Wondershre Data Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

As one of the best data recovery software, Wondershare Data Recovery is capable of recovering and restoring all the lost data from your Windows PC or Mac.

Wondershare Data Recovery

Losing your valuable files, data and media are one of the most tragic losses, and the main reasons behind these happenings are the unexpected Windows Crashing or accidental deletion.

Luckily, Wondershare Data Recovery provides a comprehensive range of recovery tools and programs which can quickly restore lost and corrupted files from your hard disk, external drives, USB drives or memory cards.

Introduction to Wondershare

With over 5 million users, Wondershare is one the best software developers who are providing various tools and program for multiple recovery purposes, free utility and extensive media tools for video and music.

The Data Recovery Software

The software is capable of recovering deleted files, corrupted file formats or restoring lost data from Hard Disks, Flash Drives, Smartphone, Digital Cameras and even Camcorders.

Whether you’ve accidentally deleted any of your precious photos and videos, or your memory card becomes corrupted, Wondershare is always here for you to recover and restore any file. With over 52 types of supported file extension, it is truly the best data recovery software.

There are two types of software for recovery and restoration purposes: 

  • Wondershare Photo Recovery 
  • Wondershare Data Recovery

Both the tools are available for both Windows & Mac powered devices and are compatible with every type of storage disks and drives.

Installation & Setting Up the Software

I’ve been using this software for the past two weeks, and it surprisingly works very fast. One can download the trial version of Wondershare Data Recovery Software for free, and you can use it to recover up to 100 Mb of data. The size of the software is minuscule and within few seconds the program was ready to rock.

Step 1: – Choosing the Scanning Mode

Enable Deep Scan

Step 2: – Choosing the Recovery Module
The home screen of the software is very simple and has four kinds of recovery options. 

  • Lost File Recovery: – You can recover lost files, deleted files from Recycle Bin and any removable media device. 
  • Partition Recovery: – It is expressly recommended in the cases when your files are in any corrupted or damaged partition of the hard disk.  
  • Raw File Recovery: – It is the advanced recovery option. If you are unable to recover the files from above mentioned options, then you can scan and restore the lost data as they can exist in the Raw form.  
  • Resume Recovery: – If you accidentally terminated the ongoing recovery process, then this option comes handful as it continues the recovery process from the previous session.   
Home Screen

Step 3: – Selecting the File Location

Choose File

Step 4: – Choosing the files to Recover from the Search Results

Choose File From Search Result

The software enables you to preview all the lost files, documents and media with their formats and name. So, you can easily recover only the necessary files and media from the recovered files.

This is a premium software and to use its full potential, you have to buy the software. The product is available at very affordable prices which I’ll discuss later in the article. 

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The Beast of Data Recovery Tools

One thing that I must mention in this review is that this software is truly a ‘Beast.’ It has a broad range of recovery options that make it stronger than any other software.

Using the software was pretty easy, and it has a very minimal interface which makes it faster. It has vast capabilities, and you’ll easily familiarize with its performance integrated functionalities. 

Find Lost files

Key features of Wondershare Data Recovery

Wondershare Data Recovery is very safe and efficient recovery tool when it is compared to other programs. You can easily retrieve lost videos, photos, music, documents, files, etc. from any storage device and media drive.

The software digs deep into the drives and storage partitions to recover all your important files that are either corrupted or damaged.

The scanning process is thorough and takes sufficient time to scan deep into the drive; you can also pause and resume the scanning process without any worries. The software supports a wide number of file formats and storage devices that make it unique and performance focused.

Format Supported


The Best feature of Wondershare Data Recovery

“Lost Important Documents? Windows Crashed? Wondershare to the Rescue!”
The Wizard Mode is the best feature of this recovery software. If you are a beginner or do not know anything about recovery tools, then it is best suited for you. In just two steps, you can retrieve and restore all of your files, pictures or videos. 

It is very flexible and can be used to recover some supported formats. You can extract the data from all the scenarios. Whether you accidentally stopped the writing process or unexpected crashing occurred, Wondershare Software is always present to help you out in all these situations.

So How Much Does This Software Costs?

To use the full software, you to purchase the premium version from its official website and trust me, it is worth buying.

The data recovery software is available in two variants:

  1. Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac and Windows.
  2. Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac and Windows.

The Photo Recovery program is the light version and can only be used to recover media files such as music, photo, videos and more. Whereas, the Data Recovery software can be used to get both back media files as well another kind of Raw files and extensions. You can also use the data recovery to restore even compressed and Zip files.
Pricing: – 

  • For Windows, Data Recovery is available for $39.95 and Photo Recovery $34.95. 
  • For Mac Devices, $89.95 is the price for the Data Recovery Software and $45.00 for the Photo Recovery Software.

If you are on Windows, then it is highly recommended to purchase the Data Recovery Program as the price difference is not much.

Conclusion – Final Words

Overall, it is a good software and gives you a benefit to recover all your lost files and important documents. You don’t have to fear anymore as Wondershare Data Recovery Software is the best recovery tool which lets you recover and restore files from corrupted device partitions and damaged SD cards. You can use the software to recover files from Recycle Bin and Virus Affected files.

This software is highly recommended for professionals such as Photographers, Video Editors, and all the Corporate Business Owners. 

So, this was the review of the Wondershare Data Recovery software, which is, in fact, the best premium recovery software available for both Windows and Mac devices. You can also the license the software for multiple users, the business plan for 2-5 users is priced at $ 74.88. 

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