6 Best Free Cabinet Design Software

Free Cabinet Design Software

When it comes to design and home renovation, having the right tools is crucial. Imagine people’s reactions when you create a magnificent cabinet. This is where free cabinet design software becomes invaluable. Some agencies provide various features to enhance the design process, including 3D modeling and material estimation.

The six best free cabinet design software programs are; SketchUp Free, Fusion 360, Cabinet Designer, Polyboard, EZ Kitchen, and Cabinet Solutions. Each has potent qualities you can use to remodel any room in your house, including the Kitchen and bathroom, without going over budget.

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Top 6 Free Cabinet Design Software

Additionally, you can discover the payment schedules for accessing premium features in this article. Let’s explore these tools that can make your design fantasies a reality.

SketchUp Free

SketchUp Free is cabinet design software that offers versatility and a user-friendly interface. It allows users to effortlessly create, modify, and visualize 3D models.

What sets it apart is that it’s a web-based application, so that you can access it from any device with an internet connection. This software has a toolbox that empowers users to design cabinet models with precision and ease.

free cabinet design software-SketchUp Free

You can create plans, including measurements, material types, and color schemes. Then explore them from various angles or take a 3D walkthrough.

One of the features is the ability to collaborate with others on a design, enabling users to work together simultaneously.

Additionally, SketchUp Free seamlessly integrates with design software as it supports importing and exporting file formats like DWG, DXF, and 3DS. This makes it more valuable in settings where compatibility is key.


The pricing for SketchUp Free is completely free, just like the name suggests. However, you’re looking for features such as unlimited cloud storage, VR visualization, and professional drawing tools. You can upgrade to SketchUp Shop for $119/year or SketchUp Pro for $299/year.

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Fusion 360

Fusion 360 by Autodesk is cabinet designer software that offers a range of tools for 3D modeling, simulation, and manufacturing— and the best part is, it’s free! This cloud-based platform empowers designers to create, modify, and share their designs effortlessly from anywhere and on any device.

Fusion 360

What sets Fusion 360 apart is its direct modeling capabilities, which make it a top choice among cabinet designers. These features allow users to tweak dimensions and design elements to their liking easily.

Additionally, the software boasts rendering and animation functions, allowing designers to visualize their end products in a realistic setting.

Collaboration is seamless with Fusion 360, as multiple users can work on a design simultaneously—perfect for team projects.


360 offers a free edition for educators, enthusiasts, and students. For business use, the software has an annual cost of $495.

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Cabinet Designer by SmartDraw

The Cabinet Designer software developed by SmartDraw is a tool that enables users to create and visualize their cabinets in a virtual setting. It is widely known for its user interface, making it accessible to beginners and experts.

free cabinet design software-smartdraw

Users can bring their unique cabinet designs to life with its collection of templates and design options, including various styles, materials, and finishes.

The software’s impressive 3D rendering capabilities represent the product, allowing users to make necessary adjustments and refinements before starting construction.

Furthermore, SmartDraws Cabinet Designer seamlessly integrates with software, making it effortless for users to collaborate and share their designs. Whether it’s homeowners planning a kitchen renovation or professional interior designers, this tool is an asset for anyone involved in cabinet design.


SmartDraw offers a free trial, after which users can choose between the Single User plan at $9.95/month (billed annually) and the Multiple User plan, which offers volume pricing.

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Wood Designer’s Polyboard

Polyboard, by Wood Designer, is software for online cabinet design that completely transforms how professionals and enthusiasts approach their woodworking endeavors.

Wood Designer's Polyboard

This software offers tools that empower users to conceive, visualize, and optimize their cabinet and furniture designs. Featuring a user interface, Polyboard allows users to create 2D and 3D models of their creations, complete with precise measurements and detailed material lists.

Integrating seamlessly with CNC machines enables manufacturing efficiency. Among its standout attributes, Polyboard boasts design capabilities that make it effortless for users to adjust dimensions and other parameters, making it a perfect fit for custom projects.

Additionally, this free cabinet design software provides a cost estimation feature that aids users in managing their budgets and resources.


There is a free version of Polyboard, although it is less functional and lacks features. Users that purchase the Pro-PP edition get access to more sophisticated capabilities, including 3D presentations and manufacturing output, for $1,750.

EZ Kitchen

Kitchen layout conception and execution have been revolutionized by the very intuitive and user-friendly cabinet planning program known as EZ Kitchen.

With the help of this software’s wide range of tools, users may construct accurate 3D models of kitchen areas, complete with cabinets, appliances, and other fixtures.

EZ Kitchen

Users may quickly alter their kitchen designs with its extensive library of pre-designed parts to meet their needs and preferences. Real-time rendering features offered by EZ Kitchen allow users to see their plans in a realistic setting and make the necessary changes before building or restoration work starts.

It is the perfect option for experts and DIY enthusiasts because of its user-friendly interface and sophisticated capabilities.


The Kitchen can be downloaded and used for free. Users can, however, spend $0.99 to $9.99 on in-app purchases to access more features and fashions.

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Cabinet Solutions

Cabinet Solutions is a software program that aims to simplify the cabinet design process. It provides a range of features, including 3D visualization, cut lists, cost estimates, and CNC support.

Cabinet Solutions

This software is an asset for professionals in the cabinet-making industry as well as DIY enthusiasts. It empowers users to create customized designs with accuracy and convenience, guaranteeing flawless project execution.

Currently, Cabinet Solutions is exclusively compatible with Windows operating systems. The developers have fine-tuned it for this platform, ensuring performance and a user-friendly interface.


$80 per month or $549 per year


Does Sketchup have cabinets?

Yes, SketchUp offers a variety of pre-designed 3D cabinet models in its '3D Warehouse'. Users can also create custom cabinets using SketchUp's design tools.

What is cabinet software?

Cabinet software is a digital tool for designing, pricing, and manufacturing cabinets and furniture. It streamlines the process from conceptualization to production, offering features like 3D modeling, material tracking, cost estimation, and CNC machine integration for an efficient workflow.

How do you draw cabinets in Sketchup?

Sketchup is one of the best free cabinet design software programs. Create a box for the cabinet foundation in SketchUp first. Add horizontal rectangles for shelves after adding vertical ones for the sides. For depth, use the Push/Pull tool. Extrude and add rectangle-shaped doors.

How do I make my cabinets look custom?

Enhance your cabinets by incorporating hardware, adding crown molding, installing undercabinet lighting, opting for contrasting colors between lower cabinets, or introducing glass doors. These modifications can elevate the appearance to a personalized and upscale level.


Software for cabinet design has emerged as a crucial asset in the design sector, providing a variety of functionalities that enhance the precision and efficiency of the design process. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a homeowner contemplating a remodel, a software solution is available to cater to your requirements. Ranging from the intuitive interface of SketchUp Free to the robust 3D modeling prowess of Fusion 360, these six free cabinet design software with cultist present a spectrum of features to assist you in actualizing your cabinet design ideas.

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