20 Cool Nova Launcher Themes for Android (Free and Paid)

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Android fans, prepare for an exciting adventure into the world of customization and personalization courtesy of the iconic Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher is a beacon of innovation in the world of Android, thanks to its natural capacity to metamorphose your device’s UI. 

A vast range of themes and icon sets await you, encouraging you to immerse yourself in a captivating whirlwind of uniqueness. Some Nova launcher themes for Android are pixel, material, galaxy, dark theme, and many more.

This article provides a diverse collection of 20 of Android’s most appealing Nova Launcher themes 2024. If you’re a fan of free jewels or a hunter for pricey riches, your search for the appropriate theme has ended.

20 Best Nova Launcher Themes

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Pixel Perfect Bliss

If you’ve ever wanted to emulate the elegant refinement of Google’s Pixel aesthetics, the “Pixel Perfect Bliss” theme is your ticket.

nova launcher Pixel Perfect Bliss

Transcend everyday life and immerse yourself in the pixelated magnificence of circular symbols and a smooth, relaxing color palette. This transformative experience does not come cheap – it’s your ticket to Pixel paradise without breaking the wallet.

Material Dark Magic

Prepare to be enchanted by the “Material Dark Magic” theme’s charm. Consider a symphony of dark backdrops dancing in unison with vivid, contrasting symbols.

Material Dark Magic

The result? An aesthetically stunning and functionally superb outfit. It combines the essence of elegance with cutting-edge design ideas.

Cosmic Galaxy Adventure

Have you ever wished to travel the universe? Your dreams take center stage with the “Cosmic Galaxy Adventure” theme.

cosmic galaxy theme

Imagine gazing at heavenly beauties directly from your home screen, with space-themed icons beckoning you to explore the universe like an adventurous astronaut.

Retro Rewind 

The “Retro Rewind” theme will send you into a time warp. Look at the pixelated worlds of beloved old video games.

Retro Rewind

It’s a symphony of whimsy and quirk that guarantees your smartphone stands out in an age of consistency.

Neon Dreamland

Get ready to be dazzled by the “Neon Dreamland” theme.

neon dreamland

Watch as your Android experience comes to life with an electrifying vitality, thanks to neon-inspired icons and backgrounds that redefine the term ‘dynamic.’

Enchanted Forest

If the siren call of the mysterious forest calls to you, the “Enchanted Forest” theme will help you answer it.

Enchanted Forest

Lose yourself in a world of fanciful woodlands and magical emblems; all brought to life on your home screen.

Marvelous Minimalist 

With the “Minimalist Marvel” theme, you may find beauty in simplicity. A canvas of pure lines is a backdrop for modest icons that testify to minimalism’s strength. The result?

Marvelous Minimalist

A sleek, minimalist home screen is useful and appealing to the eyes.

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Nova Launcher Diaries

With the “Nova Launcher Diaries” theme, you can transform your Android into a digital journal. Enjoy the book-like design, which includes journal-style symbols that seamlessly blend the old-world elegance of writing with the new-age wonder of technology.

Aquatic Adventure

The “Aquatic Adventure” theme will quench your appetite for aquatic wonders.

Aquatic Adventure

Dive under the surface with wallpapers that transport you to aquatic regions as icons honor the majesty of marine life.

Sci-Fi Starship

The “Sci-Fi Starship” theme awaits people whose fantasies link with science fiction strands.

Sci-Fi Starship

This transforms your Android device into a futuristic cockpit equipped with high-tech symbols and backdrops that reflect the immensity of space.

Cartoon Capers

You may relive your favorite cartoon moments with the “Cartoon Capers” theme.

Cartoon Capers

Prefer traditional or modern animation; this theme will add lighthearted nostalgia to your Android experience.

Urban Jungle

The “Urban Jungle” theme allows you to experience the ups and downs of city life.

Urban Jungle

Immerse yourself with cityscapes and icons that reflect the energy and excitement of urban life.

Watercolor Whimsical

The “Whimsical Watercolor” theme will add color to your Android experience.

Watercolor Whimsical

Admire the artistic refinement of watercolor icons and vivid backgrounds that turn your gadget into a creative canvas.

Space Odyssey

The “Space Odyssey” theme will take you on an expedition across the stars.

Space Odyssey

View galaxies, nebulae, and planets that call you to explore the vast cosmos from the comfort of your home screen.

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Nova Launcher Noir

The “Nova Launcher Noir” theme transports you to the fascinating realm of gothic cinema.

Nova Launcher Noir

This theme respects the timeless fascination of classic noir movies with a monochrome palette, dramatic shadows, and elegant iconography.

Fantasy Realms 

The “Fantasy Realms” theme will give your creativity wings.

Fantasy Realms

This theme enables you to create your magical universe, one symbol at a time, with anything from medieval castles to legendary animals.

Wild West Wanderlust

With the “Wild West Wanderlust” theme, saddle up for a journey across the Wild West.

Wild West Wanderlust

Immerse yourself in arid landscapes and rough emblems reminiscent of cowboy days.

Digital Daze

With the “Digital Daze” theme, embrace the digital era. Witness the kaleidoscope of current design as pixelated symbols and glitch-inspired wallpapers collide.

Enigmatic Elegance

Enjoy the “Enigmatic Elegance” theme, which combines mystery and refinement.

Enigmatic Elegance

With its dark and luxurious appearance, this theme exudes an air of mystery, difficult to resist.

Nova Prime Perfection

Use the “Nova Prime Perfection” theme for the pinnacle of Nova Launcher skill. This premium service goes beyond limitations, providing a treasure trove of personalization capabilities, detailed icon packs, and stunning wallpapers that convert your Android experience into a work of art entirely yours.

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What is Nova Launcher?

Nova Launcher is a well-known Android launcher program that provides a highly configurable and feature-rich interface for your device. It lets you personalize your home screen, app drawer, icons, and other features.

How do I install Nova Launcher?

Nova Launcher is available for download from the Google Play Store. You can make it your default launcher and begin customizing your smartphone.

Are these Nova themes free?

Some themes described here are free. You may find the pricing information in the theme details.

Can I mix and combine pieces from several themes?

Yes, Nova Launcher gives you a lot of options. You may mix and match icons, backgrounds, and other components from different themes to give your smartphone a unique appearance.

Do these themes affect the performance of my device?

Nova Launcher themes for Android are meant to be lightweight and should not substantially influence your device's performance. using complicated animations and widgets may have a slight impact on battery life.


Nova Launcher stands tall as your artistic partner in a universe where self-expression knows no limitations. You have the power to shape your device’s interface in ways that reflect your soul with these 20 Nova Launcher themes for Android, each a tribute to creativity and ingenuity. 

Nova Launcher has you covered if your heart beats for the fanciful, the nostalgic, or the avant-garde. You may get Nova icon packs free too. Let your creativity run wild and start on a transforming adventure that transforms your Android into a live canvas pulsing with the pulse of your uniqueness.

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