Top 10 Free Task Manager Apps For Android

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Top 10 Free Task Manager Apps For Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
In this generation of advanced people with their advanced smartphones, battery drainage by the running of multiple apps is the biggest problem that keeps boggling their heads. So, to the rescue of Android user come across task manager apps. 

This kind of apps performs multiple functions ranging from showing you the apps that run in the background, managing your apps and most importantly kill all the background running apps and processes; thus, in turn, enhancing the functionality of your Android device.
Here is a list of top 10 task manager apps for Android users.

1. Advanced Task Manager

Known as one of the best apps in its category. It offers various functionality like killing the selected background tasks, making the smartphone free of unwanted apps by uninstalling them, etc. Also, it has an auto-killing feature which automatically kills the unnecessary apps.

Back in the days, it had acquired 50 million downloads and still holds its position as one of the top downloads.

2. ES Task Manager

This task manager lets you identify which background apps are idly feeding your smartphone's battery and eliminates them quickly with a single tap. It shows the user which programs are running in the background and lets the user decide whether to close them or not. Also, it has an ‘ignore list’ and a ‘just kill’ list, both with functions opposite of each other. 

Adding apps to the ignore list will restrict the ES Task Manager from shutting them down even if end all app instruction is given. The just kill listed apps will get terminated only if you use the matching widget with these settings. The task of the cache cleaner is self-explanatory. Go ahead, give it a shot.

3. Clean Master

It's one of the most downloaded and commonly used app. It is fast and accurate in its working and simple to use.  With Clean Master, you get time reminder to boost up your phone functioning. In this process, the cache and residual files, which are skillfully auto-selected by the app, will be deleted. 

It also has a high-quality antivirus service that can scan your device in approximately 10 seconds. The app manager function uninstalls apps and backs up the necessary ones. Upon working for more time when your device heats up, you get a notification to cool it off.

4. Task Manager (Task Killer)

Apart from the usual much-needed functioning of deleting or killing the unwanted background tasks, what makes it unique is that it auto kills the jobs even when the screen is off. It also keeps on reminding the user about the CPU lagging caused by some apps. It also has an antivirus, memory, RAM Booster and cleaner. Furthermore, every time while switching off the screen it auto kills the background tasks.

5. Greenify

Greenify has its unique and compelling style of working. Rather than the usual process of killing the apps, Greenify believes in hibernating such needless apps with one single tap. And, upon the need of using those hibernated apps just open them, function on them and as soon as your work is over it goes back to hibernation.

6. GO Cleaner & Task Manager

This is one of the most popular task managers who must have garnered around 40 million downloads. Launched by the developers of GO Launcher, it has a smooth functioning and user-friendly interface. Apart from performing the primary function of killing background apps, it opens you to a world of various new features like boosting phones performance, getting rid of cache, deleting browsing history and removing unwanted folders left by deleted apps.

7. Zapper Task Killer And Manager

The expertise of this Zapper Task Killer & Manager lies in the fact that it shows a chart format of how much any background app is hampering your smartphone. The user interface is also top notch. It gives a choice of killing all the tasks in one single go or manually choose desired apps to be killed.

8. Watchdog Task Manager

In addition to being a task killer, it also monitors all your opened apps and as soon as any of the apps goes out of control you get a notification regarding it so you can quickly kill just that one app. So, it acts as a guiding eye over the overall functioning of your Android smartphone or tablet. Initially, you can download this app for free and after upgrading to the paid version you are gifted with a new feature called blacklisting an app once it drains excessive out of your device.

9. System Panel Lite Task Manager

Associated with colorful designs, this app does all the original stuff like managing tasks and killing the app. Plus, you can view a variety of system stats & monitor your system. The user interface of this app resembles something out of a sci-fi movie. The paid version ensures extra features like app installer/uninstaller and battery monitor.

10. Smart Task Manager

It provides a statistical info regarding which app is consuming how much of device’s CPU and RAM in real time and then lets you decide which apps to kill. One another extraordinary feature of this app is that it can backup all your app data to your phone’s SD ensuring their safety all the time. And in case you feel that you are not in need of an app presently, but the need of it might arise later then you can backup that app too.                                                                                                                                                            


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