15 Best WhatsApp Status Checker Tool in 2024

WhatsApp status checker

WhatsApp has emerged as a necessary part of our everyday lives, and keeping track of the net status and remaining visible in your contacts can be a supply of interest or concern. In 2024, WhatsApp status checker has become superior to satisfy the wishes of users seeking to screen online hobbies and, ultimately, see timestamps.

The Top 15 Whatsapp Status Checker tools are:

  • WhatsOnline
  • WATrack
  • Spyzie
  • OnlineNotif
  • GetNotified for WhatsApp
  • Chatwatch
  • Status Saver
  • ChatGPT (Virtual Assistant)
  • WhatsAgent
  • WA Web Plus
  • Online Notifier for WhatsApp
  • Family Orbit
  • WhatsOnline Pro
  • WhatsApp Web (Official Tool)
  • WLogin Tracker

In this article, we can investigate some of the satisfactory WhatsApp fame checker tools that may be used.

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15 Best WhatsApp Status Checker Apps to Use

Whether you are curious about when someone modified into last online or need to know who’s online correctly now, the tools offer some skills that will help you stay up to date.


WhatsOnline is a WhatsApp status checker and consumer-pleasant tool that offers actual-time updates on your contacts’ WhatsApp interest.


It displays the online and closing seen popularity of your contacts, permitting you to peer after they had been last lively on WhatsApp. WhatsOnline also gives a history of your contacts’ hobbies, making it smooth to song their usage styles. 

Visit: WhatsOnline


WATrack is a complete WhatsApp status checker that monitors online and offline status. It gives distinct reports while your contacts are lively and offline, making it beneficial for retaining tabs on their usage styles.


WATrack is thought of for its accuracy and reliability in WhatsApp activity monitoring. 


Spyzie is a flexible tracking device that tracks WhatsApp and other social media platforms. It offers actual-time status updates and may capture screenshots of WhatsApp chats.


Spyzie is a complete solution for monitoring online and offline hobbies across several apps. 


OnlineNotif is an easy WhatsApp status checker that sends real-time notifications while your contacts are online.


It’s honest and easy to apply, making it a brief manner to stay updated on your contacts’ interests. The awareness is on actual-time notifications without extra complex functions.

GetNotified for WhatsApp

GetNotified for WhatsApp affords exact information about your contacts’ online repute and ultimately seen timestamps.

GetNotified for WhatsApp

It gives insights into your contacts’ pastime styles, making it a precious device for understanding their utilization behavior. The app sends actual-time notifications when contacts are online. 


Chatwatch precisely analyzes chat styles to expect when your contacts are likely online.


It gives a one-of-a-kind attitude to tracking WhatsApp interest and is appropriate for folks who want to apprehend the behavioral patterns of their contacts.

Status Saver

While ordinarily designed for saving WhatsApp statuses, Status Saver additionally includes a simple online status checker characteristic.

Status Saver

It’s an on-hand device for individuals who want to store their contacts’ repute updates even as they maintain an eye on their online hobby. 

ChatGPT (Virtual Assistant)

ChatGPT, developed with the aid of OpenAI, can assist you in tracking WhatsApp interest.

chat gpt

By putting unique queries and instructions in place, you could acquire real-time updates on your contacts’ online fame and ultimately see timestamps. 


WhatsAgent is a robust WhatsApp online checker tool with real-time notifications and complete tracking capabilities.

whats agent

It provides insights into your contacts’ pastime patterns, helping you recognize their utilization behavior while they’re online. 

WA Web Plus

WA Web Plus is a browser extension that enhances the WhatsApp Web experience.

WA Web Plus

Along with capabilities like darkish mode and message translation, it includes a simple online status checker to keep in tune with your contacts’ activity.

Online Notifier for WhatsApp

Online Notifier for WhatsApp is a trustworthy device that sends real-time notifications while your contacts are online.

Online Notifier

It’s designed for brief updates in your contacts’ interest without additional complexities. 

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Family Orbit

Family Orbit is frequently a parental control and tracking tool, including WhatsApp monitoring functions.

Family Orbit

You can monitor online and offline fame and acquire signals when your toddler’s contacts are online.

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WhatsOnline Pro

WhatsOnline Pro is a premium WhatsApp online tracker imparting actual-time notifications and comprehensive tracking features.

Whatsonline pro

It provides intensity insights into your contacts’ interest styles and is suitable for advanced monitoring needs.

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WhatsApp Web (Official Tool)

The reliable WhatsApp Web provider provides a primary online fame checker.

WhatsApp web

When you log in to WhatsApp Web, you can see your contacts’ online status and final visibility. It’s an authentic and handy choice. 

Visit: Whatsapp Web

WLogin Tracker

WLogin Tracker is an Android app that allows you to screen your WhatsApp contacts’ online repute.

W login

It offers real-time notifications and exact records on their pastime, making it an accessible tool for tracking your contacts on the cross, and is a good WhatsApp status checker.

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Is the What's Web app safe?

WhatsApp uses end-to-cease encryption to guard your messages and calls, which means that the sender and recipient can study the content material of your message. Messages sent from WhatsApp Web use the same level of encryption as messages sent from the mobile app.

Is the last seen app good?

Designed with the whole family in mind, last seen app notifies you when your kids and other family members are online and offline on Messenger and instantly saves all their statuses in a dedicated app gallery.

Who can see my WhatsApp status?

Someone can only see your status if you have the phone number saved on your mobile phone.

Is app tracking good or bad?

App monitoring is the practice of collecting and analyzing information about user behavior in mobile or web applications. While this may seem innocent, the worst part comes after the tracking is done: The collected data is often used for advertising campaigns or other marketing activities.


In the quick-paced virtual era of 2024, WhatsApp status checker gear has become critical for many customers. These 15 pieces of equipment offer several functions to help you screen the net and last visible status of your WhatsApp contacts, catering to specific wishes and alternatives and making it easier to track scammers on WhatsApp.

From WhatsOnline’s simplicity to WATrack’s complete reporting, this tool provides a clear photo of your contacts’ interests. Spyzie stands proud with its multi-platform guide, and Chatwatch gives a unique technique by studying chat styles.

Status Saver, additionally, is perfect for those curious about keeping status updates at the same time as retaining an eye on online hobbies.

Therefore, the 15 great WhatsApp status checker tools in 2024 provide various alternatives to help you maintain the music of your contacts online and remain in visible repute. Choose the device that satisfactorily fits your wishes, but constantly consider the importance of accountable and moral use.

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