9 Reasons Why Use WhatsApp Over Texting?

why use whatsapp over texting

Despite being the most popular messenger on the Internet today, WhatsApp has many pros and cons. But even after so many disadvantages, why use WhatsApp over texting? And why is WhatsApp better than texting?

The most typical reason is the efficiency of chatting and the immense features Whatsapp provides. Features of WhatsApp include Location, Media, and File sharing features, the most commonly used platform, group chats, and status updates.

If you want to go in-depth, keep reading. We have given you complete coverage of why to use WhatsApp over texting. We have covered all your queries about why use WhatsApp instead of texting.

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Top 9 Reasons for using WhatsApp over texting

WhatsApp is a very popular platform for sending messages. You can easily send, receive, delete, and restore deleted messages on WhatsApp. But you can do all these by text, so why use WhatsApp instead of texting?

It’s easy to answer; Whatsapp has many features that make it a better option than texting. We can give plenty of reasons why use WhatsApp instead of texting. Let’s talk about them in detail.

Global reach

Whatsapp is a globally used messenger application. You can use WhatsApp practically anywhere in the world, thanks to its large user base and global accessibility. Whatsapp provides you with an immense user base scattered across the globe. 

global reach

Unlike SMS, its multilingual availability and scattered user base can help you overcome communication barriers across borders. WhatsApp has proven beneficial for regular travelers, international working professionals, and distance learners.

Economic Alternative

WhatsApp is a great economical alternative to traditional texting. Whatsapp works on Your Internet connectivity, So the only charges you bear are for your internet. Using WhatsApp, you can save all the SMS-related charges that your carrier services charge.


If you plan to travel abroad or communicate daily across borders, then WhatsApp is best for you. You don’t have to pay roaming, ISD, or international tariff charges While using WhatsApp to chat or call.

Gifs and Emojis

Unlike a typical SMS service, Whatsapp provides some excellent features while chatting with our peers. You can send stickers, emoticons, and GIFs. GIFs are short videos, usually of a few seconds, compressed as an image file and played on a loop until you close it.

stickers and gifs in whatsapp

These GIFs and emojis are an enjoyable and short way to reply and have an entertaining conversation with your friends. These features are unavailable in Typical SMS.

Last seen and read receipts.

You can use WhatsApp to see the other person’s online status and if they received and read your message. The timestamp when the other person was online is “Last seen.” WhatsApp also allows you to text without changing the last seen.

last seen timestamps

On the other hand, When you send someone anything on WhatsApp, You will see three kinds of ticks. A single tick means the message is sent, a Double tick means it is received, and a Blue tick Means it is read. This blue tick is called read receipt. 

These features of last-seen and read receipts are Whatsapp Exclusive. You will not find these features on your typical SMS service. You cannot find out if your text was received and read. This is a major reason people give when asked why use WhatsApp over texting.

End-to-End encryption

Talking about privacy, Even though WhatsApp has faced many complaints, it is far safer than regular SMS. Whatsapp provides you with end-to-end encryption on all of its features. It is nearly impossible for a 3rd person to get to your chats or calls.

whatsapp censorship

This makes WhatsApp a very safe space to store your personal information or share your documents with anyone else. This not only helps you keep your info safe but also.  

Media and File Sharing

WhatsApp allows you to share media and documents on chats itself. WhatsApp’s files and media-sharing features have made it very useful for professionals and students. Multiple types of documents on a typical SMS service application take a lot of work.

whatsapp upgraded features

You can share all kinds of documents directly in the chat. This feature is very useful for both students and employees. It enables them to share their presentations, documents, and files easily with whoever they want to. However, users occasionally encounter issues like “WhatsApp failed to process video“, which can disrupt the seamless sharing of multimedia content.

Location sharing

Another handy feature or advantage of WhatsApp is sharing location. WhatsApp lets you share your exact location in multiple modes with anyone in the chat. You can share your location on WhatsApp, both currently and live.

location sharing in whatsapp

Current location means you are sharing your current location or current coordinate pinned on the map. Meanwhile, live location means you are sharing your live location for a specific time. The other person can track you on the map in this particular period.

If, however, you encounter issues such as “this account is not allowed to use WhatsApp“, you may need to address account-related restrictions that could impact your use of the platform. WhatsApp’s commitment to user security and privacy sometimes leads to stringent measures, so it’s essential to ensure compliance with their policies to enjoy the full range of features seamlessly.


WhatsApp has recently introduced a new payment feature on its platform. This feature allows people to pay their contacts directly from WhatsApp. 

whatsapp payment

Even though the feature is yet to be available in all locations, it has already proved to be one of the most valuable features on any messenger. You have to link your bank account with WhatsApp texting or Novi app, and you’re done. You can now make payments anywhere you go directly through your messenger and also use meta pay if your WhatsApp doesn’t have a pay feature.

International calling 

If you like to travel abroad frequently, have business across borders, or are a student, then you can save a lot using WhatsApp. WhatsApp allows you to make international calls through the Internet. 

whatsapp meetings

You can make international voice and video calls using WhatsApp for free. You don’t have to pay roaming or extra ISD carrier charges when using WhatsApp to make calls. This is one of the most significant advantages of using WhatsApp. 

After discussing all the advantages, we believe we have answered all your queries based on why use Whatsapp over texting.

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Why do people prefer WhatsApp over text?

The prevalent reason why people prefer WhatsApp is the smoothness and efficiency of having a conversation.

What is the advantage of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a very economical, Safe, and feature-rich way to message someone.

What is the difference between WhatsApp and texting?

The main difference between WhatsApp and texting is WhatsApp uses the Internet to send messages, while you will be charged according to your carrier service to send SMS.

Is WhatsApp safer than texts?

WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption, making it a far safer option than texting.


Now, we know all the reasons why use WhatsApp instead of text. With this, we hope we have answered all your queries about why use WhatsApp over texting.

Moreover, you can also learn many tips and tricks related to WhatsApp. These tricks can make your WhatsApp experience fun, like creating fake chats on WhatsApp for pranks.

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