10 Resources to Find Free PowerPoint Themes and Templates

Thursday, 30 June 2016

10 Resources to Find Free PowerPoint Themes and Templates

Posted by Rahul Gupta
PowerPoint Microsoft is undoubtedly the most used presentation software. Even after the coming of much other software and online display makers, a huge population of users still rely on PowerPoint. The reasons for this could be because it is familiar to people as it has been in stores for a long time. 

Also, there are many options to make the slides in your presentation appealing. You can add clip art, images, effects and enhancements and much more in the presentation. There are many templates present by default in MS PowerPoint, which keeps increasing by each update. 
PowerPoint Templates & Themes
But if you still feel that you can’t find a theme that would fit in the presentation, you can always rely on websites that have ideas and resources for you. Here are 10 Websites to Find Free PowerPoint Resources and Themes.

1. Presentation Magazine

Presentation Magazine
The website has about 60,000 templates which you can download. The models can be sorted into sections based on color, category or tag so that you can choose them better. There are many templates to fit the needs of students and business purposes alike. There is a separate section for PowerPoint backgrounds. You can download any particular template without any registration or sign ups.

2. Smile Templates

Smile Templates
Smile Templates has many beautiful models for you. But you will have to sign in at first. You can only download templates with three slides for free. You will have to buy to get templates with many slides. Instead of buying it, you can download many templates with three slides for free. The website is very intuitive with the models divided into different sections so that you can find them easily.

3. PowerPoint Styles

PowerPoint Styles
PowerPoint Styles has a lot of templates that can be viewed and downloaded based on colors, tags and categories you prefer. Each template has a description attached to it which shows how the model looks like and what kind of presentations it can be used for. This will help you choose a template that is not out of place during a presentation. The templates are available for free.

4. fppt.com

fppt.com has over 3000 models to pick from. The templates will be downloaded in a zip file. Also, there are many pictures, animations, backgrounds, and illustrations. All these resources are available for free, and no sign up is required. Each template has a description associated with it which tells you more about where the template will be well suited. You can search the templates based on categories and tags.


ALLPPT has a modest number of models. The models available are of high quality and are very eye-catching. You don’t have to waste time signing up or registering on the website. A lot of diagrams and charts are also available in ALLPPT. The template comes with a description and the preview images of the models.

6. TemplatesWise.com

TemplatesWise has almost everything required to make an excellent presentation. To start with, there are templates which have photographs, abstract images, and clip art. Templates about many categories such as business, finance, travel, and nature can be found. Many other resources such as diagrams, useful icons, charts, and music loops are the Easter eggs.

7. Powered Template

Powered Template
The website offers about 250 free templates. They are few but are of good quality and look good. To get the template, you will have to sign in. More templates can be downloaded by paying for them. Apart from templates, many clip art, print designs and website templates are also available. You can also download templates for Word. The only trouble with the site is that the model you are looking for may not be available for free.

8. Slide HUNTER

Slide HUNTER is a good place to pick templates as it has over 4000 templates available for free. The website is ideal for business presentations as you have many models that can be used for corporate, planning, strategy and other business related presentation topics. There are animated models with many chart and diagram representations which will save a lot of your precious time. There are models for students and for other users who are looking for casual yet attractive designs.

9. PPPTTemplate.net

You can use the templates from PPTTemplates for commercial or personal purposes. You will have to sign in to download them. Downloads are free, and you don’t have to spend any money for it. Templates are compatible with the latest versions of Windows, Windows 7 and up. The templates haven’t been categorized well so you will have to browse and choose. You can choose the top templates, and each template has a description and preview image.

10. Leawo

Leawo has many models ideal for business, educational purposes and at the same time for fun events like Halloween or Birthday parties. They have a right blend of attractive templates to catch the attention of people during informal events and models that can convey the ideas well during corporate or informative presentations. The templates are downloaded in the zip file. You can download the template without any sign-up. All you have to do is just click on a particular design, and it starts to download. 

Final Words

These websites mentioned above has themes to fit in every kind of presentation. You can find resources for performance in schools, colleges or something related to academics. Friendly and informal ideas for presentation during private events or thoroughly professional themes for business presentations can all be found under one roof. 

When the display is tempting enough, you will have the attention of the crowd. So you can convey your ideas in a better way. Some of these websites also offer tips on making your presentation more appealing. All these templates are compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. 

These resources are all available for free so you can have a better experience without having to spend a penny! If you still don’t like this idea of getting templates from an external website, you can browse Microsoft Office Templates and download a few templates that are not present in MS PowerPoint by default.


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