Bitsum’s Process Lasso Review: Optimize Your PC

Sometimes excessive processes can cause trouble for PC users. Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t provide many options to deal with these issues and does not contribute much to dealing with such processes. While you can adjust the session’s process priorities, something is unavailable on the front end. If you’re an experienced user, traversing the menus will reveal different exciting features.

That’s where system optimization software such as Process Lasso comes in handy. Bitsums Process Lasso is Windows process automation and optimization software developed by Bitsum Technologies. It allows users to automate various process-related tasks and several novel algorithms to control processes.

This technology is quite complicated. However, the developers have gone to lots of trouble to hide it. You don’t have to spend time configuring different prospects and settings. It’ll work wise enough to work on its own.

Bitsum process lasso

Process Lasso Review: What is it?

Process Lasso is a long-standing process-tamer offering solution to that issue and others. At its core, it ensures that high-priority processes are not slowed down by other processes running on the system. If you dig deeper, you’ll discover that it gives you complete control over how the tool handles that on your PC.

Bitsum, the leading software company behind the product, has just released Process Lasso 9. It helps you to go over the process management issues that you’ve been suffering for a long time. So, without speaking, let’s start with the review of Process Lasso by Bitsum.

process lasso

Bitsum offers Process Lasso 9 as a limited free and Pro version. The free version provides some of the commercial features of Process Lasso Pro but for a limited period (usually 3-14 days), after which they’ll not be accessible anymore. Also, various adware is shown on startup and between running the application or using them from the system tray.

The Pro version is available for an affordable price of $37 commercially with a lifetime subscription. You can also opt for the yearly one at $28 and monthly for $7. All the licenses come with unlimited updates and excellent after-sales support. 

You can also buy the Home Pro version, which supports unlimited devices for the Process Lasso 9 and costs $67 for the lifetime license and $47 for the yearly one. With the latest update for the Pro version 9, many new killer features can be expected, notably CPU affinities alternation and broad compatibility. 

The changes, however, may be well worth an upgrade. Not much of a concern for the free users; however, the paid customers who bought the lifetime license are entitled to such services.

Process Lasso Review: Hands-on Experience

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When you start Process Lasso 9 for the first time, the tool displays a list of processes operating on your system. Like the Task Manager, the information about the current and past resource usage and activities log at the bottom highlights, among other things, whenever new processes are started or terminated.

Main Algorithm

Bitsum’s Process Lasso strongly runs on two of the program’s main algorithms, the Pro Balance and Game Mode, which are enabled by default. Pro Balance adjusts the priority of processes running on the system automatically. It ensures that when taxing applications are running, other methods won’t lag.

Limitations to Steam

The one unusual thing about Process Lasso is that the Game Mode is limited to Steam by default. It might be a new power plan that ensures maximum performance during gaming by restricting background apps and running at full CPU power.

Process Lasso Review

However, you can add your previously installed games and processes to Process Lasso if they are not Steam related. The optimizations would work on those games too. 


Another mode in Process Lasso 9 is the SmartTrim. It is an intelligent memory optimizer with a core functioning that turns off brute force to free up some RAM on your system and is not enabled by default, but you can do so by navigating to the features and choosing SmartTrim.

It is still catching up with the customization options as well. One of the best features of using Power Lasso is that the program puts you in control whenever you want to. You can enable SmartTrim and let it be, or you can alter the configurations to run it according to your arrangement.


Regarding the features, IdleSaver is also an eye candy and focuses significant users’ interest towards Process Lasso 9 Pro. The mode switches the power profile on the fly while the PC is idle. You can get full performance output while working on the system (or the PC is crunching data in the background) and the energy-saving mode when your computer is idle.

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Also, you may enable it even while in the gaming mode and set exclusions so that some operations won’t be asked to release working sets when the feature is triggered. The same applies to the other components. ProBalance crafts lots of options in this regard. As previously mentioned, you can set thresholds, change CPU affinities, ignore foreground processes, or ensure it excludes system services.

The default options are usually set, but you can always reset the manual setting to ensure you get the most out of your system. After all, it is your PC, and you’ll be working on it. However, Process Lasso’s default settings are exceptional enough to optimize any computer.

And last but certainly not least, Process Lasso allows you to permanently change settings for special procedures and change process priorities, I/O, and memory priorities or restrict it to one running instance.

Moreover, the permanently terminate option stops a particular process whenever it starts running. It is handy when you don’t want to avoid interruptions during work.

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Limiting the cases of some operations or preventing others from moving at all is also feasible. Moreover, the useful Gaming Mode optimizes the system for full-screen games while temporarily alternating your PC in the High-Performance power mode for an extra speed boost.


Is Process Lasso good for the laptop?

Yes! Process Lasso is very popular with audiophiles and other users who need maximum real-time performance. The Performance Mode feature will put your hardware in the best power state for real-time work. Further, the ProBalance feature will help to keep background processes from interfering

Why use Process Lasso?

Process Lasso is Windows process automation and optimization software. From tuning algorithms like ProBalance to user-created rules and persistent settings such as CPU affinities and priority classes, Process Lasso enables you complete control over running applications!

Does Process Lasso run on startup?

The Process Lasso auto-start task exists in the Task Scheduler root, so it can be changed alternatively. If the Governor is set to start as a service, the only job will be for the Process Lasso GUI.

Final Words

So this was all about Bitsum’s Process Lasso, the all-in-one CPU Optimization software for anyone suffering from slow or unmanaged computers. It is recommended going for the trial version first. 

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