7 Best YouTube Video Downloader for Mac OS

In recent years, YouTube has become the most visited online platform in the world. What you can’t find on YouTube? Can you name anything which is not available on YouTube? No Right. This is how YouTube means to an individual. It offers to get entertained by listening and watching their liked songs and movies. 

It provides education, and you can learn anything you would like to, such as cooking, makeup, clothing, etc. Though, the list of what YouTube offers is extensive. In simple words, it helps an individual to get entertained, advised, skillful, and knowledgeable. The platform allows you to watch anything anytime on YouTube, but yes, till then, you are connected to the Internet.

The next question is that we cannot connect to the Internet all the time, as there are several areas where no internet access is available, and even no WiFi can be connected all the time. So, there are chances where you may not have enough connectivity to the Internet but still in need of the Internet to get entrained or educated. Therefore, to get always connected to YouTube even when there is not Internet, you need to keep your favorite videos with you. 

Top 7 YouTube Video Downloader for Mac OS

To keep your favorite videos with you, you need to use online downloading software. There is multiple YouTube video downloader available in the market, but here is the list of seven best YouTube Video Downloader, especially for Mac OS. 

1. Airy

When looking for the best video downloader, then don’t forget to meet the fastest way to download and convert videos, Airy. It is one of the platforms that can be added to the list of the top YouTube video downloaders for MacOS. 

All your favorite videos can be downloaded for free, and you can watch them anytime and anywhere. You can also download Audio’s format using an amazing Airy downloader. It is known as the best app to download YouTube videos to Mac. 

It allows you to download videos in full HD resolutions. It provides a high range of formats, including FLV, MP4, 3GP, and Audio in MP3. 

2. Free YouTube Downloader

The name of this video downloader itself, showing its essential feature, i.e., Free YouTube Downloader. It is one of the fastest and free video downloaders for MacOS. 

It offers an option to save your favorite videos in 3x faster speed and in just three easy ways to download. It has an excellent premium version known as an iTube HD video downloader, which has more and better features than the free version. 

Though, it is not mandatory to buy the premium version of YouTube downloader until and unless you don’t require videos in high resolutions. 

3. ClipGrab

Don’t forget to add ClipGrab in the list of top YouTube video downloaders specifically for macOS. Unlike the other two mentioned above, it allows downloading videos at a faster speed, free of cost, and, most importantly, it offers the most comfortable features to use. 

This fantastic app helps to download the video in High definition quality and just not only from YouTube; it allows us to download from other websites like Vimeo. 

Videos can be added to the list of watch later in the formats of MPEG, WMV, and OGG Vorbis. It offers a unique system to convert any video to MP3 format. You can also download videos from social media platforms such as Facebook. 

4. YouTubeHunter

A perfect online platform with exclusive all-in-one features that helps to download the videos with all the original content, language, subtitles, and quality. It provides an option to download the video in an ultra-fast downloading speed. It supports five different languages, including English, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. 

5. iFunia YouTube Downloader

If you are looking to download videos from anywhere, from wherever you want to, then you must give it a try to IFunia YouTube Downloader. Just like other video downloaders, it allows you to download videos and audios in MP3 and MP4. 

It has a feature to identify the link automatically, once you’ll visit iFunia YouTube downloader, and give you a downloaded video added with other saved videos. You have an option to save a video in your desired quality like HD, 2k, 4k, and even 8K.  

6. Apowersoft Video Downloader

Apowersoft Video Downloader is one of the best apps to add to your macOS and provides a kind of features that are easy to follow. It also allows you to convert the videos into other formats that may are suitable for several devices such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung, HTC one, etc. 

Don’t forget to praise its fantastic option that offers you to download high-quality videos from different websites, including YouTube. 

7. 5KPlayer Video Downloader

5kPlayer is a platform to find many of the features to download videos in one place, that too for free of cost. I can bet you that you’ll never regret it if you’ve ever thought of downloading a 5K player or have downloaded it. 

It is a perfect full of features online video downloader for macOS. While using 5KPlayer, you can download videos, movies, and audios in your desired resolution like MP4, MKV, 3GP, and H.264. The platform almost covers all the ranges between 360p to 4k.

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