Playster Review: Everything You Need To Know

Playster Review_ Everything You Need To Know

Playster is a multimedia subscription service hub for various entertainment, including movies, music, books, audiobooks, and games. Playster offers a Playster combo box for yearly subscribers, i.e., Playster free tablet and headphones. This guide presents a comprehensive review of Playster app services.

Playster allows users to preview their entire catalog before signup, after which they can subscribe for the content they want and opt for the Playster combo. It provides many entertainment options, like movies, books, games, and music. These services are available to users at affordable prices with monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Playster combo box
Let’s delve into this exciting review of Playster entertainment services.

Playster Review: Overview & Signup

For starters, you can access the subscription content from practically any device. Since it is an online service, you’ll need a good Internet connection to watch the movies or stream music and audiobooks seamlessly. However, one can also save content to your device to enjoy later while offline. You can access Playster from your web browser or through their Android and iOS apps.

Although it is a full-fledged premium service, the company offers a free trial for all new users. The 30-day trial will give you access to Playster’s entire catalog and the Playster combo box, and you can decide to keep or cancel the subscription after this period. Note: You’ll need to enter your credit card when you sign up, but you will not be charged until your trial is finished.

The registration process is pretty straightforward. Register directly with your social media accounts, like Facebook and Google+, or use your email address. I chose the Facebook option, which worked without any error or issue. You can register now HERE!

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Playster Review: What do we think?

After the setup, you can entertain yourself with tons of different content. Playster also allows users to preview their full catalog without signing up, so you can know if they have your favorite authors, musicians, etc., before committing. You can browse Playster’s content by visiting

Presently, Playster offers movies, music, books, audiobooks, and games. You can subscribe for each content category separately, or you can opt to get everything, as well as a special gift — a Combo Box — which I’ll discuss later in the review.

Since it is an up-and-coming service, it still has some minor things to sort out, but with so much good content to keep you entertained, you can easily ignore those small flaws. Now, let’s take a closer look at every media type and what it has to offer.

Playster Movies

The section hosts thousands of movies neatly sorted into numerous categories for easy browsing. Due to lack of time, I could only watch one movie so far and preview another on my phone. The streaming experience was smooth, and the video played without lag.

One thing worth noting is that I had the best viewing experience through the Playster app, rather than a webvastwser, on my iPad. The selection is decent, but for now, Netflix is still King regarding the original series and blockbusters.

Playster Books

Fiction, business, young adult, thriller, sci-fi, romance, comedy, New York Times Best Sellers, and much more — Playster’s selection of books is fantastic. The books are truly the highlight of the Playster Library.

You can find a huge mix of new and classic titles for every occasion, mood, and taste. The audiobooks are also great, perhaps even better than the books, because you can enjoy them on the go!

Playster Games

The gaming section has classic and modern titles that satisfy any casual gamer. Categories include action, adventure, and RPG games, but my favorites were puzzles and arcade games. One of the things that made me seriously nostalgic was the presence of Duke Nukem — the game I used to play most when I was a kid –, and I couldn’t resist starting with that one on my morning commute!

The selection might not be big enough for a diehard gamer, but it has plenty of stuff for the entire family to enjoy during downtime, road trips, and travels, especially with the Playster combo box.

Playster Music

The diverse music offering is another strong selling point! From all my favorite major label artists to cool new indie bands, I hadn’t heard of before, I enjoyed taking advantage of the Playster music section. The playlists especially are put together well; there’s one for every occasion you can listen to with the Playster combo box.

The most innovative feature, however, is their mood-based sorting. If you’re unsure what you want to listen to, you can click on what mood you’re in, and Playster will recommend many artists, songs, and albums that match that mood. I spent an hour alone playing around with this new method of enjoying music, and I like it.

Playster Pricing

So how much does Playster cost? The service offers an all-inclusive bundle with books, audiobooks, movies, music, and games for just $24.95/month. You can also opt for individual services, which are priced accordingly and range from $4.95 for movies to $9.95 for books and audiobooks. Each package grants users unlimited streaming and a Playster combo box.

Moreover, if you sign up for 12 months of all-inclusive service, you’ll receive an excellent gift: A Playster Combo Box, which includes a free Android tablet and headphones. This will be yours to keep even after your 12 months are up, and you’ll only be charged $24.95 per month, just like you would be if you chose the monthly bundle instead of the yearly one. It’s an exquisite deal!


  • Millions of movies, albums, books, audiobooks, and games to choose from
  • Unlimited access for one low monthly fee
  • Free 30-day trial for every new member
  • App available for Android and iOS
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Playster combo box


  • Inability to change the font size while reading books
  • No original series in the movies section

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Does Playster still exist?

No, Playster no longer exists. The streaming service, which offered music, movies, books, and audiobooks, shut down in 2018.

Is listening to audiobooks effective?

Listening to audiobooks can be an effective way to consume books and gain knowledge. Audiobooks allow you to listen while engaged in other activities.

Final Words

All in all, Playster is an excellent service that you can rely on to get your entertainment fix. Watch a thriller, read a great novel, or listen to your fave tracks — Playster has something for everyone. You can also get the Playster combo box with your yearly subscriptions.

You can start with the free trial, then opt for the paid subscription if you enjoy your experience. If unsatisfied with the service, you can cancel your membership directly from your account. You can also contact the support team for any questions you may have, plus there is a forum on their website where you can find answers to most FAQs.

Do share your thoughts on the service with us below, and let me know what you think about Playster!

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