Kunduz Review: Your Private Tutor for Hassle-Free IIT-JEE & NEET

Are you stuck on a question and need help finding an answer? Each student needs a teacher who can explain all the concepts and clear doubts. But especially in school, teachers cannot focus only on one kid, and some students with doubts are left behind. Coaching classes cost a bomb while preparing for medical and engineering entrance examinations. Aside from the cost factor, the additional time constraint of attending the classes and finding a separate doubt session is a tough job. Also, if you hire a private tutor, the fees will grow. Today many websites, institutions, and apps offer the doubt-solving feature. Kunduz is also one of them. This Kunduz review may solve all of your doubts just like Kunduz does!

Kunduz is a mobile application where students ask questions they cannot solve, have doubts about, or seek more conceptual explanations. The tutors in Kunduz solve these questions in real time and provide solutions to these questions for students. Kunduz also offers lectures for students studying for entrance exams.

Kunduz is an individual tutoring app that helps students resolve their doubts on the move. But let’s understand Kunduz in detail.

Kunduz Review: What is it?

Kunduz is an educational doubt-clearing application. The students can quickly upload a picture of the problem question and expect a clear answer. The application resolves the query in 15 minutes with a satisfaction rate of 90%.

Kunduz Review

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The app has a network of over 7000 tutors, all of whom are the toppers of the prestigious entrance exams in engineering and medicine. The tutors are alumni of prestigious engineering and medical schools, such as IIT, BIT, NIT, AFMC, etc.

The app uses a question-answer format and supports one-on-one tutoring. The tutors also involve highly qualified teachers and top-notch faculty in prestigious institutions.

Who can use Kunduz?

All the students from class 5th to class 12th can use Kunduz. Kunduz has doubt-clearing teachers for the following:

  • JEE Mains
  • JEE Advanced
  • NEET
  • AFMC
  • NCERT course
  • Other competitive engineering and medical exams

Kunduz provides solutions for all the problems related to mathematics and science, including physics, chemistry, and biology.

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How does Kunduz work?

Kunduz is straightforward to use and comprehend.

  1. Download the Kunduz app from the Apple Store or Google PlayStore.
  2. Click on Sign up to add the phone number. The app uses the phone number for verification purposes.
  3. Fill in the questionnaire in the profile section and get started.
  4. For asking a question, click a picture of the problem.
  5. Determine the course it belongs to and assign it to the question.
  6. The question is assigned to a tutor, and a detailed solution is provided in 15 minutes.
  7. The student can rate the solution.
  8. The students can follow-on questions on the solutions provided. This session can be a one-on-one tutoring session.

Features of Kunduz

Kunduz offers problem-solving services to students in different difficulty levels of all fields and subjects. Following are the features and reasons why to use Kunduz:

Top-notch faculty

Tutors are the toppers of various engineering and medical competitive examinations. The faculty is alums of top schools such as IIT, BIT, NIT, AIIMS, etc. They are among the best teachers of the offered subjects. The network is vast, with over 7000 tutors.

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Fast support to queries

Kunduz offers a quick solution to asked questions. The answers are personalized to students’ requirements and delivered to them in 15 minutes. The answers are comprehensive and reliable.

Features of Kunduz

100% solution guarantee

Always keeps the questions solved. All the problems the students raise are solved in the shortest possible time. This feature goes for all the courses and curriculum. If there is a part of the answer that the student doesn’t understand, the students are allowed follow-up questions to the tutor.


Kunduz is ten times cheaper than other online tutorial services available. The application also has a personalized touch to offer to the students. Thereby making it reliable, accessible, comprehensive, and economical. It comes off as being cheaper than hiring a personal tutor.

Question Repository

It has a question repository that the students can use as self-assessment tests. The students must select the subject and the level of difficulty. The questionnaire has different topics listed under a chosen curriculum. The answers to the questions are also provided in the “Show the solution” section.

Pricing of Kunduz

Kunduz offers both monthly and annual plans. The students also get a trial plan, which has three questions. These plans are categorized as follows:

Pricing of Kunduz

Monthly Plans

There are three available monthly plans:

  1. Standard Plan – The monthly Plan costs ₹199 per month and includes 100 questions monthly.
  2. Premium Plan – This is one of the most popular plans available and costs ₹299 per month. This includes about 300 questions.
  3. Premium Plus Plan – The plan costs ₹600 per month and includes 600 questions monthly.

Annual Plans

Three monthly plans are available:

  1. Standard Plan – The monthly plan costs ₹149 x 9 months (s) and includes 100 questions monthly.
  2. Premium Plan – This is one of the most popular plans available and costs ₹199 x 9 months (s). This includes about 300 questions.
  3. Premium Plus Plan – The plan costs ₹399 x 9 months (s) and includes 600 questions monthly.

The membership packages are, however, not renewed automatically as of the time of writing this review. This feature of automatic renewal is in the roadmap of Kunduz.

The subscribers can notify of non-renewal of their subscription through the Support section. The payments can be made via credit cards, debit cards, net banking, payment wallets, and UPI.


How much does Kunduz pay per question?

Kunduz pays 20 INR per question. The cost might be sometimes more. Also, even if the question is unrated, your satisfaction score doesn't get decreased.

Is Kunduz free?

Kunduz offers a free trial of 30 days. After these 30 days, a monthly subscription is required.

How is Kunduz tutor app?

On Kunduz, students can ask questions they cannot solve, have doubts, or need conceptual explanations. The tutors in Kunduz solve these questions on a real-time basis.


Kunduz is one of the best apps available for doubt clearing. The application is cheap, easy, comprehensive, and fast. The app is an excellent helping hand in preparing for major competitive examinations.

Thousands of students appreciate the app, and it has over 5 million questions in their question bank per topic. Tutors explain everything thoroughly and is free. We hope Kunduz clears all your doubts and you have the best available exam coach.

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