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Monday, 7 October 2019

Photo Calendar Software Review: Custom Calendar Maker for Windows

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Digital photography has introduced us to many creative things. Giving our mundane things a personal touch is fun and creative. A lot of people love calendars but don’t know how to make them on their own. This is where Photo Calendar maker software comes in handy. 

Thanks to ready-made templates, users can make and print their customized calendars in no time at all. Whether it is a business trip or a planning birthday party, giving calendars, a personal touch is always a thoughtful gesture.

What is Photo Calendar Creator?

Photo Calendar Creator is a convenient and easy-to-use program for creating custom calendars for a week, month, quarter, or a whole year. Users select a suitable template, add in the photos, and print their calendar right at home. 

A personal schedule is an excellent gift for friends and family; it is also a great way to promote businesses. There are over 200 calendar templates to choose from, and the software facilitates them by adding finishing touches to the photos.

Main Features of Photo Calendar Creator

Photo Calendar Creator is very convenient and easy to use. It has a lot of amazing features that simplify the process of printing a custom calendar at home.

1. User-friendly interface

The software interface is very interactive and user-friendly. The program is wizard-driven. It hardly takes users 5 minutes to print their calendars. Users are supposed to select a template style, type of calendar, its dimensions, and resolutions. 
User-friendly interface
The chosen layout can be resized and modified, and the environment is point-and-click. This feature makes it a cheap, fast, and creative way of creating personalized calendars.

2. Built-in photo editing

Photo Calendar Creator lets users adjust the brightness and contrast of images without any additional editors. There are many other creative tools, such as adding a mask, an outline, transparency, etc. 
photo editing
There is also an option to create a photo collage, where the images can be moved from front to back and vice versa. Depending on the template chosen, the editing image option can change.

3. A large number of templates to choose from

A premium selection of templates includes templates under different categories, such as Wall, Desk, Spiral-Bound, Custom Calendar, etc. Users can find a calendar as per their taste. There is a large variety of designs and layouts to choose from.

4. Personalized calendars

From 200+ design templates available in Photo Calendar Creator, it is plausible to make a unique calendar design. For this, users can customize the templates provided and create their own styles. There is an option to add a photo to every cell of the calendar grid.

Personalized calendars
Users can add any number of photos, texts, and graphics to give their calendar a personal touch. The idea of making personalized calendars is all about experimentation and fun.

5. Holiday customization

Users of Photo Calendar Creator have an option to add holidays, personal dates, and special events. The dates are marked on the grid. Photo Calendar Creator also helps group the dates mentioned into categories. These categories include birthdays, anniversaries, religious, professional, etc.
Holiday customization

6. High-quality calendar printing

Users can print professional calendars. These calendars look very similar to their store-bought counterparts. Users can select the paper format (A3, A4, 11 x 17), etc. the software also supports printing calendars on the same page by inkjet and laser printers.

7. Reaching out to businesses with promotions

Designed calendars are a great source of promoting businesses and are used by corporations for advertising. This option lets users add the company logo, corporate information, description of the product, etc. and helps them grow their company recognition.
businesses promotion

8. Multilingual content creation

Photo Calendar Creator allows making calendars in the user’s native language or even two. This software supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc. The days of the week and the name of the month can be written in a bilingual manner on the calendar.

How to Use Photo Calendar Creator?

Since the software is pretty easy to use, working along the following guidelines will help users make their personalized calendar in no time.

1. Download from its official website and follow all the instructions to install Photo Calendar Creator. 

2. Pick the type

The software offers a wide range of calendars, including wall poster, booklet, spiral-bound, folding desk calendar, etc. These types of calendars can be both monthly and yearly. 

3. Enhance your photos for the calendar

The photos added can be edited and improved. Depending on the type of the calendar chosen, it is possible to add a background image or a collage of pictures devoted to a special occasion.

4. Decorating the photos

Photos can be decorated with frames, masks, effects so your calendars will look and feel well-balanced.

5. Personalize holidays

While creating a personalized calendar, users can add their own events and holidays. There is a special section called “Customize Holiday.”

6. Print your calendar

After choosing a template, adding their photographs and the list of holidays, users can print their creation. It is relatively simple to take a printout of the calendar right at home.

Pricing of Photo Calendar Software

There are three versions of Photo Calendar Creator:

  1. Standard: This one costs $29.40 and has offered a quick start with 100 design templates and monthly styles.
  2. Deluxe: This version costs $39.20 and comes with 200+ ready-to-use calendar templates.
  3. Pro: This one costs $49.00 and apart enables to save calendar designs as PDF, TIFF, CMYK


So, if you want to give a calendar as a gift to your family, friends, loved one, you should check this program out. There is a free demo version to try. It gives users a general idea of the software before buying. We hope this review will help you in choosing a perfect tool for making a custom calendar. Have fun exploring Photo Calendar Creator!
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Using Hidden Spy Apps for Android to Control Children

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Communication has become comfortable in today's life. With the internet in its full glory, it has become straightforward to communicate and connect with people across the globe. Responsibly using the internet is essential for the safekeeping of an individual. However, there is a difference in how an adult and a child uses it. Hoverwatch application comes to parents' rescue.

How Best to Secure a Child?

The online games, and the technology of connecting anyone and everyone has adverse effects on children at times. The children are distracted and are exposed to the dangers of the cyberworld. Since cyberspace has concealed identity, children become vulnerable to being bullied. 

The Hoverwatch app helps the parents keep track of the online activities of their children. This is a safeguard that the parents can adopt. This application doubles up as a keylogger, which holds a record of whatever is typed on the phone. 

What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is one of the best & hidden spy apps for android. It is a full feature spyware app. This application can help parents check phone logs, application data such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, location, SMS, and MMS. 
track call records
Hoverwatch offers basic to advanced features. The application comes with varied forms of subscriptions. The application is easy to use and a boon for the parents to keep a check on their kids. Windows, Mac, and Android support the app. 

Main Functionality

Hoverwatch comes with the following features for the parents to keep track of their kids' devices:

1. Recording Calls and Data 

The application supports all the conversation logs. Along with the name of contact, the duration of the conversation, time, and date., i.e., with all metadata.

2. Keeps the Tracker Invisible

The app works well in stealth mode. Unless the owner knows what to look for and where to look for, the app cannot be tracked. Whether or not the device is rooted, the application runs in the background secretly. One of the great features of this spyware app is that it doesn't drain the battery of the device.

3. Texting Management:

Stores all the chatlogs and the metadata of it shared over WhatsApp, SMS, and MMS. The images on MMS can be stored and viewed at the personal account of the Hoverwatch user. Every single file, including images, videos, and audio shared in the chat, can be considered and logged.

4. Track Five Devices from One Account

application allows us to track up to five devices from a single account. The logs are kept separate and are not merged.

5. Camera Access

Hoverwatch application gives its user access to the camera of the device. The snapshots can be checked for in the reports section of the logs folder of the app. The parents can use this feature for taking pictures from their kids' phones to gather information about their whereabouts.
Camera Access

6. SIM Card Information

The app keeps the SIM logs. In case the owner of the phone decides to change the SIM, the new information is shared with the user. The other app logs and camera accesses are not revoked even after the SIM card is broken; the location can still be tracked.

7. Geolocation Tracking

The app always shares the location of the device with its Cell Spy installed. Hoverwatch makes sure that the battery of the invention is not drained. This feature is also helpful in theft detection. The location logs are real-time. The geolocation tracker uses Wi-Fi signals, GPS, and cell tower location for accuracy.

8. Internet Activity

The browsing history of the user is shared. All the websites visited by the owner of the device are logged and can be viewed on the account.
Internet Activity

9. Social Network Tracker

Use snapchat a lot these days, and it is essential to monitor their use on this app. There have been cases of teen nudity over Snapchat and the pictures and videos being used for child pornography. Thus, making it necessary for parents to monitor the child's access to all these. Apart from this, the other social networking sites such as Instagram, Viber, Facebook are also tracked.

10. Android Screenshots and to-do list

Feature of Android Screenshots is created by Hoverwatch to take periodic screenshots of the device. The feature manages to check the smartphone use and store the screenshots and logs. 


To use the app, follow the steps:

1. Prepare the target device by enabling "Unknown sources."

2. Navigate to the webpage of Hoverwatch and create an account with email and password by clicking on "Sign Up Free."
Sign Up Free

3. Download the app using the APK.

4. Open and install the app. Enter the login details and tap on "Activate."

5. Remember the PIN to open the app.

6. Activate access usage and allow usage tracking.

7. Add battery optimization settings and activate the app.

8. Now the device is all set up and can be tracked with the account.

Pricing of Hoverwatch

The software has three plans to choose from, the plans are available monthly, quarterly or annually-
Pricing of Hoverwatch


Plan prices are €24.95, €59.95, and €99.95 for the state. This tracks only one device


are priced €49.95, €99.95, and €199.95 and can be used for five devices.


are priced €149.95, € 299.95, and €499.95 and can be used for tracking 25 devices.

Conclusion and Results

Hoverwatch is a practical and straightforward application for monitoring. Android, Windows, and Mac support the app. The app can be easily installed on the target device. However, the app is unavailable for iPhone, and some users have a problem getting a timely reply from the technical support. 

The app is improving on these factors and is recommended by us for the parents who want to keep track of their kids' devices. The app helps the parents know what is going on in their children's lives and assists in keeping them safe in cyberspace. The prices are competitive, and the app is relatively simple to use. We hope this review is helpful to you.
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Saturday, 5 October 2019

How to Easily Script on Roblox in 2019

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Playing a game is easy, but creating one is not. Roblox is a platform that allows you to create as well as play games. You can create games on Roblox through ScriptingScripting is programming with which you can create any game you want and earn money through it. It means giving instructions to an application on how to do a specific task. E.g., building up a tool. 
Script on Roblox
Most of the famous games on Roblox are built using scripting. I will not say that scripting is something you can learn in one day because it is extremely hard for beginners. Many sites will claim to teach you script in just one day. 

Well, you will not. You need to learn many basics to know how to build your own game. However, once you get the hang of it, it does not seem hard. Today, I will tell you the extreme basics of how to Script on Roblox. Before beginning, if you like to play games on Roblox and are looking for working promo codes to get gifts in those games, here is something that might help: Roblox Promo Codes.

Use of Programming Language

To understand how to script on Roblox, you need to know about the programming language the platform uses. Roblox uses the programming language Lua. You can call it a number one scripting language for building games. 

Lua provides you with endless possibilities and allows you to make several changes to the game to make it interesting for the players. Roblox uses Lua Version 5.1 on its platform. Another main reason why they use Lua is that it is easy to understand and grasp in comparison to other scripting languages.

Creating a script

The very first thing that you should know is how to create a script. The first step is to launch the “Roblox Studio” on your PC and sign in. Now go to the workspace, and an option named ‘Insert Object’ will pop up. Now merely select Script and a script will open up within workspace. If you double click on it you see the below text:
Print ‘Hello World’

The print is a command that is instructing the software to print ‘Hello World.’ It is an essential command, and you should know how to use it. 

Learning about Variables

As the name suggests, the variable is something, which has a changeable value. Variables are used almost at every step of building up a game. They hold information about the gaming objects within the game. Each game you have played from your childhood includes variables. Thus, it is very essential to know how to use them. E.g.:

Hello = 50
Bye = 20

Now, if you command: print (Hello+ Bye), you will get the result as 70. This means that Hello has a variable value of 50 while Bye has a variable value of 20.

Know about properties

To know how to Script on Roblox, you should know the properties tab. On the bottom right corner, you will see a square space under properties. Using properties, you can change the color of the blocks, their shapes, their positions, and many different things. As your knowledge about programming increases, you will come to know the use of properties in a better way.

Using Tools on Roblox

Using a tool on Roblox can be extremely difficult at first but relaxed after you know how to use it. A tool is a container that can be coded with a script. You can create anything with the use of a tool. E.g., a weapon. We use four main events while working with tools. These are:

  1. Unequipped Events
  2. Equipped Events
  3. Activated Events
  4. Deactivated Events

Creating an event is very easy. You have to write this code to create a game:

Script. Parent. Event name. Connect (Function)

Replace the event name with the name of your event. There are endless possibilities in how you can use a tool. For learning how to script on Roblox, you should make yourself familiar with the use of tools.

Sources to learn Scripting on Roblox

As the above-mentioned article shows, there is no easy way to learn to script on Roblox in just one day. You have to donate time as well as your mind towards learning scripting. You can learn how to script on Roblox in the following ways:

1. Roblox Tutorial Videos

There are several tutorial videos made by Roblox to help everyone learn the scripting process? There is also a blog by the name Roblox Fandom which will help you guide through the scripting process.

2. Youtube

The best way to learn to script on Roblox is through youtube tutorials. There are several channels on youtube, which will give you the complete guide to learning to script on Roblox, starting from the creation of a script to creating games using those scripts.


Well, these were some ways to help you learn how to script on Roblox. Scripting on Roblox is challenging but also rewarding. Once you learn the scripting process, you can easily create your games and earn money through them. 

If you develop games by using default templates, there are very fewer chances of your making money through them. Thus, scripting is necessary if you want to earn money through Roblox.
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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Kunduz Review: Your Private Tutor for Hassle-Free IIT-JEE & NEET

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Kunduz Review: Tuitions and coaching classes cost a bomb while preparing for medical and engineering entrance examinations. Aside from the cost factor, the additional time constraint of attending the classes and finding a separate doubt session is a tough job.
Kunduz Review
If a private tutor is hired for all the ease, the fees grow to be preposterous. Thus, comes Kunduz, an individual tutoring app which helps the students resolve their doubts on the move.

What is Kunduz? And Kunduz Review

Kunduz is an educational doubt clearing application. The students can upload a picture of the problem question and expect a clear answer in short time. The application resolves the query in 15 minutes with a satisfaction rate of 90%. 

The app has a network of over 7000 tutors, all of whom are the toppers of the prestigious entrance exams in engineering and medicine. The tutors are the alumni of prestigious engineering and medical schools, such as IIT, BIT, NIT, AFMC, etc. 

The app uses a question-answer format and supports one-on-one tutoring. The tutors also involve highly qualified teachers and professors who are a top-notch faculty in prestigious institutions. 

Who can use Kunduz?

All the students from class 5th to class 12th can use Kunduz. Kunduz has doubt clearing teachers for the following:
  • JEE Mains
  • JEE Advanced
  • NEET
  • AFMC
  • NCERT course 
  • Other competitive engineering and medical exams
Kunduz provides solutions for all the problems related to mathematics and science, including physics, chemistry, and biology.

How Kunduz work?

Kunduz is straightforward to use and comprehend. 

1. Download the Kunduz app from the Apple Store or Google PlayStore.

2. Click on Sign up to add the phone number. The app uses the phone number for verification purposes.

3. Fill in the questionnaire in the profile section and get started.

4. For asking a question, click a picture of the problem.

5. Determine the course it belongs to and assign it to question.

6. The question is assigned to a tutor, and a detailed solution is provided in 15 minutes.

7. The student can rate the solution.

8. The students can follow-on questions on the solutions provided. This session can be a one-on-one tutoring session.

Features of Kunduz

Kunduz offers problem-solving service to students in different difficulty levels of all fields and subjects. Following are the features and reasons for why to use Kunduz:

1. Top-notch faculty

Tutors are the toppers of various engineering and medical competitive examinations. The faculty is alumni of top schools such as IIT, BIT, NIT, AIIMS, etc. They are among the best teachers of the offered subjects. The network is vast with over 7000 tutors.

2. Fast support to queries

Kunduz offers a quick solution to asked questions. The answers are personalized to students’ requirement delivered to them in 15 minutes. The answers are comprehensive and reliable.

3. 100% solution guarantee

Never keeps the questions unsolved. All the problems raised by the students are solved in the shortest possible time. This feature goes for all the courses and curriculum. If there is a part of the answer that the student doesn’t understand, the students are allowed follow-up questions to the tutor.

4. Economic

Kunduz is ten times cheaper than other online tutorial services available. The application also has a personalized touch to offer to the students. Thereby making it reliable, accessible, comprehensive, and economical. It comes off as being cheaper than hiring a personal tutor. 

5. Question Repository

Has a question repository which the students can use as self-assessment tests. The students must select the subject and the level of difficulty. The questionnaire has different topics listed under a chosen curriculum. The answers to the questions are also provided in “Show the solution” section.

Pricing of Kunduz

Kunduz offers both monthly and annual plans. The students also get a trial plan, which has three questions. These plans are categorized as follows:

1. Monthly Plans:

There are three available monthly plans:
  1. Standard Plan - The monthly Plan costs ₹199 per month and includes 100 questions monthly.
  2. Premium Plan - This one of the most popular plans available and costs ₹299 per monthly. This includes about 300 questions.
  3. Premium Plus Plan - Plan costs ₹600 per month and includes 600 questions monthly.

2. Annual Plans

There are three monthly plans that are available:
  1. Standard Plan - The monthly plan costs ₹149 x 9 month(s) and includes 100 questions monthly.
  2. Premium Plan - This one of the most popular plans available and costs ₹199 x 9 month(s). This includes about 300 questions.
  3. Premium Plus Plan - Plan costs ₹399 x 9 month(s) and includes 600 questions monthly.
The membership packages are, however, not renewed automatically as on the time of writing this review. This feature of automatic renewal is in the roadmap of Kunduz. 
The subscribers can notify od non-renewal of their subscription through Support section. The payments can be made via credit cards, debit cards, net banking, payment wallets, and UPI. 


Kunduz is one of the best apps available for doubt clearing. The application is cheap, easy, comprehensive, and fast. The app is an excellent helping hand in the preparation of major competitive examinations. 

The app appreciated by thousands of students and has over 5 million questions in their question bank per topic. Everything is explained thoroughly and is free. We hope Kunduz clears all your doubts and you have the best available coach for your exams.
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How to Write a Newspaper Article: Tips for Delivering a Perfect News Article

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Writing a newspaper article is a task which has to be handled quickly. In this article, you can find tips on how to write a newspaper article that will present relevant information and will grab the attention of many readers. Read this article now, and write a complete article.
How to Write a Newspaper Article

How to Write a Newspaper Article: Guide for Writers and Journalists 

For many years, newspapers remained as one of the most important ways to get new information and news. Even though now we live in the digital age, the newspaper is still an essential part of a lifestyle. Any publication can far be read on the screens of our phones and computers as well.

Many writers who work in a newspaper know how quickly they have to react to the news to be able to become one of the first who publishes a story. But how to write a newspaper article in short terms without losing the quality? Find out more on this page.

Preparing a Newspaper Article

Before you write a news article, you need to make for it first. These are the steps you need to take before you start working on the text:
Know your readers. Every journal has its target audience. You should be aware of your potential readers: this way, you will understand how to structure your text and how you can discuss the topic.

1. Conduct research

If you are creating an article on any topic, you have to know a lot about it. Look for some additional information, other articles, books, facts. You should know the definition of the subject, why you are talking about it, how important it is, where did it happen, and if it'd influenced anybody.

2. Gather all of your materials in one place

Now, it's time to sort out the facts you found: what is essential for the news article and what is related to the topic, but not as necessary. 

3. Find a perspective for your discussion

From which angle would you like to discuss your topic? What do you personally think about it? Sometimes, articles are required to be written in a neutral tone. But it's allowed to share your thoughts, consider your thoughts.

If you have found all the information you need, you can start working on an article outline. It's the same as for the paper outline. You have to create a detailed plan of your article with the introduction, paragraphs, and conclusion, or use your structure.

How to write a perfect newspaper article that will steal the attention of many readers?

Follow these guidelines to compose a compelling news article:
  • Come up with a headline. It shouldn't be very long. With the help of a nice headline, you will be able to attract even more readers to the article. You should also include a byline — the name of the author. 
  • Draft a leading sentence. Its goal is to attract as many readers as possible and to grab their attention. A leading sentence should be short and straightforward, as well as practical. It's similar to the thesis statement of a regular paper.
  • After the foremost conviction, you can present more information about the topic of your article. Provide your readers with all the necessary facts and information about what, where, and why something happened. These facts will serve as a basis for your story.
  • After the lead paragraph, you should put the explanation. It is a simple as it sounds: you have to provide your readers with more details and context. In this part, you can use quotes, interviews, statistics, etc.
  • You can also add a paragraph for additional information. It's not necessary, but if you would like to continue the story and give the audience more background information, feel free to add it to your article.
  • Now, you can conclude your article. Take a look at what you have written so far. Think about what else can be said: you could restate a leading sentence, warn your readers, or consider some possible ways in which the story might develop.

Finalizing Your Article

There are just a few things left to do. Here are some tips after you finish your article:
  • Ask the editor to review your article. An expert will be able to point at your mistakes and give a piece of advice. You can also use professional writing service EduQuickie to make your text better. 
  • Check facts before you use them in your article. Using false information will discrete you as an author. 
  • Follow the appropriate citation formatting. When you are quoting someone in your article, use a proper style to cite them.
  • If you use any resources for your article, make sure you cite them. Otherwise, it might be considered plagiarism. 
  • Re-read your article to double-check that you followed the outline. If you feel like it's better to make corrections, don't hesitate to change your text a little bit.
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