How To Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working In 2024

Have the Facebook alerts on your desktop or mobile device stopped coming in? You may have turned off the app’s alerts in your phone’s settings or browser preferences. This article will get you through how to fix Facebook notifications not working in 2024.

Facebook Notifications Not Working In 2022

Sometimes the Facebook app has issues, you have DND or low power mode on, your browser limits alert permissions, or Facebook is unable to deliver notifications. There are also further causes, and let’s see what solutions we can use to fix the problem.

However, first, let’s understand what aspects and circumstances can lead to your problem with notifications on Facebook.

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Why are you not getting Facebook notifications?

A program developed by a third party that controls background processes may be the source of your issue (Greenify or similar applications). Additionally, manufacturers who employ highly aggressive battery-saving modified versions of Android frequently experience this problem.


Huawei’s EMUI, which prohibits some apps from working in the background when the mobile is not being used, is a nice illustration of this. Although Apple’s iOS uses a similar strategy, turning push notifications back ON is considerably simpler.


The best course of action is to use a trial-and-error method to get your Facebook notifications working again. We have developed a list of probable solutions that may or may not work for you.

Things to Remember 

Turn on notifications 

Perhaps a system bug introduced by an app or other unknown factors suddenly caused your notification to be turned off. Enable “Allow Notifications” for Facebook in your phone’s settings to turn it back on for iOS mobile devices.

Blocked Notifications

For Android smartphones, open the settings menu, select “Application Manager,” then turn on Facebook notifications from the Facebook app by tapping “Notification.”

As instructed in the Facebook help center, ensure that your browser is current, log in to Facebook, and enable app alerts on Google Chrome or Firefox.

Clear cache memory 

Applications keep copies of files in the “cache” for later usage. Your browser downloads logos, photos, and other content whenever you visit a page in order to speed up subsequent page loads and conserve your data and time. Erase cache memory to free up additional space or to fix a broken app.

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How to Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working? 

Turn off DND mode 

The DND (Do Not Disturb) mode has been replaced with Focus as of the iOS 15 upgrade. A notification will only be viewed in your display with the Focus modes if there are apps you have put on exception. Simply glide down from the upper right corner of the Control Center to turn off Focus.


You can do the same on Android by turning off DND mode and allowing all incoming calls and notifications. To access the notification center, swipe down. You can receive notifications from Facebook and other apps as soon as you turn off DND.

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Check your internet 

A slow internet connection is the primary cause of your potential Facebook alerts needing to be received. Perhaps the router is broken, or you need to be within internet reach. Another possibility is that the service provider is also experiencing some delays.

Go to Wi-Fi in the Settings app on your smartphone. Pick a network you frequently connect to. Once connected, the name will have a blue checkmark next to it. No Network Available is displayed if the internet is down.

You can connect to the internet by switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data. Ensure that your data plan is activated. You can get Facebook notifications once your internet connection is steady.

Restart your phone 

You may have issues once your mobile device has been running for a while and is using many backup applications. And as a result of these bugs, your gadget will undoubtedly cease functioning normally, which is one of the causes of your mobile device’s Facebook alerts not loading.

Now, in order to fix this issue, you should force close such applications before restarting your smartphone. You can update your device’s operating system in this manner. Also, the notifications will be back on the phone just fine.

Allow Facebook to use background data 

The Facebook mobile app has to be connected to the internet constantly in order to send you timely information. For it to function, the app needs permission to access your internet connection in the background on your iPhone or Android device.

Facebook to use background data

Fortunately, there are switches in the Settings apps for iOS and Android that allow users to enable background data for installed apps. Here’s how to activate that function on Facebook.

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Why do Facebook notifications stop appearing?

Broken app updates may be one of the leading causes of your phone's notifications not working. If a specific app on your Android device isn't sending you notifications, it's conceivable that the program's developers unintentionally released a flawed update.

What are notification-silenced messages?

The 'Notifications Silenced' text doesn't necessarily appear because someone has blocked your profile. It indicates they have stopped receiving text message alerts and are unlikely to notice your message immediately.

Do mobile settings block Facebook notifications?

If you enabled notifications in your app settings but are still not getting any, it's possible that you disabled notifications on your mobile device. To enable Facebook notifications on your mobile device, try hitting Settings and Notifications.


Blocked notifications can be a pain if you use your phone often. Moreover, Facebook is one of the most relevant apps people use nowadays. Hence, the stakes are higher with the notification issue.

Now that we have cracked down the basics of how to fix Facebook notifications not working in 2022, you must put these tricks to the test. Well, now you will probably not face the issue, but your phone probably needs some fixing if you do.

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