5 Best Quilt Design Software to Use

Quilt Design software

The craft of quilting, an art form that has stood the test of time for centuries, has undergone a remarkable transformation with the dawn of technology. In the present day, it enables quilters to delve into a world of intricate patterns and exacting measurements, even granting them a virtual glimpse into the final masterpiece before a solitary stitch is ever woven.

This article contains five of the most remarkable quilt design software programs that grace the market: Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8), QuiltSOFT, GO! Quilt by Accuquilt, Prequilt App, and Quilt-Pro Systems. Delve into each software’s intricate details and inherent merits, guiding you towards selecting the supreme one.

Quilt design software

Quilting, an art form that transcends time, has undergone a contemporary metamorphosis with the dawn of technology.

Quilt Design Process on the Computer

When designing a quilt on a computer, a virtual layout is made using specialized software. Choose your Quilt’s size and the size of your blocks first. Next, pick a pattern from a library or make one yourself. Digitally alter the hues and textures, experimenting with various pairings. Because the software enables exact measurements, accurate fabric needs are guaranteed. Print the pattern and fabric specifications once you’re pleased.

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Best Quilt Design Software

This method encourages imagination and accuracy, making it simpler to picture the finished item before sewing even starts. It’s a contemporary take on a time-honored craft.

Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8)

EQ8 shines as a quilting design software heavyweight, boasting an extensive arsenal of design tools. This innovative software empowers users to forge, modify, and envision quilt creations. Its user-friendly interface embraces novices and seasoned quilters, beckoning them into a vibrant world of limitless possibilities.

Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8)


  • EQ8 furnishes an extensive collection of blocks and fabrics, enabling users to explore innumerable design mixtures.
  • It presents sophisticated layout alternatives, including custom set and border styles.
  • The software facilitates exact color coordination with its color palette instrument.
  • EQ8 also accommodates image import, empowering users to integrate their designs or photographs into quilts.

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QuiltSOFT is a highly intuitive quilt design software allowing novice and experienced quilters to create intricate, personalized quilt designs. This software provides a platform where users can experiment with various colors, patterns, and block designs, enabling them to visualize their Quilt before the sewing process begins.

quilt design software-QuiltSOFT

QuiltSOFT also includes features for calculating fabric requirements, which aid in efficient planning and cost estimation. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive design tools make it an invaluable resource for quilters, fostering creativity and precision in their craft.


  • QuiltSoft presents an intuitive interface that includes a drag-and-drop feature.
  • It has an extensive library of fabrics and the option to incorporate custom fabrics.
  • The program enables the development of personalized blocks and templates.
  • Additionally, QuiltSOFT facilitates 3D quilt visualization, offering a lifelike preview of the end product.

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GO! Quilt by Accuquilt

AccuQuilt’s GO! The Quilt is a groundbreaking quilt design software that transforms the process of quilt design for enthusiasts. The software features an intuitive interface, enabling users to envision and tailor their quilt patterns using an extensive collection of over 1,000 quilt block patterns and AccuQuilt dies.

GO! Quilt by Accuquilt

GO! Quilt also includes functionality to modify the Quilt and block sizes, making it a flexible tool for novice and seasoned quilters. As a digital platform, it merges creativity and accuracy, enhancing the enjoyment and efficiency of quilt design.


  • GO! Quilt provides over 1000 quilt patterns and the ability to customize them.
  • It offers a color-match tool for accurate fabric selection.
  • The software supports project sharing, allowing users to share their designs with the quilting community.
  • GO! Quilt provides printable instructions and fabric requirements for each plan.

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Prequilt App

The Prequilt App is a digital application that eliminates the need for conventional paper sketches by allowing users to design, modify, and experiment with quilt patterns. Numerous possibilities for color schemes, a large variety of block pattern alternatives, and a preview function for the finished quilt design are just a few of its many features.

Prequilt App

The quilting design app has a fun interface that makes it simple for users to adjust their designs, encouraging them to try out different quilt patterns and color schemes. For quilters of all skill levels, this program enhances the efficiency and fun of the design process.


  • Prequilt provides a unique color randomizer tool that encourages design innovation.
  • Multiple users can collaborate on a single project because it supports collaborative design.
  • To provide users with a realistic look, the program offers a 3D quilt view.
  • Prequilt has export support for several file types, including PDF and SVG.

Quilt-Pro Systems

With an extensive platform for various skill-level quilters, Quilt-Pro Systems is at the forefront of quilt design software. People may experiment with different colors, textures, and block designs because of its user-friendly interface, which makes the design process enjoyable and helpful.

quilt design software-Quilt-Pro Systems

Additionally, the software includes a library of pre-made patterns and building blocks that may be customized to suit individual preferences. Quilt-Pro Systems has transformed The quilting process in the digital age, which is the epitome of the ideal fusion of technology and age-old craft.

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  • Quilt-Pro Systems offers an extensive collection of blocks, fabrics, and layout designs.
  • It features a distinctive ‘Block Magic’ tool, enabling users to create intricate block patterns effortlessly. 
  • The software is designed to provide accurate measurements and yardage computations.
  • It also facilitates the development of personalized blocks and the incorporation of individual fabric scans.


What is the best quilt design app?

GO! Quilt by Accuquilt, QuiltSOFT, and EQ8, with many features, stands out as one of the top quilt design programs. They let users easily create, alter, and visualize quilts. They are well-liked by quilters of all experience levels, from novices to specialists, because of their user-friendly design, extensive selection of patterns, and varied color palette options.

How do you design a quilt layout?

Pick a theme or pattern. Make a quilt block grid by hand: Affix hues or materials to each block. Think about harmony, contrast, and balance. If desired, add borders or slashes. Adjust until you're happy. This is the blueprint for your quilt design.

What can I use to make quilt templates?

Materials such as cardboard, plastic sheets, or template plastic are suitable for creating quilt templates. Begin by transferring your design onto your chosen material before cutting it out. Additionally, some quilt makers prefer using freezer paper because it can be ironed onto fabric and easily removed.

Is there an app to turn a picture into a quilt pattern?

The answer is that programs like 'Quiltography' and 'Quilt Assistant' can turn images into quilt patterns. They make it simpler to make personalized quilts out of your favorite pictures because they let you submit an image, change its complexity, and generate a pattern.


In conclusion, the best quilt design software offers a blend of user-friendly interfaces, advanced design tools, and comprehensive libraries of patterns and fabrics. They empower both beginners and experienced quilters to create intricate designs with ease. Choosing the right software depends on your needs, skill level, and budget. Regardless of your choice, these quilting programs promise to bring your quilt designs to life in a way traditional methods can’t match. Among the top contenders, EQ8 stands out for its robust features and intuitive design, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to elevate their quilting projects.

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