apps designed to connect and mirror Mac to the TV of these companies. And secondly, these apps might still have limitations when you mirror Mac to TV. 

Instead of all these, why not use a single app that allows you to connect your Mac device to TVs of any company, Chromecast, or Apple TV, all with just your local network, that performs several other functions too. 
So, leave others aside and choose the best video streamer - JustStream. With added features and ease of use, the app single-handedly allows you to perform several functions that are not possible with other apps. It helps you view your computer but, on a screen, even more, significant than before. 

The layout of the app is highly user-friendly. And also, it is straightforward to learn to use the app and can mirror Mac to TV wirelessly. 

Where to begin and How-to?

  • Install JustStream on your Mac device. 

  • Open the app on your device.

  • Now you will be shown all your monitors connected to the computer. Click on the one you want to mirror to the TV. 
  • Click the AirPlay icon and select the TV you want to connect from the drop-down menu.

  • Just click on the ' Start Streaming' option on the top of the app, and you are ready to go!
  • You can also mirror Mac to TV by clicking on the three dots beside the screen's name.
As the mirroring is muted, you need to follow the following steps.
  • Do a quick installation of the JustStream Audio Driver. 
  • Allow access to the microphone. 

Why do you need to enable the microphone? 

The JustStream audio driver records your computer's screen and the system audio, which is then sent to the TV. The audio is thus looped back from the output to the input of the Mac and requires the microphone. Rest be assured that your microphone is in safe hands!
  • To stop the screen mirroring, tap on the 'Stop Streaming' option.
Does this sound like any other Mac screening app? What is the best here? 

The simple answer is that this not what all the app does. The app also allows you to stream local videos other than those from online streaming services. But this is not the end of it. Besides online and local videos, you can also mirror stream presentation slides, apps (either audio or software), and even pictures! 

You can easily manage to switch between different monitors to screen from and different screens to copy onto. And as mentioned before, this all can be done onto a screen that may be of any company.

What's more?

  • Viewing cursor movements

A screen mirror app that allows you to follow mouse movements and clicks? Isn't it already the future? With using this, you can see reflected cursor movements onto the screen of your TV, where you can also see the region clicked upon highlighted by a circle.
  • Quality adjustment

By using JustStream to mirror Mac to Tv, you get the added benefit of having control over the screen resolution. You can choose from HD+, which is 1080p or HD (720p) to match your requirements, and network. Furthermore, command the dimensions of the screen that is allowing you to mirror Mac to Tv.
  • Streaming formats
Other than videos, when you mirror Mac to Tv to see images or slides on a bigger screen, you can quickly view them in several formats. But, if the format of the virtual data is not supported, JustStream transcodes the file itself in no time at all, so that you can continue enjoying the event.
  • Subtitles and playlists
Am I watching a series with a tricky accent? Don't worry! Subtitles are on their way. With JustStream, enjoy subtitles to the fullest and never miss out on a word. Customize these and keep watching!

Also, keep the stream of files flowing with JustStream when you have more than one thing to view by creating a playlist. 

And the best of all the features? All devices are supported! Connect the app and begin watching with perfectly synced audio, whether external or embedded. Now is the time to throw on a comforter, snuggle up with your pet, and to watch on throughout the Holidays!
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Thursday, 5 December 2019

10 Best Gmail Extensions to Install Right Now (2019 Updated)

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Gmail and Google chrome are one of the most outstanding combinations given the right kind of plugins are added. Emails are a core communication tool in many workflows, and Gmail is excellent with managing emails. The add-ons and the extensions make Gmail even more of a powerful tool. 

Top 10 Gmail Extensions to Install Right Now

Here is a list of 10 Gmail extensions that make the user experience better:

1. GMass

It is an email marketing and monitoring tool. GMass is used to send mail merge campaigns and automatic follow-up emails. The GMass extension uses the Gmail search feature to find the messages containing recipients whom you want to mail. Then a list can be created of the recipient. 
This opens up a compose window and will automatically load all the selected addresses. This sets up great automatic replies to non-responders and personalizes the content. GMass also helps you out to increase your open rate & get responses. You can go through this guide on cold email to know more information about it. Three subscription packages are available- Minimal ($8.95), Standard ($12.95), and Premium ($19.95).

2. Checker Plus for Gmail 

Plus tool lets the user receive notifications, read or delete emails without opening Gmail. It is one of the most popular Gmail extensions in the Chrome Webstore. The extension enables the user to know of every mail in the mailbox. 

The tiny icon on the chrome browser keeps a count of every unread mail. Clicking the button shows a mini-working Gmail interface popup over the existing window, where all the messages can be seen and the necessary details of the email.

The Plugin also comes with a read-aloud feature for when the user is away from the computer. Checker Plus can also be customized as per the user’s preference for the notifications. The users can customize popup notifications, enable or disable chimes, or text-to-speech. 

Checker plus can help monitor and alert about the mails, as well as select a color scheme, and even tweak toolbar notification. Checker Plus is also compatible with Google Calendar. This allows users to manage events from the extensions.

3. Mailtrack- Email tracking for Gmail

It is an easy-to-use extension for Gmail that enables the user to track emails and get a read receipt. When this extension is installed, an unintrusive check-mark is added to the Gmail inbox, which lets the user know when the recipient has read the email. One tick means that the email has been sent but not understand, while double clicks mean that the email has been opened.
Unlimited mail tracking is free, however for Pro version can be used by users to remove the mail track signature and to receive full email metrics and real-time notifications. The cheapest paid option available is the Annual Pro subscription plan for US$ 29. However, there is a free extension in the Chrome Web Store for free. 

4. Dropbox for Gmail

It is an excellent extension tool for Gmail since it saves on inbox space and helps in sharing large files seamlessly. Apart from file sharing, there is also a more straightforward file search tool that helps in finding the file quickly. Since there are a lot of storage options on Dropbox, file sharing, and storage are extremely simple and easy. The data can be directly downloaded to the dropbox storage.

5. BitBounce

Chrome extension for Gmail helps to filter emails. Spams and unwanted advertisement emails are a big nuisance in the inbox. BitBounce keeps all of these kinds of emails to a bay. When installed, all the contacts of the mailbox are automatically put to a white-list, so that these people can contact the user regularly. 
Emails from unknown users are put in an “Unpaid folder,” i.e., all the emails from unknown senders are blocked, and auto-reply mail is sent to them to pay the fee to contact the user. 
BitBounce model is based on using a cryptocurrency called “Credo.” However, this doesn’t require the user to join a cryptocurrency exchange

Everything is managed through the BitBounce website. However, the choice of deciding the asking fee from the unknown senders is given to the users. 

Users can also trade Credo for any other cryptocurrency. Apart from this cryptocurrency aspect, BitBounce is a powerful spam prevention tool. The users can still reply to any of the bounced emails from the unpaid folder anytime.

6. Boomerang for Gmail

Offers the scheduling and reminding of the mails. The users can schedule the time of sending the email, and even if they are not online, they can schedule a letter to be addressed. Another feature of Boomerang is email tracking, wherein the users can schedule a time to hear back from the recipients and can also schedule reminders. 

Boomerang also offers the “Inbox Pause” feature that helps in delaying new messages to the inbox. This feature is beneficial in staying productive and focused. 

Has an AI-powered assistant, called Respondable. This feature gives a real-time input in writing the mails. It offers suggestions of the phrases and starting and continuing with a conversation. This is one of the most loved features of Boomerang. However, Boomerang is free only for 10 mails, and after that, there two plans- Personal ($4.99) and Pro ($14.99).

7. Right Inbox for Gmail

The box is one of the most sought-after extensions used by professionals. Right boost extension helps boost productivity as it adds reminders and text-parsing. It helps in setting reminders for update emails and schedules the mail workflow. Thus, assisting in managing the mailbox in an extremely productive way.

8. FlowCrypt- Encrypting Gmail with PGP

And the security on a mailbox is an essential aspect of email communication. This is the reason as to why mail clients offer encryption to its users to protect the communication. Gmail, however, offers just standard mail encryption, and there is no other way to password protect or encrypt the mails. 

This is where FlowCrypt helps in encrypting the messages by sending PGP along with the message to the recipients so that only intended recipients can see the mail. 

Both the sender and receiver must have the extension installed. If someone doesn’t have the extension, then the mails can have a one-time password that can be used to view.   

9. ActiveInbox- Organise Gmail Tasks

It is an original Gmail task management plugin. ActiveInbox is designed based on David Allen’s text of “Getting Things Done.” It works by organizing emails into the project and assigns them a specific action and due date and has also been adopted by major companies such as LinkedIn, Spotify, etc. 
ActiveInbox also helps in prioritizing the mails based on their importance. The extension is currently free for 14-days and then is charged $4.16 per month for a personal account. Using full feature and mobile app costs $5.83 per month for a premium account. 

10. Trello

Gmail makes it easy for converting emails to the card. The users have to use the sidebar and click on the Trello icon when a mail arrives, then pick a destination board and place it on the list. By default, the subject of the mail becomes the card’s mail, and the email body becomes the description. This simple integration is beneficial in project management. 


All these listen to extensions help in making Gmail a more functional mail client. These extensions range from providing secure mail communication to spam prevention. We hope this list helps you with making the workflow of Gmail simpler.
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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Retain Your Safety Online With These Six Tips

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Staying safe and anonymous on the Internet has become a lot harder than it used to be. Social media security plays a vital role in keeping you out of harm's way. It implies some particular precautions, but it's often overlooked. By taking note of the following tips, you'll neutralize some of the most significant risks connected to the use of social media.
Retain Your Safety Online

1. Limit Information

If you wish to remain completely safe, it's crucial that you think twice before posting anything. Never reveal any potentially compromising information such as your phone number, address, financial details, or ID documents - this makes you an easy target for identity theft. Keeping your profile as private as possible will deter anyone with malicious intentions.

This is not only relevant for textual information but also photos, videos, and any other media. Even though it might be tempting to post about some new expensive item you bought, this will give everyone who has access to your profile an insight into your financial situation. 

Imagine a situation where you just met a new person - would you tell them everything about your expensive car/jewelry? Use this comparison as a guideline whenever you're thinking about posting.

2. Avoid Links

Don't blindly click on any new link you receive, even if it's from someone you trust. When hackers gain access to a profile, they often message a malicious link to all the other profiles connected to it in hopes that someone else will fall for their scam. 

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If you don't recognize the website, don't click on the link by any means. If, however, it seems to lead to an eminent domain that you realize, double-check each letter for spelling mistakes. Hackers often switch adjacent letters to link appear trustworthy.

In case you're unsure, you can always contact the person and ask if it was indeed them who messaged you. 

3. Avoid Suspicious Emails

Even if your email address isn't public, you're not entirely safe. Scammers will often try to impersonate a representative of Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media to get you to disclose personal information by replying to their email or by clicking on an included link. 

A faithful employee will never ask for anything that might compromise you. Furthermore, if there's indeed a serious issue, they'll find a way to contact you by other means.

Email services such as Yahoo and Gmail often have good filters in place to minimize the chance of successful scams. They can get bypassed, which is why it's best to stay safe and not open any emails unless you're 100% certain that they're legit.

4. Close Your Profile

All social media platforms have an option for making your profile either private or public. When private, your profile information, photos, posts, and everything else can only be seen by your friends and followers, which you explicitly approved. 

It's always good to keep an eye on the number of mutual connections that you have with the other person. This way, you'll be able to eliminate fake profiles and retain your anonymity.

If you notice a malicious/fake account, you should always block it and report it.

5. Don't Reveal Your Location

It's become common for people to disclose their location on photos and posts. This is extremely dangerous as anyone could then find you in person. Not only do you put yourself at risk, but also your family, valuables, and even your friends. 

Additionally, many platforms added the option to search posts by location, which puts you out into the open. If you do reveal your location, at least keep your profile private/closed.

6. Check An Individual with Spokeo

When purchasing anything via social media, it should come from a reliable seller. They usually only leave their phone number, which by itself doesn't reveal a whole lot of information. With Spokeo, however, you could gain a lot more insight.

Spokeo reverse phone lookup is a service with multiple connections to massive databases. These databases contain personal information of the phone number's owner, including name, address, criminal background, other social media profiles, etc. Billions of records are cycled through to retrieve only legitimate pieces of data. 

With this kind of access, you could check the seller's claims and see what kind of history they have. Spokeo summarizes all results into an easy-to-read report so you could immediately determine whether the person is legit or not. 

It's better to be safe than sorry, especially if you're looking to purchase a valuable item. By using a reverse number lookup service, you shouldn't worry about falling for a scam.

Maguire Haigh is a marketing manager for Spokeo. He is interested in the latest technology trends, marketing strategies, and business development. He also prefers traveling, exploring the world, and meeting new people. Maguire has excellent experience in creating and editing articles on different topics.
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Monday, 2 December 2019

How To Get Your Finances As Organized As They Can Be

Posted by Madhu Gupta
When you reach adulthood, you are expected to take over all of your finances, even if you do not understand what that entails. This results in the fact that most people in their 20s do not have stable finances and no viable credit to their names. 
As you grow older, you might realize how important it is for you to start organizing your finances and keeping them straight, so you know your heads from tails. The issue here is that most of the time when you do take that decision to order your finances and keep yourself on the straight and narrow, you do not know how or where to start. 

4 Ways to Get your Finances as Organizes as they can be

Here is a complete guide to show you what you need to keep your finances in order as much as possible.

1. Set a Budget

When you want to set a budget, try to keep it as realistic as possible. Do not go overboard with your plan to save as much money as possible without taking into account that there are some necessities that you will never be able to let go of. Do not exclude food, bills, and money for emergencies. 

Many have tried doing that, and none of them could ever stick to their set budget, which drove them to get demotivated and then get even worse at trying to have their finances organized. You can use budget tools to keep you organized not just with your budget needs, but also with the rest of your finances. 

To avoid deviating from your set budget, list the things you cannot let go of, and then determine a number that has these items included.  

2. Request Credit Card Reports and Bank Statements

To keep track of how your finances are doing, request regular updates from your bank about your credit cards and bank accounts. By doing so, you will have physical documentation of what your finances look like, and you can judge whether you need to change something you’ve been doing that is taking up more money than necessary.

3. Gather All Financial Documents

The bank mentioned bank statements and updates, you can request are considered financial documents, but they aren’t the only documents you may need to keep on hand. You need to have a record of all receipts for any purchases or expenses that you have paid. This will help you keep your finances in order, and will help you when you are filing your taxes at the end of the tax year.

4. Have an Organized System

Gathering financial documents is great, until you start having piles and piles of papers surrounding you or in shoeboxes in your closet, (we’ve all been there). This is why you need to set an organization system to keep track of your papers. 

Try to use a filing system in which you either sort papers according to type, date, or both.


Using these four effective ways can get your finances straightened in no time. You just have to stay as committed as possible to your objective, and you will get the hang of it after a couple of weeks of trials. Once you make a routine of it, keeping a handle on your finances will become very easy to maintain.
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How to Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password if Forgotten

Posted by Madhu Gupta
If you have forgotten your Windows 10 password, then you have come to the right place for its solution. This article would succinctly provide you the most convenient way by which you can quickly log back in. Without your admin password, you cannot equip your computer with the latest Software. 

Hence, making your computer worn-out and irritating. In some cases, you won't even be able to use your computers. Knowing how to reset the administrator password on Windows 10 or how to reset Windows 10 without a Password is challenging to implement if you don't have any prior knowledge. 

2 Ways to Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password if Forgotten

This article provides you with a step by step approach, which will make things easier. So, without further ado, let's get right into it.

Method 1. Reset Windows 10 Password with PassCope Windows Password Reset

This method will provide you with just the right steps by which you can reset your Windows 10 easily. It will use the PassCope, which will make it very easy for you to reset your Windows 10 password. 

Step 1 - Although there is a bundle of paths that you can tread on to reset your Windows 10 Password, this article aims to facilitate you by providing you with the easiest way to reset your password so that you can save both your time and energy. Therefore, start with downloading Windows Password Reset, it basically offers four types of packages which are the following: 
  • Ultimate
  • Professional
  • Lite
  • Raid
After you have downloaded your Software, move further, and install your software on your computer. For your information, this Software is basically designed to run in on Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2008, 2012, and also on Windows Vista and XP.

Step 2 - By taking the help of this Software, you will be able to reset your password disk very quickly in a CD/DVD form. You simply have to click the desired storage form, whether that storage form is in the garb of a USB device or a CD. To illustrate the point further, I have added a picture for your convenience.
For the creation of your CD/DVD reset disk. You should start off by the insertion of a writable DVD/CD disc and point the "Begin Burning" so that you can create your disc.
For you to install USB reset disk, you should start off by the insertion of a writable DVD/CD disc and point the "Begin Burning" so that you can create your disc.

Step 3 - The third step is sort of a deceivingly complex step. For the completion of this step, you should take care of the minute details because a little straying from them can somehow reverse the whole equation. 

We should start off by implanting the USB or CD/DVD. Some people don't know how to boot a computer that has been locked. It has two methods that vary from storage disks to storage disks. Those people who don't know how to reset admin password on Windows 10 by using a disk should:
  1. Choose BIOS Entry Key 
  2. Open your boot option.
  3. Click the CD-ROM 
Step 4 - After you have completed step three. Then just type your reset password, and after that, the only implementation it is left. Simply set your computer to boot using a compact disk or a USB. 

Step 5 - After completing these steps, use the following steps to precisely complete the process:
  1. Choose Windows. 
  2. Pick a user. 
  3. Snap Reset catch to reset Password or a chosen client. 
  4. Note that in Windows 2000, the Password will be set to clear the Password. In Windows Server, the Password will be fixed to Spower@2011. If it's not too much trouble, recollect it. 
  5. Snap Reboot catch to restart PC.

Method 2. Reset Windows 10 Password with Command Prompt

If you're looking to PassCope Windows 10 password reset without disk, then you must have the knowledge of the end result. You will find yourself using the command prompt only to change the local Password. So, don't be in any false hope that by using the command prompt, you will be able to change the administrator password. You can activate your command prompt by clicking on the start menu or by typing the RUN command. 

Now that you have all the knowledge of what to expect by trying to use the command prompt to reset your password. Let's get started with the method which will show you how to reset the computer password on Windows 10. 

When you have an unlocked Window: 

If you have an unlocked Windows, then you must follow the following steps:

Step 1 - When you are facilitated by being the administrator of Windows 10, you can help yourself by benefiting from the command prompt. Through the command prompt, you can easily reset the password for a local account

Step 2 - To open the command prompt when your window is unlocked, you simply have to press the "Windows" key with "X" key. After you have done this, a list will appear. From that list, choose the command prompt.

Step 3 - Tap on "Yes". This will take you directly to the command prompt from where you can put in your commands.

Step 4 - Now put your Command in the prompt. This way you can reset your Local Password 
net user <username><password>

When you have a Locked Window:

If you are unable to get even the access to your computer Windows. There is still no need to worry. Follow these simple steps and get your access: 

Step 1 - 

1. Make a Windows disk or USB, which is to be installed.

2. Attach that USB or Disk to the computer

3. Press "Shift" plus "F10" simultaneously to initiate the command prompt.

4. Type in the following
move d:\Windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\Windows\system32\utilman.exe.bakcopy d:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\Windows\system32\utilman.exeü 
5. Restart your PC by typing in
wpeutil reboot
Step 2 - You will find the option for "Utility Manager", on the bottom corner from which you can open the command prompt. Using the command prompt, you can reset your local Password by using the net or by adding a new admin.
Step 3 - Exit your prompt and connect your storage disk with your PC. Click the power Icon and Restart your computer. After the booting is complete, a screen with a message of "Windows Setup" will show up.
Step 4 - Press "Shift" plus "F10" unanimously and type in
copy d:\utilman.exe d:\Windows\system32\utilman.exe
Step 5 - Click Enter and follow it by a "Yes."

Step 6 - Now reboot the computer once again normally.


By reading this article, intelligent readers might have picked up the crux of this article, which is that using the super convenient Windows Password Reset, users can follow the step by step approach offered by that Software, which makes the resetting of your Windows 10 password becomes smooth and straightforward. 

Secondly, it helped you save your time by giving you prior knowledge that commands prompt cannot help you cope with the challenge put forward by a local login. 

The step-by-step approach portrayed in this article makes it easy for you to reset the Password as each step is explained in an epigrammatic way. I hope this article answered your question and fixed your problems.
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