Dr.Fone Review: The Magic of Recovering Lost Data And Breaking Lock Screens

Monday, 30 May 2016

Dr.Fone Review: The Magic of Recovering Lost Data And Breaking Lock Screens

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Android owns almost half of the cell phone industry, right? So, of course, that means that the same number of people are running on the same OS.
Dr.Fone Review
And it gives rise to a lot of problems on Android, well that's what this piece is going to solve for you. I won't lie, this one's going to be a review, I'm reviewing Dr. Fone For Android in this one. And trust me, this app took me by the nerves when I first launched it. The kind of options it showed to me, I was like: - That's possible too?

What's Dr.Fone for Android?

As the name suggests, it's the Dr. of your Android cell phones!  Meaning well just like humans cell devices get sick too, right? Quite enough problems with them, and that's what Dr. Fone cures.

It offers you some options upon launching, let's start with:

  • Data Recovery- Photos, Videos and EVEN Call Logs.
  • Messages and Whatsapp Messages! ( I know, creepy huh?)
  • Broken Data-Corrupt Files Recovery. 
  • SD Card Recovery. 
  • Lock Screen Cracker!
Hey! Excited already? Navigate to their Homepage to get a better glimpse of what they're offering!

Get Dr.Fone For Android

So hey the first step is getting this excellent little app, which you can do by clicking here (Tip: - They have a Free Trial option too!)
Once you get the file downloaded. Tap the icon and then click on the Install button!

And then, just click the Start now Button!
Start Now
Done! Yeah, now you explore the possibilities without restrictions!

Android Data Recovery

So hey! I might not be able to list out and explain all the features (cause trust me, that's a long, long list!) But I'll still try to cover as many as possible out here for you.

The Data Recovery option (that also has one of the "highest" recovery rates in the industry!) is the first choice on the dashboard. Just click on it, and connect your device via USB!

Once you do, you'd see that it offers you a WIDE range of stuff that can be recovered! 

  • Contacts 
  • Messaging 
  • Call History 
  • Whatsapp Messages 
  • Gallery and what not!
So basically, just select the stuff you want to be recovered, and click on next!
Click on Next
And then, well you'd see all the data that it can improve on the next screen, with the "types" broken down on the left-hand side. Well, I know that's a lot of data, but that's what Dr. Fone is capable of. Can't blame it, right?
So now, just select the data you want to be recovered, and click on Recover.

What Kind of Lost Data Can be Recovered?

Yeah, a legit question, right? I mean, can your data be recovered if you deleted it? Or maybe you lost if when your system crashed? Or if you forgot your password?

What if I tell you, you can recover ALL of those types, and even more!

Recovering Options

So see? They aren't leaving any stone unturned! 

Broken Screen? Unresponsive Device? Don't Lose your Data

Well, this feature owes it's uniqueness to getting you your data even when your cell phone isn't exactly co-operating.

I mean many times, our cell screens get cracked! Or the device stops responding. Now resetting it will just result in us losing every piece of data on the device, right? 

So well you won't anymore. So in short, this option helps you out when you can't get your cell phone to co-operate. 

So well, just click on the "Broken Android Device" button and select the type of files you want back.

Broken Android Device
After that on the next screen specify the problem your device is showing. I mean what is the fault with it, it's problem. (You need to tell the doc what the problem is, right?) 
Tell Problem
Once you've done that, select your device from a drop-down list!
Select Device
Now, the screen would prompt you to enter the "download mode" so that the Doc can download stuff off your device. Well, you'll know what you've to do because the screen tells you so. 

You get a step by step process; that's explained via images about what you've to do. So well just follow the instructions.

Follow Instructions
After that, well your device would be analyzed, and then you'd be taken to the data that can be recovered. And just like old times, click on the Recover button to retrieve the data. So hey, Pretty neat, huh?

Lock Screen Cracker

The most exciting feature, huh? I know you're getting all that "hacker" feel inside of you, and well technically speaking yeah that's what you're gonna do. (Of course, make sure it's your "own" device you're hacking into!)
Not a lot of rocket science needed over here either. Just select the More Tools option, and then Android Lock Screen Removal button.

Android Lock Screen Removal
Well on the next screen, just click Start and it will again prompt you to enter the Download mode by following the steps.
Follow Steps
Now, just wait till the recovery package is downloaded! 
Downloading Recovery Package
Done! Well, you'd get a screen saying that the process was successful! So what exactly had you to do? Nothing, apart from waiting. Now that's an "easy hack" isn't it?

Try it Free for 30 days or if you're willing to buy then simply order it from following link.

Final Words

So hey, I won't go bragging about this tool anymore. It offers a lot more than what I just showed you. But this should be enough to let you decide if you want to go with, or not. (I'd love if you give me one single reason to you not going with it, it's light-weight, and does magic! Not Enough?)


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