How to Change Launcher on Android? Full Guide

How to Change Launcher on Android_ Full Guide

Have you ever looked at your Android smartphone and considered changing its appearance? Well, you’ve come to the place! Did you know it’s possible to customize how your Android home screen and app drawer look? It’s like giving your smartphone a vibe.

Switching up the launcher on your Android device lets you completely transform its look. A launcher is simply an app that enables you to interact with your phone’s home screen and app drawer. There are several launchers available so that you can make an informed decision.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of changing your Android launcher step by step. Whether you’re a seasoned techie or a total newbie, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s begin and learn how to customize your Android!

How to Change Launcher on Android? Overview

Let’s break down the terminology first before we dive in further. An Android launcher is software that allows you to interact with your phone’s screen and its app drawer.

what is an android launcher

It controls things like how your home screen’s laid out, what icons are displayed, and how you navigate around your phone. Switching to a launcher may change your phone’s look and user experience.

You can select from several launchers to pick the one that best fulfills your requirements. Some launchers allow you to entirely modify the appearance and feel of your home screen, while others are more basic. Some launchers additionally include other features like widgets or gestures.

How to change the Android launcher?

To modify the Android launcher, navigate to the Google Play Store and proceed to download and install a different launcher. After installing the new launcher, you may access it by tapping your phone’s home button. You will then be able to change the appearance of your home screen and app drawer.

best launchers

Here are a few of the popularly used Android launchers:

  • Nova Launcher
  • Evie Launcher
  • Google Now Launcher
  • Microsoft Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • Action Launcher

How to Change Launcher in Android? 

Following are the steps to change the launcher in Android:

Step 1: Explore Your Options

step 1

Okay, let’s get started! Consider the Google Play Store to be your one-stop shop for launcher customization. Open it and type in “Android launcher.” There are several applications available, each offering a distinct aesthetic. Some of the most popular include Microsoft Launcher, Nova Launcher, and Action Launcher. Don’t worry; these are Android fashion boutiques where you can browse for the right fit.

Step 2: Select and install the app you want

Have you come across a launcher that has piqued your interest? Great! When you press the “Install” button, the magic begins. Consider it like trying on a new dress. You’re ready to put it on and flaunt your stuff after it’s installed.

Step 3: Set It as Default

step 3

“Are you sure you want to wear this outfit all the time?” your Android will inquire. When you run your new launcher for the first time, your device may prompt you to make it the default. It implies that every time you click the home button, your home screen will have a fresh design. Tap “Set as Default” if you want to declare, “Yes, I want to rock this look!”

Step 4: Personalize Your Look

step 4

Let’s get creative now! Your new launcher is a blank slate. Long-press the home screen to reveal choices for changing backgrounds, adding widgets, and more. It is where the adventure begins. You may rearrange the icons, add unique widgets such as a weather forecast or a calendar, and even modify the colors and animations. Remember, this is your time to personalize your Android completely.

Step 5: Move In Comfortably

It is simple to settle into your new digital home. Most launchers have a function that allows you to transfer your applications and widgets from your previous home screen to the new one. Look for phrases like “Import” or “Transfer” in the launcher’s options. It’s as simple as unpacking and arranging your belongings in your new home.

Step 6: Adjusting Time

step 6

Okay, let’s fine-tune. Your new launcher settings may have some extra goodies. Would you like to change the visual presentation of your notifications? Perhaps you could add a clever motion to access your favorite app rapidly? Explore the options and experiment – it’s like accessorizing your clothes.

Step 7: Oops, something is wrong

Oh my, did anything go wrong? Not to worry! Things may not operate as expected after updating your launcher. If your Android becomes slow or confused, try rebooting it. If the issue persists, you may always revert to your previous launcher. It’s like wearing your old clothes because they’re comfortable and familiar.

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Is it possible to modify the Android launcher on any device? How to change the launcher android?

You can Android change the launcher on most Android smartphones, although the method varies. You can locate detailed instructions in the settings on your device or by visiting the manufacturer's website.

Will switching launchers delete my apps?

No, your apps are not vulnerable. When you switch launchers, your applications and data remain unaffected. It's similar to swapping closets: your clothing (apps) remain, but the layout (home screen) changes.

What if I disagree with the new launcher?

Don't be concerned! If you are unsatisfied with the updated look, you can revert to your previous Android launcher. Consider it like getting a new haircut: if you're unsatisfied, it will eventually grow back.

Can I switch between different launchers?

Absolutely! You can switch between different launchers as often as you like. It's like having multiple outfits for different occasions.


And there you have it – a simple tutorial to changing the launcher on your Android device. You can give your smart companion a new, fashionable look with three simple steps. 

Consider your Android launcher a fashion statement, with you as the designer. So go ahead and explore the Play Store until you discover the launcher that speaks to you, and then experience a whole new level of personalization.

Remember that these procedures should work for most Android smartphones. However, minor differences may occur depending on your device and launcher of choice. Hopefully, this helped you to know how to change the Android launcher. Now let your imagination run wild on your Android’s new runway!

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