How to Unblock Websites on Mac | Access Restricted Websites

I’m sure most of us encounter this problem of not being able to visit certain websites because the internet blocks it. Your workplace or college block numerous entertainment based sites so that you don’t get preoccupied with them. At times, you also find that your local Internet Service Provider restricts access to certain websites because they get legit orders from the government after a scandalous event. 

Unblock Websites on Mac

Denying access to websites could be very annoying when you know that the site is safe to use. Sometimes, secure websites get blocked due to one or two inappropriate keyword. In that case, it becomes essential to unblock websites on Mac or any other devices.

5 Ways to Unblock Websites on Mac

There are various ways to prevent this problem. Let’s take a look at some hand-picked methods.

Method 1: Use VPN ( Virtual Private Network)

Unblocking a restricted website ain’t a simple task that can be done with a blink of an eye. There are a lot of hurdles that have to be considered right from corporate censorship to application firewall and ISP block. Luckily, with a dedicated VPN for Mac; you can unblock an enormous number of websites without much effort from your end. All you need to do is sign up, install and you are free to access blocked content.

Why do you need a VPN?

Tracking down your personal information is easier than ever due to the advancement in technology. These days, a lot of effort is put into harvesting your sensitive data and then selling it to the highest bidder. Social media sites also prove to be a threat in terms of privacy. Whatever we search, view or when we visit some other website, everything is being tracked down by a third-party. Browsing online without any hassle is something we all expect and that’s precisely why VPN is crucial.

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Virtual Private Network supplies affluence of privacy and obscurity features solely through encryption. This process primarily binds your data within a packet with a robust cryptographic code. No device apart from your device and VPN can know what’s within the packet, therefore building a safe bridge of privacy for you. In addition to that, VPN also assigns a local IP address every time you connect; this makes it difficult for anyone to trace your location.

Method 2: Shadowsocks

Shadowsocks was introduced or designed to provide access to the internet especially in areas where freedom of speech is under attack. It uses Secure 5 protocol that transfers packets between client and server with the help of a proxy server. It is simple and strikingly potent. It doesn’t cause as much deceleration as other suggested methods. If a VPN doesn’t break it a path, then you can blindly go with this method. Shadowsocks provides both graphical user interface and command line MySQL client for Mac OS.
It is considered to be one of the secure methods to unblock websites on Mac.

Method 3:TLS/ SSL Tunnel

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) tunnel is one of the legit protocol to unblock websites on Mac. Have you come across a site having a green padlock icon on the browser’s URL bar? If yes, then it’s a site secured with HTTPS. ‘S’ stands for SSL Tunnel encryption. You can directly access any blocked websites using this protocol.

The drawback of SSL Tunnel is that you can’t use them directly. You might need separate software to use them. Stunnel is one of the most popular software used for this purpose. However, it’s not available for Mac OS.

Rather than relying on any software, you can try using a VPN that has core tunnelling package in it. NordVPN plays this role and helps you access blocked websites without much effort.

Method 4: SSH Tunnel

SSH, Secure Shell tunnel is a distinctive way of binding data in a layer that is encrypted using SSH. This lets the data to go through any sort of filtering and censorship services without getting detected. SSH is used by a wide range of common services and software. For instance, a webmaster sending files from a host to a server is also handled by SSH Tunnel. Because of this particular reason, it’s highly improbable that any corporate or government censorship will restrict SSH traffic.

SSH tunnels could be significantly slower in terms of its working. But they work fine when it has to access one restricted or blocked website. However, it’s not reliable when you have to stream videos or download exceptionally large files. If your interests include only social media and news sites, SSH can function shockingly well and assists you to unblock websites on Mac!

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Method 5: Tor Browser

Tor browser on Mac can break through any restricted websites, no matter how strongly it is deployed or handled by a third party. There are some limitations and benefits while using this software. One of the limitations includes not being able to watch videos or download anything when the software is running. If you want to access a blocked website to fetch some information, Tor browser can definitely help you with that. If that’s your only intention, then you’re good to go!

Browsing securely online in this privacy oriented digital world has become a significant thing. Being able to access restricted or blocked websites is something great and is a huge application in cybersecurity. VPN undoubtedly stands out to be the best method that helps you to unblock sites on Mac, stream movies or videos anywhere anytime and do anything on the internet, provided, your privacy is preserved.

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