10 App/Task Killer To Boost Android Smartphone Performance

One of the perks of being an Android user is that there are many apps to do different tasks for you, mostly for free as compared to other mobile phone operating systems. Since Android app developers are increasing in numbers, the number of apps that hit the Play Store is also getting bigger. 

App Killer For Android

Although the apps certainly make your life easier, they pose a problem of draining battery. It is not a welcome scenario when you are traveling or away from a power source to charge the battery. Popular apps like Facebook run in the background and drain a lot of battery. 

Since many of the default apps on Android phones are ineffective in extending the battery life, here are 10 Best App killer for Android to Boost Memory.

1. Clean Master

Clean Master is a very popular speed booster and battery saver app for Android. It also has Antivirus Engine and App Lock feature to secure your data. You can analyze the apps and the memory they consume and boost the memory in a single tap. Delete the cache and residual files to get the storage back. 

Clean Master

With the CPU cooler, you can detect the apps that cause overheat and kill them as well. It has an app manager to see which app takes up the memory and manage them accordingly. The game booster can speed up the games by 30% or more.

2. Zapper Task Killer & Manager

When you have this app on your phone, the other apps are sorted in such a way that the apps that use the most processing power are at the top. So you can just kill them if the app is not being used currently. Or you can also stop all the active apps with a single click. 

Zapper Task Killer & Manager

It provides memory chart sheets which provide you the information about which help you get knowledge about how the memory and processing power of your phone are being used.

3. Ccleaner

Ccleaner is widely employed in desktops. The app version of Ccleaner is also equally good. It has a cleaner feature which removes the cache data of apps, empty purge folders, and deletes browser and phone history in a single tap. 


System info tells you about the system usage of different apps so that you can stop the running apps that are taking up plenty of memory and CPU. Ccleaner has a very user-friendly interface, and you can also uninstall multiple apps in a single pick.

4. Startup Manager

You would have wondered why your phone is taking a lot of time to boot when you switch it on. The reason is that many apps in the phone are by default, set in such a way that they are present in the Startup List. So these apps take a lot of time to start running which is why your phone doesn’t restart quickly. 

Startup Manager

Using the Startup Manager app, you can choose which all apps must be in the Startup List thereby reducing the time required for boot. You can control both the system installed and user controlled apps this way.

5. Greenify

Greenify has an auto hibernating option which can put the phone in hibernation mode where it consumes fewer CPU resources. It can identify the misbehaving apps and make them hibernate whenever you are not using them. 


So you don’t have to kill the app abruptly like other app killers but just make them dormant. Although Greenify needs background running service to work, it is extremely lightweight and will not affect the phone performance in any way.

6. GO Cleaner & Task Manager

You can view all the opened apps and the ones running in the background and kill them in one tap using GO Cleaner & Task Manager. You can clean the cache and useless apk data to free up space and make the phone work faster by boosting up the memory. 

GO Cleaner & Task Manager

You can also disable the startup apps permanently. Also, using Traffic Monitoring feature, you can see the information regarding 3G and 2G data usage.

7. Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer is one of the earliest developed app killers which was present during the days the other app killers were just gaining pace. It has a very simple interface yet is powerful and does the functionality it is supposed to do. You can kill the apps in one go or do them manually. It is recommended that you select the apps and stop them as auto kill may at times stop critical apps in the midst of something.

8. Super Task Killer

Super Task Killer

Super Task Killer is a lightweight app to boost your memory. This app doesn’t consume a lot of CPU resources for itself. Super task Killer is a powerful app killer as it can stimulate the memory by 50%. The app has one tap cleaning option with which you can remove the running apps in a single click. You can also select the apps individually and stop them from running.

9. Watchdog Task Manager Lite

Watchdog doesn’t randomly kill the apps running in the background. Instead, it monitors all the running apps and the resources they consume. Whenever any app goes out of control or runs down your system resources, Watchdog will make you take the appropriate action against it with a single tap. 

Watchdog Task Manager Lite

Watchdog is a useful app since killing the apps automatically might sometimes stop them from doing some important task. So using Watchdog, you have better control over the background running apps.

10. History Eraser

History Eraser can clean up some memory and speed up the CPU. At the same time, it will also keep your browsing and related activities safe by removing the saved passwords and data. History Eraser deletes all the browsing data, maps, search history, YouTube search history, clipboard data and much more.

History Eraser

It will also erase the logs and messages. All of this can be done with one touch and you can also set your preferences regarding what to remove and what to keep.

Final Verdict

It is always preferable to close the apps after you use it rather than killing it. Many apps these days are efficient enough to use the RAM judiciously. But in cases where the battery is critically low, you can rely on these app killers. 

Some of these app killers are not very effective in killing certain other apps as they might still be running in the background. Still, it will be able to save some battery from draining out. And if you have a phone with modest specifications, then don’t use apps like Facebook. Instead, open them in a browser tab. This can considerably improve your battery life.

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