Top 10 Best Android Head Unit Launchers

Android head unit launcher

Not using your phone while driving is a safe rule to follow. But staying connected even while you are on the road has become essential in today’s fast-paced world, so we have head unit launchers. This article will present you with the top 10 Android head unit launchers.

Here are the top 10 Android head unit launchers you can try:

  1. Nova Launcher
  2. AGAMA Car Launcher
  3. HERE WeGo
  4. Android Auto Receiver
  5. Automate
  6. Pumpkin Car Launcher
  7. Waze
  8. ATOTO Car Launcher Pro
  9. Android Auto
  10. AIO Launcher

Continue reasoning to discover the top 10 Android head unit launchers you can use to navigate and stay connected on the road!

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Android Head Unit Launchers: What are they? And why are they used?

A head unit launcher is a user-friendly interface on your vehicle’s touchscreen. It’s similar to a menu that guides you through the amenities of your automobile, such as music, navigating, and making calls. Consider it a digital dashboard for your driving experience. 

It’s meant to be simple while driving, with basic icons and designs that make using different features a breeze. Many head unit launchers collaborate with apps like Google Maps to assist navigation. 

They lead you to your destination, assist you in avoiding traffic, and even provide audio instructions so that you can continue to maintain your focus on the road. A head unit launcher is similar to the apps on your smartphone; it provides quick access to the items you need most while driving safely and efficiently.

Top 10 Best Android Head Unit Launchers

Here is our list of the best head unit launchers that you should try:

Nova Launcher

While Nova Launcher isn’t explicitly developed for cars, its versatility, and multiple customization options are particularly attractive if you want to create a head-unit interface that’s unique to you.

Nova launcher

Nova Launcher is a popular and adaptable Android launcher that has received popularity in the Android community and among users like you who wish to improve your in-car experience through head units.

Download Nova Launcher

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AGAMA Car Launcher

This app is a customized launcher created specifically for automobile use. It has a distinct combination of current looks, functionality, and customization options.

AGAMA Car Launcher

It tries to improve your driving experience by giving you an attractive and simple interface that fits your requirements while driving.

Download AGAMA Car Launcher


The most significant advantage of this navigation tool and directory is its offline mode. They offer a broad spectrum of features, such as showing you local parking areas, their availability, store and museum hours, and entrance prices.

here wego

This supports over 1,000 major cities worldwide.

Visit HERE WeGo

Android Auto Receiver

This app is free and is readily available to you. This application’s newest version has enhanced durability and has introduced new functions and features. These features allow you to control multiple things.

android auto receiver

What can you control? You can control in-car recording devices, settings for privacy, lighting controls, vehicle stereos and music players, etc. This is done through having the Android Auto Receiver app as your Android car dock app.

Download Android Auto Receiver

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This is a one-of-a-kind application for Android car launchers that provides an alternative perspective on automation. The main goal is to simplify activities and routines in various situations. 


The application’s automation features can make it a helpful tool for improving your driving experience. By combining automatic elements, Automate elevates the idea of personalization to a new level. 

Download Automate

Pumpkin Car Launcher

This Android head unit launcher is designed for Android head units, making it ideal for in-car use. Its user-friendly layout has huge icons for quick and straightforward access.

pumpkin car launcher

This launcher is for you if you want a smooth and interactive engagement with your car’s entertainment system.

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Waze GPS navigation application is very similar to Google Maps. It allows you to predict the traffic accurately.


The app also has the “re-routing” feature, just like Google, showing you alternative routes to reach your destination.

Download Waze

ATOTO Car Launcher Pro

The app aims to guarantee smooth connectivity throughout your ride. Its numerous customization possibilities, including themes and layouts, are appealing for you to choose from.


You can build a unique and entertaining in-car experience with ATOTO. 


Android Auto

Because the app’s major functions are maps and navigation, the user interface is straightforward and free of unnecessary elements. Android Auto also has a voice assistant that warns of potential road hazards and expected curves.

Android Auto

Some features you can experience on this app consist of controlling your music player, connecting your device using a USB cable connection, and receiving notifications on the launcher itself.

Download Android Auto

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AIO Launcher

This app keeps you informed about notifications and important information without overwhelming you, especially in heavy traffic.

AIO Launcher

The app’s features also include displaying weather, calls, SMS, mail, news, currency rates, and other information.

Download AIO Launcher


How is an Android head unit launcher different from Apple’s car play?

Apple’s CarPlay displays what is on your phone on the screen, whereas an Android head unit launcher is a standalone built directly into the car’s multimedia stereo system, which is customizable.

Why should you use a car head unit launcher?

You should opt for an Android head unit launcher to enhance your driving experience. It will minimize distractions, giving you quick access to everything without using your phone.

Is using an Android car head unit launcher while driving safe?

All these launchers are made keeping your safety in mind. For example, the icons and text are large, minimizing distractions so you don’t have to squint to look at them.

Can you install third-party launchers on any head unit?

Not all head units support third-party launchers. Before installing a third-party launcher, you must consider checking your head unit’s features and compatibility.


In conclusion, this has covered— what Android head unit launchers are, why to use them, and the top 10 Android head unit launchers you can use to enhance your driving experience. We hope you liked reading this; stick around for more! 

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