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Thursday, 14 February 2019

8 Best SERP Checker Tools For In-depth Competitor Analysis

Posted by Madhu Gupta
If you're running a website, you would want it to stand out unlike the websites of your competitors. But, keeping track of your website performance now and then would be a tedious job. Therefore, we have come up with the right SERP checker tools that would meet the needs of your product/ business website.

What is SERP checker tools and how does it assist in the competitive analysis?

SERP ( Search Engine Results Page) is the process where you analyze the top results of the web pages that are placed in the order of rank for a particular keyword. SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) and other social media marketing agencies use this information as an opportunity to improvise their website and gain the search engine ranking.

By looking at the way your competitors have acquired that rank, you'll have an insight into their work; and have an idea regarding the areas of improvement for your website. Therefore, SERP checker tools could lead to a successful business as you get a clear-cut idea about yours and your competitors business.

It would be disappointing if you do not see your website when searched on Google or any other search engine. This wouldn't give your website or brand any recognition and could be a significant loss for your company. To avoid such disgusting situations, SERP checker tools are used.

Top 8 SERP Checker Tools For Competitor Analysis

One of the top benefits of the SERP Checker tool being your website appears on the top of search engine results because it will give you information about your competitor's website and helps you know about the strengths and weaknesses of them.

1. SerpBook Keyword Ranking Tracker

Keywords play an important role while owning a website. Getting the right keyword isn't an easy task. Therefore, SerpBook Keyword Ranking Tracker fixes this issue for us. It helps generate a couple of keywords that could get your website on the top of the search engine results.
New keywords come up on a regular basis and it is impossible for us to keep track of it. The rise of new products and companies give rise to new keywords and this tool updates you about it.

2. Alexa

Alexa is one of the best SERP checker tools for in-depth competitor analysis, that is used for analyzing and comparing your website with that of your competitors. 
Alexa rank is considered to be one of the significant parameters for the comparison of two websites. It primarily looks for the number of people who visit the website (website popularity) and then rank websites based on the demand of the website.

3. SimilarWeb

You can use this SERP checker tool to analyze your competitor's traffic and analyze your website with theirs giving clear clarity about their marketing strategy to get higher ranks. 
It also possesses a keyword inspection feature that your competitors may use for a high-rank approach and gives you an idea about the keyword that could be beneficial for your website. This tool not just analyses the website but also apps on parameters like rank, installation rate, user interests, etc.

4. Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is yet another competitor analysis tool that analyses the website traffic, speed and other general parameters of your website like search engine optimization. 
It is one of the most reliable competitor analysis tools that can analyze your competitor's website and its rank for you to improve your website to increase the traffic. Although this tool is not very popular, it is familiar to a lot of people.

5. BuiltWith

This online SERP checker tool pays the closest attention to markets based on technology. Trends about recent technology and stats on important financial institutions involved in a specific market.
Using this tool, you can decide which technology would be appropriate for your business. 
Also, you get a picture of its audience interest and using this; you can compare your stats with your competitors. This will help your business evolve technically and could help your business or product stand out, unlike other companies.

6. WooRank

WooRank is another website review tool that can examine search engine optimization. It provides a wide range of competitor analysis features. Using this tool, you can know what keywords your competitors are focusing on. 
So that you pick them up for your website to have a high rank. You can compare up to 5-6 websites together to know the result and have a better performance.

7. KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy, as the name suggests, is another SERP checker tool that lets you spy on your competitor's website for the keywords that is responsible for their high rank. Digital marketers prominently use it as they can have a look at their competitor's website to know more about their advertising and marketing strategies. 
You can spy on multiple websites of your competitors and find out the keywords that they use; their ad or link arrangement for grabbing the attention of more users.

8. Hitwise

This is another tool that helps you compare your website with your competitor's website based on specific parameters. You'll get a proper insight into your competitor's website and lets you track down your audience. 
You will get a clear picture of how many people visited your website and how many unfollowed you. Apart from suggesting keywords that you should focus on; it also mentions those keywords that your competitors used and failed at.


These are some of the SERP check tools for in-depth competitor analysis that helps you have a successful business. All you need to do is sit back and rely on these tools to have a clear insight into your website; and your competitor's website. 

You can improvise your existing work into a better version using these tools without giving a second thought. Competitor analysis is something every marketing agencies should approve to correct their mistakes and know their areas of improvement.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the right pick and get started with competitor analysis using the SERP check tools that we have suggested for you!
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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

6 Best Social Media Marketing Courses to Supercharge Your Skills

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Did you ever think of how much influence social media has on the Consumers? According to recent research, about 60-70% of customers get significantly manipulated by the reviews or comments written on social media. That's the power of social media!

That's precisely why a lot of companies burn the midnight oil to get popularity and good reviews on social media. They invest a great deal of money and time on social media marketing specialists. 

However, if you're new to this and wish to acquire social media marketing skill, then you have landed up at the right place to learn them. The Internet offers a wide range of opportunities(like social media marketing courses) to shape yourself and introduce you to this new skill. 

Top 6 Social Media Marketing Courses

Listed below are some of the best social media marketing courses to supercharge your skills:

1. Advanced Social Media Certification Training

Simplilearn Advanced Social Media Certification Training Course will modify you from essential to advanced industry fit social media marketer. It's a combination of all the courses including advanced social media marketing,  advanced web analytics and content writing to nurture you upraise your company and conduct other social campaigns (product promotion campaigns). 
You'll find a rapid advancement in your marketing career with this complete, well organized social media marketing courses like Advanced Social Media Certification Training. 
Some of the pros of this social media certification training are:
  • Access to the course for 6 months 
  • 24+ hours of learning by the live instructor through online classes
  • High-quality E-learning (for 40+ hours)
  • Exposure to real-time industry projects
  • You'll be good at social media (Facebook, Instagram) marketing and you'll get a proper insight into these sites.

2. Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics is every digital marketer's BFF because you need to keep track of your website and people visiting your website. Without this knowledge, you're held in the shadow.
It's a handy and free tool that gives you insight into the website performance- you get a clear cut idea as to how many people are visiting your website, how long have they stayed, reviews given by the people, etc. 
You get an overall picture of the website and things that could be improved to increase the traffic. To increase the traffic, you can try doing social campaigns and collect genuine reviews from the consumers to create awareness about your product. 

3. MailChimp

With MailChimp, you can create, connect, automate and Optimize your business marketing strategies to the next level. You can create unique social campaigns and ads to get recognition or achieve your goals like promoting your brand or selling more stuff. Personalized Emails will be produced by expert designers that best suits your business, and that will reach out to a vast audience. 
MailChimp also offers you a wide range of tools that will help your business grow faster. In addition to that, you can also add friends through Facebook or Instagram ads to increase business contacts. Google remarketing ads are also provided by them to bring people from other websites to your site. Embedded forms will pop-up ensuring that the website visitors turn into subscribers. 
Customized postcards can be done to promote your brand in a better way. 
Automation over manual effort is something that you can find in MailChimp with a lot of other amazing features.

4. Social

Social is a massive open online course offered by Coursera to the beginners that mainly focuses on social trends, defining target audiences and data analysis. It's exclusively for business owners, executives and marketing professionals who wish to improve their skills and explore their undiscovered abilities. 
You directly get exposed to social media for the talent that you possess. The best part about this course is that you not just get theoretical knowledge about social media but also hands-on experience on how to use your personality in the social media platform.

5. Social Media Monitoring

This is one of the best social media marketing courses offered by Coursera that includes SEO optimization, using focus words in a content correctly, using Google alerts and it benefits, experimenting with different marketing strategies for Facebook, Instagram, etc. 
This free social media course expects you to note down the reviews or comments that are given by the customers about your product or service. Whether you're new to social media or an experienced professional, this course considers the people of all skill sets.

6. Social Media Advertising Course

This course is offered by SkillShare that expects you to showcase your inner abilities like setting up a social campaign according to business objectives, targeting your customer preferences, elucidating vocabulary and keywords, optimizing social campaigns for long term goals. 
People from beginner to intermediate level can be a part of this course. Social media advertising is great for marketers, small scale businesses, freelancers and all of those who are passionate about paid social media advertising. 

By the end of the course, you'll be all set to run your first ever social media ad campaign and connect with your customers, business partners, and other marketing agencies for better future endeavors. This will help convert your small scale business too long term success. 

These are some of the social media marketing courses that will help you be comfortable to do something that you have always wanted to do. It gives you the confidence to think differently, supercharge your skills and practically implement new ideas so that you get faster results to build a successful career!
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Monday, 11 February 2019

9 Best Websites to Compress JPEG to 100KB

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Most of the webmasters these days expect their pages to load faster than ever to provide a fantastic user experience. Optimizing your images will eventually help the page to load faster, saves bandwidth and your website pops up on the first results. Therefore, it will also be convenient for users to find information on your site.

If you are a professional photographer, you might have the necessity to Compress JPEG to 100KB to upload them at a faster rate. Optimized images do not let you cross the file size limit on many customer based websites.

What is JPEG? How do we compress JPEG to 100KB?

JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) is one of the most commonly used methods of the file(could be a camera image or DSLR picture) lossy compression, that individually compresses digital images contributing to the digital photography. The degree of compression could be adjusted as per your requirement, not compromising with the quality of image and storage size.

JPEG generally accomplishes 10:1 compression ratio with a minute change in image quality. These days, it is used by most of the digital cameras and other photographic devices and has essentially become the mandatory format to send/receive pictures on the world wide web for its quick transfer and efficiency.

Top 7 Tools to Compress JPEG to 100KB

Below are some of the best websites that compress JPEG to 100KB:

1. EZ Optimize

Image Optimisation is a plus point for any website to appear on top of the searches. EZ Optimize will mainly assist you with automatic image Optimisation for your website so that it can load faster than ever and appears on the top of search results. One of the most significant concerns regarding Google search results is unoptimized content. This website will help you to compress your image size without losing its quality.
With EZ Optimize, it's quite simple to maintain the image quality(pretty much like an original image)as it is fine-tuned and doesn't compromise on high quality. The best portion about this website is they focus on other image compression formats too such as GIF(Graphics Interchange Format), png(Portable Graphics Format), jpg and so on.

A website that loads faster could be a paramount asset for your business. Best user experience is something that concerns us, and you'll have the best SEO ranking.


It is a free online tool used to compress JPEG to 100KB, maintaining the same quality as that of the original image. use the most recent image compression techniques along with efficient algorithms to compress your image file size. This image compressor could be used to compress other image formats like jpg, png, etc.

In addition to the image compressor, they also have a gif compressor to Optimize gif files.

3. Optimizilla

You can upload up to 20 images at a time to compress JPEG to 100KB(or any other quality of your choice) without losing its quality. You can also set the class as per your preference using the thumbnails in the queue. 
The compression level can be measured using the slider, and the mouse pointer helps in comparing images. Simple to use and is a great tool to work with.

4. JPEGmini

JPEGmini reduces the file size of the images that you upload, remarkably up to 70 to 80% while preserving the quality and resolution of the images.
For those who have image-centric websites should go for JPEGmini to have a good SEO ranking, to load faster and to have a fantastic user experience. You don't even have to rely on your device storage to store pics as it provides cloud storage account, flash drives, etc to store compressed photos. Moreover, personalized solutions are provided to professional photographers for the best quality.

With JPEGmini, Get the smallest size image without compromising on quality, hard drive space, etc.

 5. Toolur

This online image compressor mainly focuses on compressing and resizing the images of various compression formats like jpeg, png, gif, etc. You also have the choice to specify the image compression rate and the required image dimensions to have a perfect file size of your choice. 
You can select multiple images in these formats, without consuming the disk space. Furthermore, you can upload 25 images to resize and get it compressed.

 6. Reduce Images

If you have a huge photo and you badly want to resize it to get a versatile image of high quality, then Reduce Images is the perfect place for you to do it. You can send multiple photos to anyone anywhere without spending much bandwidth on your data. 
However, reducing the image size wouldn't affect the quality much except for the minute details of the original image.
Reduce image is an online tool that lets you compress and reduce the size of an image and save the resulting image in any formats such as GIF, png, jpg, etc.

7. Compressnow

Like other websites that I've mentioned above, Compressnow also performs the simple task of reducing bigger images to decent size without affecting its quality. 
It is mainly used to compress JPEG to 100KB to send it to somebody or upload it on the website(could be social media sites like Facebook, Instagram). You may notice that it saves bandwidth and faster loading of websites.

8. Tiny JPG

This is an excellent online tool which you can use to compress jpeg to 100 kb easily. The tool conveniently uses various algorithms and adds or removes the background on cropping the images. 
In addition to this feature, the quality of the images is maintained as far as possible which gives the best aspect ratio and sharpness to the pictures even after being reduced by up to 60-70%. To use this online tool, you need not have a jpeg image in the first place. It works perfectly fine with png and PDF files as well and gives similar outputs.

9. IMGonline

IMGonline is again easy to use tool which works online to compress jpeg to 100kb. It does not require any login whatsoever and works manually. The user has to upload the requested image and then select the appropriate pixel density and size of the output file. 
On clicking the Process button, the image is processed within a few moments. However, in some cases, the time may be almost 5 seconds. This tool can be used for converting the image to a higher resolution as well, and it works perfectly fine in that scenario as well.


These are some of the best websites to compress JPEG to 100KB that will optimize your images anytime anywhere at your convenience. You don't have to take the pain of going to a photo studio to get this work done. 

It can be done efficiently at home without bothering much about the quality. You can still upload beautiful huge images by compressing them using the tools that we have for you!
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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Focused Collection Review: Outstanding Collection of Photos, Illustrations

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Are you seeking out ways to earn extra income with your photography? If yes, then you've landed up at the right place to turn your creativity into a reward! 

Well, one of the privileges of uploading your photos on a stock photography site(like Focused Collection) is that your creativity and skill will be recognized along with extra cash. 

However, this won't get you rich any sooner but it could be a very productive way to kill time when you're free! 

What Exactly is Focused Collection?

Focused Collection is considered by many photographers to be one of the top-notch stock photography sites that offer free registration and commission rates above the average. You don't have to pay to join and there's no limit on the number of images that can be uploaded. 

This is the right place for all those passionate photographers out there who have excellent photography skill and understand what quality counts while submitting pictures. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Focused right away!

All you need to do is set up an account and upload your sample work. You'll be further contacted only if the concerned person likes your samples and it will be made available on the Focused Collection website. You get a commission for your photos as per the quality and it will be a fair deal! 

This is undoubtedly the best site if you're a professional photographer and a desire to contribute a lot of stock images. Depending on the popularity of your pictures too, you get a high rated commission. 

The best part about Focused Collection is that they don't force you to give exclusive right on the pictures that you've uploaded. You can upload it in as many numbers of sites as you wish. 

This is a pro tip to all the photographers who wish to get more downloads on Focused Collection:

Try uploading photos that are going to interest the graphic designers and marketing agencies. You have high chances of getting success! 

To understand them more, let's list out some of the striking features of Focused collection: 

1. Easy to set up an account

To start contributing to the Focused collection, you need to sign up for a free account. All you need to do is enter your personal details like email Address, password, etc and you're good to go! Once you register, you can upload unlimited photos of excellent quality immediately. 

You don't have to pay to set up an account, unlike other websites which ask you to pay for it. This highly proves the legitimacy of the site and provides an excellent platform for photographers to showcase their talent.

2. Generous With Their Commissions

The focused collection is highly generous when it comes to commissions. Photographers get to keep at least 60% of the commission on any of their images that are sold. That's quite a lot for any beginners who are trying to earn extra income! 

The commission structure varies depending on the popularity of your pictures. You start out at 25-30% and you can get up to 60% depending on how actively you upload images and get approval for the same. It will unquestionably be a fair deal and will, therefore, encourage you to work harder. 

3. No Limit on The Number of Pictures

The focused collection does not have a limit on the number of pictures that can be uploaded. Different style of photography is accepted and any number of images can be uploaded, provided, it has the best quality. 
Although the commission does not depend on the number of pictures you upload, the popularity based commission is guaranteed. 

4. Originality is Confirmed

Only contents that are excellent and original is picked. Duplication of work is strictly forbidden in the focussed collection. Uploading someone else's work is not appreciated and will not be accepted by focused collection. 

5. Well-Customized Product 

You don't have to sit for hours and hours together to select perfect pictures for your blog or Graphics design. The focused collection does this job for you. They assist you in looking out for personalized pictures suitable for your content and also show you various illustrations for the same. Therefore, you save a lot of time.

6. Always Available For Use

Do not waste your skill when you have Focused collection with you! Bring out the photographer within you and click great quality pictures anywhere anytime. Upload it on Focused collection and get paid! 

It's effortless to use. , click high-quality pictures and upload it. Make sure your photos are great and meet the requirements of graphic designers and other marketing agencies.

Final Verdict

On the whole, Focused Collection is something you should recommend to all your photographer friends who are skilled and willing to upload their work on a frequent basis. Keep yourself active so that viewers can have a close insight into your work and therefore get many downloads. This is something you can think of doing in your leisure time. Happy clicking!!
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5 Reasons to Invest in Your Instagram Account

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Many individuals have heavily invested in Instagram accounts and businesses are now also implementing Instagram marketing strategies that have translated to massive success. 
Reasons to Invest in Your Instagram Account
If you haven't already invested in an Instagram account, then there are a lot of reasons why you should have done so. Below are some of the best ways you will benefit from investing in an Instagram account;

Inspires creativity

Companies that invest part of their marketing plan on Instagram usually discover new and different ways to stay relevant to their content. They want to portray a good image of their company and as well, maintain it. If you're going to build on your brand, you want to come up with creative ideas to draw attention from your audience. You also want to avoid being repetitive that is why you need to use the different Instagram channels there are to create content.

Users are growing every day

Social media's use has skyrocketed over the past years. Statistics have shown that there are over 800 million Instagram users. With these kinds of numbers, anyone intending to start a business can succeed with a well-planned Instagram marketing strategy. Out of these users, 500 million are daily active users, 34 percent of this number is millennials and 80 percent are users from outside the United States. This means that Instagram can be an excellent platform to grow an audience globally as well as market your business on a larger platform.

To make money

Making money is a good reason to invest in your Instagram account. A lot of businesses have successfully sold their products and services on Instagram. In fact, studies have shown that 72 percent of Instagram users purchase products on the social platform. This means that any business or brand has a shot at taking advantage of the platform to make money. To boot, users with large followings have been able to use the platform for influencer services successfully.

To engage with customers

One of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers is through social media. A lot of users are usually active on Instagram and could be an excellent way to engage with them. To reach out to a target audience then use hashtags relevant to the content you are posting. Also, you can purchase Instagram likes to boost your content: you can check out the Stormlikes review. By engaging with your customers, you will be able to provide more in-depth information about your business and clarify any questions they may be having about your product or service.

To keep tabs on your counterparts

You can use Instagram to keep an eye on what your competition is up to. You want to know how they're interacting with their customers and how often they launch campaigns etc. This way, you are aware of what they are using or doing to succeed in their campaigns and marketing strategies. By keeping tabs on your counterparts, you can implement better strategies to get ahead of them or tweak your current ones to catch up on what they are doing.
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