NordVPN Review: Secure, Safer & Anonymous Browsing Around The World

Sunday, 9 October 2016

NordVPN Review: Secure, Safer & Anonymous Browsing Around The World

Posted by Rahul Gupta
VPN is one of those efficient services that let you browse through WWW anonymously. A number of VPN providers are present online. At times, it becomes tough to choose among the best VPN providers. But if you are looking for the same, we have found the best one for you. 
NordVPN Review
It’s NordVPN – One of the fastest and safest VPN provider of the world. It lets you browse across the web anonymously and make use of top grade security algorithms to protect your system from hackers and other threats. To know more about this VPN provider, let us explore its features.

NordVPN: A Brief Overview

NordVPN is the Panamanian Company that provides the fastest VPN across the globe. It makes use of military grade encryption standards to keep your data secure during transfer. The servers are super fast and deliver low ping times. These servers are ideal for browsing as they don’t slow down even if there is high traffic. NordVPN is best for privacy and security lovers. Let us explore some of the top-notch features of NordVPN.

NordVPN: Top Notch Features 

NordVPN is the most popular VPN providers in the world, and the below-listed features contribute a lot to its immense popularity.

1. Double Data Encryption Layer

The double data encryption algorithms used by NordVPN encrypts the valuable data twice. It uses the top most level of security to protect your data. 

2. Lightning Fast Speed Servers

621 servers in 52 countries of the globe allow you to connect from different locations. NordVPN’s network is expanding flawlessly, and the servers are reaching various areas. 

Antarctica is the only continent where its servers are not present. It rules the other continents regarding lightning fast servers. The users will enjoy browsing speedily on NordVPN. 

3. Easy to Setup

To set up the VPN connection with NordVPN, all you have to do is create an account. Purchase the plan according to your needs and once you get access to the account, download NordVPN Client that works on your system. After than follow the procedure for setting up NordVPN.

4. No Logs Policy

With NordVPN you can assure anonymous browsing. It doesn't  store any of the logs of the users, unlike many other VPN networks. It has a strict ‘No Log’ policy which is followed indeed. Your browsing history will never be stored on its servers. 

5. Multiple Devices Supported

You can easily connect different devices to the secure network established through NordVPN. 6 devices can easily be connected simultaneously including routers, tablets, and smart phones. A list of over 3000 free proxies is also provided to NordVPN's user. 

6. Multiple OS Supported

It also supports the modern OS like Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux. Its iOS and Android apps will be launched soon. You can find its web proxy extension on the Google Chrome browser.

7. DNS Leak Resolver

Sometimes, the DNS server may send the unencrypted query outside the VPN tunnels. This only happens with few low-grade VPN providers. NordVPN's DNS leak resolver protects all the DNS queries from getting leaked.

8. Automatic Kill Switch

A VPN Connection might get lost in between the browsing. NordVPN's automatic Kill Switch technology closes any site or software which is specified by you instantly. 

9. P2P Supported

Many VPN providers stifle the P2P traffic, but it doesn't happen with NordVPN. You can easily transfer the data upstream or downstream at high speeds. 

10. User-Friendly Support

You will be impressed by the support staff at NordVPN. The support is offered through email tickets, live chat, and even through emails. This support is available throughout the time till your plan exists without any extra charges.

11. Payment Choices

NordVPN offers flexibility to every user at times of payments. The payments can be made through WebMoney, PayPal, Paysera, credit card, and also through Bitcoin. 

Setting Up NordVPN 

  • Download the NordVPN Client and extract it to your desktop. 
  • Click on its icon for installing the NordVPN Client. The following screen appears during the process.

Install Nord VPN

  • Enter your login credentials(user name & password).

Login Into Nord VPN

  • After selecting the country from where you wish to connect, click on ‘Connect’ button.

Select Country Nord VPN

  • The following screen appears while you are getting attached to the server.


  • After the successful connection, following screen will appear.

Connected Nord VPN

  • This screen shows your IP and the ISP location too. You can change or disconnect quickly from the server. 
  • Now, open your browser and browse anonymously over WWW.

Pricing & Plans of Nord VPN

It offers three different plans to its users. All its plans offer same features, but still differ on price. This difference is made for monthly, half yearly and yearly buyers. If you wish to purchase the plan only for the month, then it will cost you $11.95. If you need to buy the plan for half a year, then it costs you $7/month. If you go for the yearly plan, then it will cost you just $5.75/month. The choice is entirely up to you. 
Plans & Pricing Nord VPN
NordVPN also offers a free trial plan so that the customer can test it features. You can also buy any of the plans as mentioned above directly. However, if you don’t like its services, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of making the purchase. Any return query after 30 days of purchase will not be entertained at NordVPN. So, choose your plan wisely.

The Bottom Line

You can browse anonymously through the web without worrying about your logs being stored by NordVPN. Its strict ‘No Log’ policy prevents it from storing the customer logs. Moreover, its advanced military grade encryption prevents any data leakage or hacking attempt. If you haven’t found a better VPN provider so far, try NordVPN today and enjoy its superb services.

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