9 Top Themes for Android Phones in 2024 (Editor’s Choice)

9 Top Themes for Android Phones

The unlimited possibilities range from minimalist designs and clean, modern aesthetics to brilliant and colorful themes. These themes enable you to customize your Android smartphone to match your style and personality, whether you like a clean and minimalist look or want to embrace vibrant and eye-catching patterns.

Top Themes for Android Phones


9 Top Themes for Android Phones in 2024 are: 

  2. Smart Launcher 6
  3. Apex launcher
  4. Minimalist Experience
  5. OS APUS Launcher
  6. C Launcher
  7. Nova Launcher
  8. Sleek Home
  9. MT Style

These free downloadable Android themes for 2024 will let you express your creativity and personalize your smartphone. 

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9 Top Themes For Android Phones

Here are the top Android phone themes you can use in 2024.


Key features- battery saver, notification shade, bottom status bar, handle trigger area, quick setting tiles, backup/restore.

MIUI-IFY can provide you with the smoothest UI and feels the way you want, consisting of styled notifications and a settings panel. This panel at the bottom of the screen allows you to toggle settings like flash, Bluetooth, and the most crucial WiFi and hotspot and add shortcuts to websites and apps in the notification panel!


MIUI-it is, by default, the user launcher for most XIAOMI devices. So, they even come with a built-in money-earning survey that can help you earn money while spending a few minutes daily. In built-news with the weather, the forecast feature provides the user quick insight into the surroundings socially and naturally.

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Smart Launcher 6

Key Features: Adaptive icons, ambient theme, automatic app shorting, can customize to use with one hand, built-in clock with the weather, intelligent search, gestures, app protection, on-screen notification and hotkeys, and many more.

smart launcher 6

Smart Launcher 6 is one of the intelligent top themes for Android phones that comes with an auto dark-mode feature that adjusts according to the surrounding light, which helps the user get rid of the low light issue when someone wants to access heavy daylight, making them partially not visible.

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Apex launcher

apex launcher

Key Features of Apex Launcher: personalized themes, efficiency, app lock-privacy with the help of password and pattern, easy-to-use, hide apps, manage with ease, locker, live wallpapers that catches your eye, gesture operation, backup, and many more, which makes the app more presentable and reliable.

MT Style

Based on KLWP, MT style is first on the list. It is one of the top themes for Android phones in 2024. It comes with highly customizable features and has a great color combination in the background. Their live wallpapers will catch your eye. The provision of auto features for adding style and texture to work makes it easier to load the home screen with minimal power consumption. The color provides a brilliant User Experience while using the app, enhancing the user’s mood and activity.

Minimalist Experience

Minimalist experience indeed justifies its name. The fantastic thing about it is its minimal style with additional features.

Keeping the theme features aside, the best feature you will like the most is that it keeps you updated with the latest news you need and entertains you with the customizable music player. So if anyone wants any sidekick features to flex apart from the themes, you should try the minimalist experience.

Minimalist Experience

Whenever it is a quick break, and you want some refreshment, forget the hassle of opening the app from the menu. Get the widget of the music streaming platform like Spotify, Youtube Music, and other platforms to your fingertips using this theme.

OS APUS Launcher

Key Features: stylish and personalized, video live wallpapers, famous, intelligent and convenient, fast and efficient.

OS APUS Launcher

OS theme has simple wallpaper and icons to decorate a variety of apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, APUS Boost, theme, and wallpapers store. Apply OS theme can make phone fantasy and enjoy the fun of a theme. 

While other themes are to make the phone look fancier, OS APUS Launcher has a unique cleaning technology implemented, which removes slow device issues. Thus, this theme-based launcher can save you from slowing your device while multitasking if it is your urgent eSports Match or an online Zoom call.

C Launcher

Key Features of C Launcher: Fast, Secure, Smart, Customizable Interface.

C launcher

Another app that comes under the list of top themes app for Android phones with the customized cellular launcher, and minimal power consumption. It protects your privacy by hiding apps and offering a customized DIY theme, quick phone search and customized UI, and wallpapers with HD resolution for Android every day. 

This free launcher app for Android makes it different from the other free launchers, and users can experience the new way of getting different themes that change every time the screen is unlocked.

Nova Launcher

Suppose you are bored with the simple themes and dull home screen. Nova is the answer whether you want to overhaul your home screens completely or are looking for a cleaner, faster home launcher, and it brings advanced features to customize your whole home screen. 

Although Nova is a launcher-based theme app, it provides services like deep cleaning, scanning for viruses, and removing unwanted old files.

Sleek Home

A smart home allows you to make all kinds of customizations, including modifying your home screen’s color, font, background, and other basic features. Sleek Home has the best way to redefine the home screen look and experience for the users; besides, users who like to see variant colors on the home screen will love these themes.


Does customize theme comes with ads?

Yes, they come with ads, but you can pay a small amount to remove them.

Can I switch to the old theme if I don’t want a new one?

Yes, you can switch between the themes without deleting any of them.

Can I get a privacy theme that strangers can’t unlock?

Yes, some themes come with privacy which notifies the users about any unknown activity on the phone.

Can the theme be used to change the keyboard theme too?

Yes, nowadays, it has a keyboard and phone theme changeable.

How do you block pop-ups in the theme?

However, the theme is free, and developers must pay to develop software to keep updating new themes. Ads provide a way to help them earn. More ever, you can opt for a subscription to remove ads.

What Changes Can I Make If I Use Apple Theme?

The changes which we can make are listed below: 

  • Home Screen
  • Setting menu
  • Main Menu
  • Icons
  • Font
  • Keyboard
  • Media Players

(Attention: You can change your preferences with the app’s settings.  If any of the features are not available, you’ll need to download a different app)

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Out of all the top themes for Android phones mentioned above, I like the Apex Launcher. It depends on your passion which suits you the best. Customize your full Android.

iPhone doesn’t provide the features like this use this and flex in front of them. See you on the other side. Have a nice day. Please comment and let us know about your favorite from this list.

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