5 Best Online Quiz Makers for Teachers

online quiz makers for teachers

Being a teacher is not easy, especially when you also have to take care of manual stuff. One of them is preparing quizzes for the children. It can be tiring.

In this article, we will list some of the best online quiz makers for teachers who can make this job convenient. All of them are reliable and easy to use. Teachers are one of the most important pillars. They should also have some facilities for themselves.

We are also going to discuss how bringing creativity can be beneficial for the students. Why should they consider these online quiz makers with their features as well?

Online Quiz Makers for Teachers: Why should Creativity be Involved? 

Technical expertise and innovation go in harmony. They should be valued. Additionally, innovation adds a new level of dimension and substance to reality.

  • People practice creativity in various ways. Its advantages are helpful for many jobs.
  • Learning about what we are as individuals and how that connects to the framework of our surroundings is a crucial aspect of human existence. One can make the discovery of oneself possible and the chance to reveal a secret element of oneself.
  • The creative process necessitates problem-solving from the intricate elements of innovation.
  • People generally pursue artistic pursuits because they like how it works or the result. Producing can find satisfaction.
  • Another name for creativity is essential to everyone’s contentment and health.
  • Whether they are successful in their craft, authors, creators, and performers frequently identify themselves by those terms. Their innovation process serves to comprehend their surroundings and express what they are as individuals.
  • The ideal combination for joy often combines imagination, a complex procedure, and the conclusion process.
  • Art is significant because it promotes a feeling of togetherness and understanding about what constitutes a person. Creativity can make it easier to discover your surroundings and feel less isolated worldwide.
  • One must be devoted and invested in the skill and each specific endeavor to create.
  • Creating something is difficult; creating something that other people will value is even more difficult. Bravery, trustworthiness, and the ability to make mistakes and start again are necessary for creativity.
  • Every human achievement begins with a novel concept, and imaginative thinking is the source of novel ideas.
  • To be creative, one must have the humility to recognize that there is always a place for progress and the dedication to keep pushing one’s abilities and ideas until something new occurs.

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Why Teachers Should Consider This?

Interactive tests significantly outperform web pages like blogs at engaging viewers, especially in the educational sector. And let’s admit it, you’ll find more to online quizzes than MVQs. The best online quiz makers for teachers have plenty more to provide. We all need to go past multiple-choice quiz makers.

benefits of using a quiz maker for teaching

  • You can implement several safeguards to deter cheating by utilizing online quiz generator tools, such as time limitations in choosing the sequence of the questions and answers. Also, selecting entire exams gives each student a different question from the question bank. This would act as a deterrent for pupils who might be tempted to cheat on an online exam.
  • The thorough evaluation of the results for each student can be time-consuming. Using online quiz designers, you can swiftly assess each student’s performance as well as the performance of the class together. This can help you identify each student’s strong and weak points.
  • Students have the most significant latitude regarding when and how they take an online test generator. Students can take tests and quizzes on a computer for hybrid and online lessons. Lectures can copy out exams and take them on hardcopy. 
  • You may administer the quiz to as many pupils as you wish. Someone suggests using the same test or examination over several learning years.

Top 5 Online Quiz Makers for Teachers

These are the top online quiz makers for teachers:


An enormously effective method for visual communication is storyboarding. Making a storyboard makes language from the document come into existence. It captures the viewers’ creativity in ways that text alone cannot.


Online storytelling is a potent method of sharing your story with the globe. You may provide your viewers with a wealthy and captivating encounter by adding visual components like images, characters, and situations.

Even those without artistic talent can easily construct storyboards using the web program StoryboardThat.

It also provides you with quiz-making features as well. Teachers can simplify their work by making online quizzes for their students. It provides you with different forms of quizzes. One of them is a matching quiz maker.

It is one of the creative ways to educate students by making them think outside the box and not just telling them to learn and write.

Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master is the one that meets the criteria for the finest online quiz builder for instructors. This can be a deal-breaker if you seek anything to follow your path and conquer. This WordPress online quiz maker shines at providing a superb customer experience and has excellent options for modification.

quiz and survey master

You don’t need to be an expert programmer or a WordPress newbie to use the QSM plugin. Its features are-

  • You can create tests, questionnaires, and surveys for no money.
  • Users can purchase themes and add-ons from one of the plugin’s extensions. The plugin also comes with a few free themes and add-ons.
  • The area recognizes its excellence in user interaction.
  • Designing quizzes is made easy by the extensive instructions supplied at each step of the quiz-making process.
  • You can design or redesign surveys and quizzes in various ways with the QSM plugin.

Google Forms

Google Forms, a Google Suite application, is included with Google Drive. Due to its straightforward and straightforward design, users may create quizzes and obtain results rapidly. Using the free ExtendedForms add-on, you may build a quiz in Google Forms. 

google forms

Visit: Google Forms

Its features are –

  • This educational tool shines at providing students with prompt feedback once they submit their work.
  • It also makes it possible to reuse questions from previous forms, which is ideal to be evaluated on similar subjects.
  • There are checkboxes, dropdowns, multiple-choice options, and questions requiring lengthy explanations or responses. 
  • There is also a file upload tool for photos or PDF files.

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Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a top-notch WordPress plugin for quizzes and tests. It offers teachers a full-featured quiz creator. Creating tests is simple because of its drag-and-drop functionality, which is user-friendly.

formidable forms

This online quiz tool is easy to understand and use due to its straightforward design. The user interface is incredibly customizable, including the option to create custom tests from scratch and several form templates for a rapid start.

All quiz and survey responses are neatly displayed on the dashboard, ensuring quick access to essential data. With Formidable Forms, managing quizzes and maximizing their potential has never been simpler.

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Interact, Quiz Maker

It is an excellent option for teachers searching for a robust quiz creator to participate, learners, create leads, and increase website traffic. Using this incredible application, you may make personality, scoring, and assessment-type quizzes. It provides 800+ templates and 40+ categories.


With Interact’s drag-and-drop builder, you can customize your quizzes using images, multiple-choice questions, and branching logic.

This online quiz generator integrates flawlessly with the most popular email advertising and management systems. It lets you gather and organize leads according to quiz responses and outcomes.


How do I create a quiz in Google form?

Follow the following steps to create a quiz: 1. Open a form in Google Forms. 2. Click Settings, which is at the top of the form. 3. Select the option to make the form as a quiz. 4. Also, you can collect email IDs; next to 'Responses,' click the Down arrow and select 'Collect email addresses.' This step is optional.

Is Google Forms free?

Google Forms is free to use. As long as you have a Google account, you can access Google Forms in its entirety—completely free.

Where can I create my own quiz?

Some of the best online quiz makers are Storyboard That, Quiz and survey master, Google Forms, Formidable Forms, and Interact. Their simple interfaces make it easier for teachers to create quizzes or MCQ tests.

Can teachers see if you screenshot on Google Forms?

That would be a handy feature for teachers to see if their students cheat. But the answer to this question is no; Google Forms has no such functionality to notify screenshots or track cheating.


Teaching is difficult irrespective of the level of education or curriculum you are in. But you can eliminate manual, tiresome duties like developing interesting quizzes for the students off your checklist using the correct digital application. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to create enjoyable, interesting quizzes that your pupils might love fast and effectively, regardless of the quiz generator you select.

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