6 Best Fashion Designer Apps For Android

With the advent of the internet, the fashion world is expanding like never before. And that makes a fashion designer’s work even more daunting. If you are a fashion designer, don’t worry. Here we are presenting you a list of best fashion designer apps for Android. 


Fashion designing apps are much more innovative tools that will assist you. With the help of fashion design tools, even a newbie can start designing clothes


However, only some of you will get in this article; there is even more. In addition to this, you will get a detailed guide on fashion designing apps and how to use them.

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Top 6 Fashion Designer Apps 

Although there are several great apps, we have shortlisted our top 6 picks that you should know about:

ColorSnap Visualizer 


This incredible tool has topped the list of fashion designer apps for Android—all thanks to its excellent functions that assist fashion designers. 


If you have worked in fashion design or planning to do then you must know about the importance of colors. Choosing the right palette of colors is just as important as designing a dress itself. 

That is why you always need a tool to visualize various color pairings and combinations in front of you. This tool does the same for you by displaying multiple colors. 

While using this app, you will have a color wall in front with a collection of almost 100 colors. You can arrange these colors according to your need and see how they look together. 

This app is easy to download, and even a newbie without any technical knowledge can use this app. You can use this app on your laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet and start working from anywhere. 

Therefore you can even continue designing clothes while traveling without any worries. 

Download ColorSanp

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Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw


As you already know, sketches are vital in the fashion design profession, so we are presenting this tool here. This is like your personal, realistic virtual canvas where you can design clothes. 

It has built-in templates in which you can add or remove anything. Or you can also start sketching from scratch. With the help of this tool, you can create the most precise and detailed sketches.


Like your real-life canvas and tools, it also has pens and pencils to draw and other devices. 

With that, it has a high degree of customization, and there is hardly anything you can’t change according to your needs. It has so much to offer that you may need to remove some features to maintain focus. 

You can share your sketches and download them using the app. 

Visit Concepts

Fashion Design Flat Sketch


Another sketching app from fashion designer apps for Android is here. As a fashion designer, what you often need to do is to make sketches of different clothes. 

Many times it becomes burdensome, and your creativity and inspiration get lost. However, this tool can save you from that. It already has a built-in template collection of different clothes.


So whenever you need to design something, select the cloth type. You have pencils and brushes here to give your sketches the finishing touches. 

After you have completed your sketches then, exporting them is super easy. You need to download it or share it through email. 


With this simple interface, it is liked by millions of newbie fashion designers who want a simple and easy tool to sketch. 


Download Fashion Design Flat Sketch


Vogue Runway Fashion Shows 


Even if you are new to fashion design, you must know why fashion events are essential. Whenever a celebrity walks on a red carpet, it becomes a new trend to follow the same. 


The trends are set on the red carpet; this tool is convenient to track. 

With this app, you can access more than 20,000 glamorous fashion shows. You can check out the best designs here and get ideas for upcoming trends.



It also notifies the users whenever there is an important fashion event. This works pretty straightforward and will notify you whenever an important fashion event occurs. 

This brilliant combination will for sure work for you. So with this superb tool for fashion events and ramp walks, you can track new trends. Hence, you can tap into them and use them in various ways in your designs. 


Visit Vogue Runway



This great app is one of the fashion designer apps for Android. There are many reasons for choosing this app, primarily its vast database of ideas, and this is one significant struggle for fashion designers. 


After some time, they ran out of new ideas and needed a different and unique source of inspiration. This tool does the same and offers many new and trendy inspirational sources. 

If you have used Pinterest before, you must know it has a massive collection of images and videos. These ideas are not limited to any single field. Whether it’s fashion design or new trends, you will get whatever you want here. 



With its massive collection of pictures and videos, you will always feel energized. 

So next time you feel you need more inspiration for designing clothes, you can use this tool. 

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Adobe Illustrator Draw 


This is another tool in the list of fashion designer Android apps. Adobe is a well-known name, and this app aims to help graphic designers

However, with its features, this tool is not only for graphic designers but for fashion designers too. When digitalization happens in every industry, how can the fashion industry remain aloof? 

Hence today, fashion designers are also using graphic designing tools for making sketches. And for that, Adobe Illustrator Draw is the best.


This being said, with this tool, you will get a simple interface and comprehensive features. You can create new models for your fashionable collection of clothes. Moreover, their quality remains the same even when you look closely at these designs. 

In addition to this, you will get multi-device access and can use this app through phone or tablet too. Also, you can share your models and designs with others in your team while collaborating. 

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1. Is fashion design still relevant?


=> Well, fashion design can’t be more appropriate than now. Today the internet has expanded so much that a person sitting in America can see fashion trends in Europe. Now people want to be trendy and wear fashionable clothes.  That is why fashion design has become one of the most popular professions. So, yes, the fashion design industry is still relevant and developing rapidly.


Therefore, fashion designer apps for Android are essential in the fashion design industry. While some tools are suitable for designing, some are good sources of ideas. 

However, your creativity matters in the end, which you can enhance with these tools. That is why intelligent tools for fashion design are essential. 


Not only will they make your work more intelligent, but they will also help you to be more creative and think out of the box. They will assist you whenever and wherever you want. 

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