20 Best Online Alarm Clock Websites For Heavy Sleepers

20 Best Online Alarm Clock Websites For Heavy Sleepers

mLooking for the best online alarm clock websites to help heavy sleepers wake up on time? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll explore 20 best online alarm clock websites that are perfect for those who struggle to get out of bed in the morning.

20 best online alarm clock websites are Online Video Clock, Sleep.FM, Online Clock, ALARMd, Music Alarm Clock, Alarm Tube, Kukuklok, Naked Alarm Clock, CSG Time Alarm Clock, Meta Clock, Avnoy Alarm Clock, E.gg Timer, Online Clock Alarm, klokoo.com, ONLINE MUSIC ALARM, Online Stopwatch, Time Me Alarm Clock, ONLINE ALARM CLOCK, Set Alarm Clock, and XP SMOKER Alarm Clock.

Keep reading and find the perfect online alarm clock to meet your needs.

Top 20 Online Alarm Clock Websites

They are not just primitive alarm clocks; they even act as timers and stopwatches and have many other features to make your day brighter.

Online Video Clock

online video clock

Online Video Clock is a novel way to wake up every morning. You can set a video alarm to wake yourself up every morning. The steps to set up an alarm are simple. Choose the time and a video from YouTube or the suggested video that will wake you up. Confirm after the test. The alarm clock has a snooze button, too, just like ordinary alarm clocks. Five themes are available for Online Video Clock. It also functions as a timer or keeps notes for you.


Sleep.FM plays a backup alarm in case if the internet is down. It is very easy to set an alarm. You can just make some additions in the URL to get it set Suppose if you want to set alarm for 6 AM, simply type the time in the URL(The URL would look like www.sleep.fm/6am). You have an option Invite Friends to wake you. Using this, you can wake up to the YouTube videos your friends have chosen for you.

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Online Clock

online clock alarm

Online Clock is a simple website to set alarm. You just have to choose a time and a sound that should wake you up. The display can be enlarged by selecting appropriate font size. The background color can also be changed. It also has timer, stopwatch and clocks like space clock, binary clock and Morse code clock.

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ALARMd has some really good options compared to many other online alarm clocks. For starters, you can pick up any time as precise to seconds and set an alarm. You can also add multiple alarms say set alarm for 10 AM and set alarm for 6 AM. The repeat days of the alarm can also be picked up. A countdown timer will show you the time left for the alarm to go off. You can choose mp3 audios, and last.FM user, tag streams or generic alarm sounds.

Music Alarm Clock

music alarm clock

Music Alarm Clock has a primary alarm set up interface. All you have to do is pick up a time and turn on the alarm button. The clock is scheduled in the military time format. The website doesn’t offer many options for setting the alarm. You cannot choose from many music tracks or set video alerts. So Music Alarm Clock is for those people who don’t have many preferences but are only looking for an online alarm clock.

Alarm Tube

alarm tube

Alarm Tube is the website to make a YouTube video of your alarm. Set a time and then pick up a video and you are done. One can use natural language to set the alarms. Fixing the time like ‘Tomorrow 10 AM’ or ‘In 30 minutes’ will also make the alarm go off at the time you wish. So in that way, this website is a very convenient option for setting alarms in your way. You can search the YouTube videos by tags or pick one from the featured list.



Kukuklok has a bright interface where you can set alarm. There are a few default options for the sound like classic alarm clock and military trumpet. They may not be soothing to hear but are loud enough to wake you up. The clock is in digital format. You just need to adjust the time and turn on the Set Alarm button.

Naked Alarm Clock

naked alarm clock

Naked Alarm Clock has a live ticking clock and an option to set alarm. You can either enter the time directly or to use the buttons to set alarm after a particular interval of the current time. This way, you can set alarm after 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes from the current time. There are four sounds, and you can choose any one of those as the alarm tone.

CSG Time Alarm Clock


CSG Time Alarm Clock shows the current time and has a field where you can set the alarm. If you don’t wish to have an audible alarm, a pop-up will appear on the screen when the alarm goes off. You can use it locally by downloading the file and changing the file name into something on your computer. Just give it a test and then set the alarm. It works even if you turn the monitor off.

Meta Clock

meta clock

Meta Clock lets you choose your tunes to wake you up. You can set the time and select an alarm tone from the given list or one that you like. It also lets you have a note after you wake up. And if you want to wish a good day to your friends, you can post the note on your Facebook wall once you have woken up. You can also set up a URL, which you want to be opened when the alarm goes off. So don’t waste any time after waking up and get started on your work right away.

Avnoy Alarm Clock


Avnoy has an analog clock and you can set alarm in the digital clock provided. It is very easy as all you have to do is pick a time and an alarm tone from the three options given. It also has a snooze option for the alarms. Avnoy doesn’t have timer or stopwatch options or any other outstanding features.

E.gg Timer

e.gg timer

E.gg Timer is more of a reminder service. You can set reminders at different times by changing the URL or by directly entering the time. You can set it for an hour, minutes or even seconds. And apart from this, there are special timers for brushing that runs for two minutes and other timers that serve for different purposes. The timer that is ticking will make sure that you don’t waste any time being lazy.

Online Clock Alarm

online clock alarm

Online Clock Alarm works as an alarm, timer, and chronometer. The alarm can be set at any stage with the alarm tone from the default choices, a mp3 you pick or a YouTube link. You can test the default sounds before setting them. The timer can be adjusted, and an alarm starts to ring when it hits 00.00.00. The chronometer can be controlled easily by the S key to start and stop. You can also record a lap by pressing the pause button.



klokoo.com has a few options as the sound of the alarm. Select one of these and set the time. You will need to install Java to use this software. The sounds of the alarm can be tested before you use it.


online music alarm

With this website, you can set any music on YouTubeby searching for the song in the given field. A few results show up, and you select one from that list. Then you can enter the time, and you are ready to go. You can set multiple alarms and view all of them in the Alarm List as shown in the website. This is a good option to wake up to your favorite music every morning.


Online Stopwatch

online stopwatch

Online Stopwatch has a display similar to the old and familiar wall clocks. To set an alarm, click on the alarm button. A few hands appear on the clock. Drag the hands and set the time. The time can also be shown in roman numerals. This is useful for those who want to get a feel of the analog clocks. One can also go to full screen with Online Stopwatch.

Time Me Alarm Clock

time me

Time Me comes with many customization options. You can set the alarm in a fully customized clock, can change the color, the font of the numbers and everything else. You can adjust the clock to any time you wish and give effects such as shadow to the clock. Time me allows you to have 25 alarms each customized the way you like. You also have options to choose the snooze duration and the number of cycles the signal repeats.


online alarm clock

With this website, you can set alarms and wake up to any of the default alarm tones, music from Radio or to YouTube. There are options to set the snooze duration of the signal to a particular time. They have soothing sounds like sound of the rain. So as long as you are not too lazy, you might wake up to such comforting tunes.


Set Alarm Clock

set alarm clock

Set alarm clock works as an alarm clock as well as a timer. You can set the time or just click on many of the time options they have given on the website. Similarly for the timer to the site has options like ‘5 seconds’, ‘10 seconds’ and likewise. Just give a click on the preferred choice. So it is that easy.

XP SMOKER Alarm Clock

XP smoker

You can just set the time, and there aren’t many options available for further customization. The alarm is really loud so it will wake you up from deep sleep. Just be careful about choosing the AM/PM option as it is written in smaller font and you might miss it out.

Visit: XP SMOKER Alarm Clock

Final Verdict

Online alarm clocks are a viable option for those people who feel the phone has a little volume that doesn’t wake you up. And options such as video alerts are available on online alarm clocks which might cheer you up a little bit every morning.

Instead of waking up to monotonous tones and music, you will start your day with the songs and videos you like. And with websites like Online Alarm Clock, you can wake up listening to what your friends have for you. With that said, online alarms clock is a must try option.

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