How to Change Bio on Discord in 2024

Are you looking to update your bio on Discord in 2024? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll provide you with easy-to-follow instructions on how to change your bio on Discord, allowing you to personalize your profile.

This article guides you on how to change your bio on Discord and will also teach you how to change your status on Discord. Additionally, it also talks about how to enable the Discord about me beta feature. The About Me section of Discord’s latest upgrade has become available to many users in beta. 


If you’re wondering how to sign up for the Discord About Me beta and how to change your bio on Discord, update your bio, and if it’s accessible on mobile devices, here’s how to do it. Keep reading!

How To Add, Change & Edit About Me Bio On Discord?

  • On your device, launch the Discord application. In the bottom bar, select the profile symbol.
  • The “User Profile” link can be found on the “User Settings” page.
  • Choose “About Me” and complete the information on the “User Profile” page. 
  • Then, you can preserve these specifics by tapping the floppy disc button in the bottom-right corner.

How To Change Your Status On Discord

You must sign in to your profile on the website or the desktop app for Windows or Mac to change your status. Initially, access the desktop site or app for Discord, then sign in with your Discord credentials.

Your identity, profile logo, and present status are in the lower left corner. To view the available status list, click your profile’s symbol.

You can select one of four preset categories by default. When you’re “online,” others may talk to and play with you. You can set your status to “Idle” to show that you are unavailable while off your computer.

Also, you may set your status to “Do Not Disturb,” which mutes all incoming calls and alerts folks that you’re not accessible.

You can switch your status to “Invisible” if you wish to disappear from the list of current online users, but you can still communicate and use Discord generally while doing so.

Adding “About Me” Information On Discord From A Desktop

Using your pc, you can add or edit the “About Me” column. Start the Discord app or browser version. Then, if you haven’t already, log in to your private account, and advise How to Geek.

Choose “User Settings” from the discord’s bottom edge menu below your username. Select “Edit User Profile” from the “My Account” menu on the settings screen.

To that exact bottom of the “User Profile” page, browse. Fill out the “About Me” checkbox with some stuff about yourself. Click “Save Changes” to then save your modifications.

The About Me Section Of Discord

The “About Me” part of the discord contains markdowns and URLs. Users can organize their content in various formats and even include connections to other sites. For instance, if you wish to add “Me” in capital letters, type **Me**. If you want to italicize your content, use this format: *Italicize this text.* You can also include website links in this part. Paste your URLs into the box to accomplish this.

There is also the opportunity to insert emojis into the section to convey your views. You can also see the entire array of emojis by clicking on the emojis symbol, which is located directly next to the “About Me” section.

You can enhance your Discord profile by mentioning your social media or online accounts and stylizing them using these advanced options.

How To Enable The Discord About Me Beta Feature (2024)

The About Me beta test is accessible. Well, people are receiving the Discord About Me beta at random. Participants are chosen randomly while the technology is still under experimental testing.

Alas, even though you sign up to be an alpha or beta member, you won’t be able to acquire this bio feature confirmed. Also, keep track that if you currently have access to this function, waiting to sign up for Nitro will prevent you from using the “About Me” beta option.

Discord About Me is presently in beta testing, however, it will soon be made available to all users. Therefore, don’t worry; you will receive it shortly. 

The criterion’s random selection is the only alternative way to achieve it. Discord’s About Me function is currently only available on desktops. Now that you know how to access the Discord About Me Beta, you have all the details you need.


How to change bio on Discord?

Navigate to the Settings section and choose bio in the Discord phone app to edit your bio. Your Discord account will be included in a display of all your accounts. You will be directed to the account's Bio page after tapping on the account whose bio you wish to edit. You can create a new description here and then click Save.

How can the text be added beneath a Discord name?

Tap on the user's profile in the top left corner of the Discord client to add text beneath the user's profile. After that, add your text by clicking the pencil sign near the name.

How can a game on Discord be faked?

Users can connect to games through Discord's voice and text chat app. You must set up a network and extend invitations to players to simulate a game. Then can begin playing without being present once they're inside. Using bots, you can pretend to be playing games with other people on Discord.


One can communicate with loved ones, friends, and others who have common interests on Discord by delivering instant messages to them or joining them in your social circle. 

Using your profile, you can gain recognition on our network. For instance, including your skills, interests, or other personal details in the “Bio” or “About Me” area will make it easier for other users to recognize you.

This article aims to help readers who want to understand the main subjects: How to make a custom playing status on Discord, how to change bio on Discord (2024), and more.

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