Best Virus Protection For Android Smartphones

Friday, 2 January 2015

Best Virus Protection For Android Smartphones

Posted by Rahul Gupta
I might not be wrong If i will say that the most used operating system is Android. It's the best operating system available which possess millions of apps. Regarding this popularity security for mobile devices is required. Android is considered a secure OS but still there are some chances of viruses that may try to get into your Android Smartphone. At present old methods of mobile application security can't secure your android smartphone. Hackers keep on finding new loop holes in mobile apps. Which enables them to easily enter into your credential information. Today in this article I am going to show you best android phone virus protection through highest rated antivirus programs.
As you know that there are millions of apps available on Google Play Store. Some of them are genuine while some of them are fake. All these fake apps are build to steal your important information. You can suffer a lot when your crucial data be be stole by someone. But don't to worry here in this guide I am going to show you best cell phone security softwares which will make your android phone secure for forever. Below is a list of free antiviruses. If you will use these softwares then it will be highest rated virus protection for you.

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Top Best Antivirus For Android Phones

1. 360 Mobile Securities
It's one of the the best mobile security available online. It is used by over 600 million users worldwide. 360 mobile security is best rated free virus protection. You can get this antivirus for free but it will show some advertisement. It offers many features such as cleaning of viruses, cleaning of corrupt and temporary files left by apps. Some additional features are also provided by this antivirus such as Privacy Advisor, Data Usage Monitor and much more. 360 security is the best android antivirus app. Other than this it cleans your memory processes to make your mobile run smoothly. 

It's one of the leading trusted antivirus engines. It saves your battery intelligently. You can easily encrypt your information while sending it to your loving one. It comes with user-friendly app manager and up-to-date real time protection.

2. Kaspersky Mobile Security
As you are aware about Kaspersky antivirus software for PC or Laptop. It's considered as one of the best protection for computer. So they developed their app for mobile virus protection. Kaspersky Mobile App can detect suspicious viruses, malwares on your Android phone and is capable of blocking them. This app is considered as best malware protection for Smartphones. This app is accurate up to 99%. It offers features such as anti-theft and it can easily take backup of your data.It offers a new 'Alarm' feature that can remotely sound the alarm. It will help you to find your device if it is somewhere nearby. 

This app is available for free to download on Play Store. You will get some free or basic feature if you will use it's free version. But Kaspersky allows you to use some other protection such as anti-phishing, web protection and SMS filtering in its paid version. You can get its paid version by paying a decent amount. It will enable you to completely protect your Smartphone towards viruses.

3. Quick Heal Mobile Security
Quick Heal is also one of the top rated antivirus engine which not only scans your Android mobile against viruses but also secures it against theft or loss. It provides you Call & SMS filter which enables you to block unwanted numbers. Its Personal Security feature can make you find your mobile if it's lost. Quick Heal scans your mobile in background to ensure that each and every installed app is safe or not. It's scan facility comprises multiple scan options such as Quick scan, Schedule scan and Custom Scan. Anti-theft feature allows your mobile from being misused by allowing remote lock and data wipe. 

The thing which I likes about this app is its Intruder Detection feature which takes snapshots of anyone who tries to unlock your phone with a wrong password. Overall this is one of the best way to protect from all the viruses, malwares ad trojans.

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4. ESET Mobile Security
It's one of the popular antivirus program. Eset scans all your downloaded files and applications automatically. It also offers you to schedule scan time which will start on its own. If there will any virus which it won't be able to remove then it will Quarantine it so that it won't infect you further. It gives you a protection of up to 99.7% which is simply awesome. You can enable anti-theft feature by SMS commands. 

Although this antivirus is free to use but you can get some premium features such as proactive anti-theft, online management of your lost or stolen device, safe browsing and phishing protection, application audit of installed apps, SMS/MMS/Call blocking and much more. You can get it's premium features by paying a decent amount of money.

5. Norton Antivirus
Norton antivirus protects your Android phone against threats such as malicious apps, theft or loss and phishing websites designed to steal your information. The main work of this antivirus is to scan and remove those apps which are designed to steal your crucial data. You can lock your lost or stolen phone by SMS. It comes with 30-day Premium trial. While paying you don't need any credit card information. When trial period is over you can either pay for premium features or continue using free features. 

It can remotely wipe all your data in case your device is lost or stolen. Overall at last I will recommend it to go for it. 

6. Avast Mobile Security
Last but not the least Avast mobile security is one of the trusted antivirus for mobile virus protection. It's available for PC from years but now they have made an app available for phones also. It provides all the features supported by other free antivirus softwares. This app is available in 20+ language. You can easily download it form Play Store. 

So this was all about how to protect your android smartphone against viruses, malware and phishing attacks. Download and install any of the above mentioned software which you like. 


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