3 Best Free Online Document Translator for Windows & Mac

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In this era of globalization, a person with knowledge of more than one language is likely to create hurdles in his day-to-day operations if he is working with various countries. Hence, it is advisable to know a few other languages as well. But there are more than a hundred languages in the World, and it is not practically possible to learn each. Hence, various free online document translator tools come in handy to make our work easier. 

The 3 best free Online Document Translator tools for Windows, as well as Mac, are:

  • Online Translator
  • DocTranslator
  • Pragma 6

This guide will discuss some of the best online document translator tools available for free. But before that, let’s see why one should use online translators. 

Why Use the Online Document Translator?

The document translators are available in two forms: online and offline. However, offline document translators have a chance of being obsolete and outdated, and they must be updated regularly. At the same time, online document translators have no such issues and can be easily used without any installation or up-gradation process.

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Top 3 Online Document Translators

Easily translate documents online in over 100 languages. Some of the best online document translator tools are:

Online Translator

Online Translator is one of the best free online document translators, widely used by millions of users worldwide. Although it currently supports only significant languages of the World, such as English, Kazakh, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, French, Arabic, Hindi, Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, etc. You can also use it for translations of Icelandic services.

Online Translator 

But even then, you can quickly get your job done using this document translator if you are not using a remote location language not known worldwide. You can also download this document translator for offline use, one of its paid features.

Apart from being a document translator, this website also allows the users to access various other tools such as DictionaryWord Forms, etc., which helps learn new words and improve the quality of the essay.

It is effortless to use this online tool as it is very similar to Google Translate. For example, you only need to write or paste the text into the available area. You can choose the topic manually or leave it so the system can detect it, such as Automotive, Business Correspondence, Cinema, Computer & Technology, Gadgets, Music, etc.

It can detect the input language, but we recommend selecting it manually because many languages come from the same family. Then, you need to choose the output language and click on the translate button. You can translate the document depending on the length of the document, and you can copy it as plain text or even download a file in the required format. It is widely used as the best alternative for Google Translate as well.

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Doc Translator

It is among the best tools for translating the entire document at once. Hence, you do not need to type or paste the text in this tool. You would not find many document translators with a similar feature list as Doc Translator. This tool can translate documents into 104 different languages without any installation or registration requirement.

Doc Translator

This tool supports various formats, including .rtf, .txt, .str, .pdf, .odp, .odt, .xls, .pptx, .xml, .doc, .docx, etc. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the format of your document, as it can read all of them effectively and efficiently. The other tools available with this online doc translator include PDF to Word converter and a Word counter. These tools are also essential in a person’s day-to-day life as he only deals with many files in these two formats.

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The steps to translate the document using Doc Translator are as follows:

  • Upload the file with the supported formats. This tool will save the formatting of your document and then keep it the same as the original document in the output file.
  • Doc Translator will translate and return the document in the language of your requirement.
  • You can also download the document after it completes the translation process or get a copy of the plain text, as required.

Pragma 6

Pragma 6 is another online document translator tool that people can use to translate their documents by typing or pasting them into the relevant box on the website. Hence, it is similar to an online translator. Still, it is available with support to 56 languages, which is much more than most other document translators.

Pragma 6

This tool is available for some of the World’s most popular languages, such as Russian, English, Dutch, Greek, Danish, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, etc. It also works similarly to the online Translator. Therefore, you must type or paste the text into the given box. Although it can detect the input language by itself, to avoid any mishap, you should also select the input language.

After you choose the output language and hit the translate button, the translation will appear on the computer screen shortly. This makes this online document translator extremely easy to use.

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How can I translate a document for free?

You can use Online Translator, DocTranslator, and Pragma 6 to translate your documents as per your necessities. Also, you can use Google Translate, which is totally free.

What is the best free PDF translator?

Some of the best free translators are Google Translate, Doc Translator, DeftPDF, Reverso, Online Translator, Pragma 6, and many more.


These were some of the best and free-of-cost online document translator tools to be used by users to translate their documents into many other languages, as per their requirements. However, grammatical errors might creep in, so the users should also give the documents a read manually.

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