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best writing apps for kids

Writing apps for kids are becoming increasingly popular among digital-savvy students. They help with everything from basic letter writing to constructing stories and even essays. The Best writing apps for kids guide them through the entire writing process, from drafting to publishing, and are great for enhancing their skills in handwriting, grammar, punctuation, and composition.

These applications not only aid young students in organizing themselves, but they also offer educational and entertaining platforms that stimulate creativity. In collaboration with a professional essay writer from the academic writing services by CustomWritings, we will examine five of the finest writing apps for children, such as iTrace, LetterSchool, iWrite Words, Grammaropolis, and Grammar Pop.

Encourage your children to build early literacy skills with these best writing apps for Android and iOS


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5 Best Writing Apps for Kids in 2023 


If you are looking for the best apps for writing a middle school essay outline, look at this list and find the one for your needs.


As far as new order education entertainment recreation goes, the first program on the list is iTrace, and there are a few reasons why this app is on top of the tree. It lets kids practice numbers, writing, and letters, which helps them improve their studies. This could be named one of the best essay-writing apps for iPad.




Whether a kid is left or right-handed, they can use this app with ease plus, some cool animations keep kids engaged the same way YouTube does. This app is available in the iOS store for a fee and is worth every penny. Android users can only access this app if the developers publish an available version on the Google Store.

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Second on the list is LetterSchool, and just like the app above, many people like this app because it teaches students the art of cursive writing, which is a change of pace from regular paper. It does with beautiful animation and graphics like no other app on the market.


Cursive writing is one of the most eye-catching forms of writing ever created. Kids can easily get lost in this app’s world to the point where they won’t even realize they are learning while they are. 




This app is available for iOS and Android, meaning it doesn’t matter what device one has at home for their kids; they can access it. Like the app above, it isn’t free, and a price must be paid to access it. Parents get a kid who is very good at cursive writing when they invest in this app. 


iWrite Words 


Only a few apps on the market can help kids write and count simultaneously, but this app does that to perfection. The developers of this app did an excellent job in making sure that this app is user-friendly and performs as intended. Kids can drag a crab across their screens following a path to write a letter. 



When they have finished solving the puzzle, they are treated to animation, making them want to use the app even more. This app is exclusive to the iOS store, and kids must have an Apple device to access it. Those with Android devices miss out on this great app.

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Part of speech is essential in a kid’s education; this app teaches that and more. If an app is boring, kids will not want to use it. What the developers of this app did, together with the ones that have made the other apps on this list, is they made their platforms engaging and fun. 



This app uses music videos and quizzes to improve children’s writing and grammar skills. It’s a cutting-edge tool for learning. Only iOS devices like iPads and iPhones have access to it currently.




Grammar Pop


Grammar Pop is a great app for helping kids write by matching words with speeches. There are 28 levels, and the sentences get more challenging when kids advance through the game. 



The app has a practice mode without a timer, perfect for kids struggling with sentence construction. Available for a fee on iOS.


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Honorable mentions 


This app can be used offline, which is unique and adds to its appeal. This helps kids focus because if the device they are using is constantly pinging with notifications, they will need to learn more quickly. 



This app is versatile, with kids able to switch between thesaurus and dictionary modes. It’s available on both iOS and Google Play. You can choose between a free version with ads or a paid version without ads.


Grammarly Keyboard


Grammarly is popular for helping people of all ages clean up text errors.. It is used by everyone from working professionals to college or university students and kids. Installing this app will correct everything a kid types, whether in messages, social media, or a Google Doc. 




Two versions of the app exist: free and paid. Paid version includes plagiarism checker and tone analysis. The free version only offers basic spelling and grammar checks. Kids that want this app can download it from the Google Play Store and iOS Store.




Kids in 2022 are spoiled for choice regarding free essay writing apps they can use. The apps in this article do a fantastic job of helping students improve their grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and more. They are all good apps. 


Choose a writing app for your child based on their device and budget. Free and paid options are available, but some apps may be limited to either Android or iOS.


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