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If you’re the kind of person who buys a lot of media online, then apparently, you’ll be familiar with the idea of DRM. DRM reaches for “digital rights management,” and it’s used to ensure that digital media or other products aren’t able to be distributed illegally. Even if you’re not aware of DRM, I’m sure that you’ve been affected by it.When you purchase any game on Steam, you have to use Steam to play it because the is tied directly to the platform. A similar proof applies to media that you may purchase through iTunes. Whether you’ve bought music, a movie, or an audiobook, that media is directly tied to iTunes. It is perfectly fine for the most part, but there are situations where DRM can be a little bit of a prison. It can be inconvenient.

DRM Media Converter for MAC

Though iTunes waves off the DRM from all the Music, the same can’t be said for videos on it. Currently, if you purchase or rent via any movie or TV from the iTunes Storey, every piece of media would be wrapped in DRM, meaning once you buy it, you can only view it across your iTunes-authorized devices or Apple TV.

This definitely makes it hard or almost impossible to share the movie with another person, but it is mostly because of protecting the content from piracy. However, today, we’re going to share software, TunesKit DRM Media Converter, both for Mac and Windows. And the simple but most remarkable feature of this software is to convert DRM videos purchased or rented from iTunes into non-DRM files.

Hands on Review

With TunesKit DRM Media Converter, you are entitled to convert iTunes M4V to MP4 using this useful DRM removal tool. Moreover, when you launch TunesKit DRM Media Converter, it also starts the iTunes on the running system or MacBook, so if you’re running iTunes, you’ll need to relaunch it.

After launching TunesKitDRM Media Converter, the software astonishingly eases to extract the DRM out of whatever video or media files you’ve downloaded from the iTunes Store.

Main Interface

That includes rentals as well and mostly serving as a digital version of all those old VHS dubbing machines that let people keep copies of movies they’d rented from the Blockbuster ones.

Doing this might be pretty dubious concerning your end of iTunes’ User Agreement, so do give a thought and let your conscience be the guide there.

Moreover, if you’re not yet giving in for the rental-copying feature, there are plenty of other reasonable and ethical benefits that come with the removal of DRM. For starters, if you’re using iTunes on a Windows PC and want to expand the media support towards your Android devices.

Add Files

TunesKit DRM Media Converter also allows you to watch the purchased movies and TV shows apart from the iTunes or the iTunes App depending on whatsoever device you’re on.

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The standard format of all the media is usually M4V from the iTunes, but TunesKit DRM Media Converter remarkably converts it into the standard MP4 format which works on almost every possible device nowadays. You know what this means? You are not limited to iPhones and iPads only.

Convert Video

Using TunesKit DRM Media Converterfor turning your videos into the DRM-free media is super simple. After launching the software, first you start by importing the files, and then software will bring up the window to show all the iTunes purchased Movies and TV series (videos only) including both the purchases and rentals.

After opening, all you need to do is just to choose the files and select convert, and you’re done.

To personally experience, I converted a movie that I had purchased the Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray DVD which I presumably missed when it released. Now, TunesKit was up to the job to remove the DRM from the movie. Not surprisingly, The TunesKit did the job flawlessly.

Moreover, the exported non-DRM video file works like a charm without any quality loss. The very next morning, I tried to play the non-DRM version on my LED TV, and God! That big smile on my face was definitely worth a dime.

Talking about the speed and the conversion time, TunesKit is fast enough. Moreover, the developers have promised a company’s website, and they claim they can convert the video up to 30x faster than the whole duration of the movie.

Now, your device’s specifications also affect the speed and the performance of the software but it’s faster overall. For me, the conversion took around 10-15 minutes, while I was watching some videos on YouTube and TunesKit DRM Media Converter was running in the background. The whole conversion process is lossless, and you wouldn’t find any quality degrade later on.

It provides various presets for the encoding your videos. By default, it is set to the standard format MP4, but you can also use it with others like AVI, MKV and some mobile supported formats.

One more interesting feature that the company has packed a feature to convert the DRM packed media content from iTunes into MP3 formats. So, if you want to turn any live tour or a particular background score, the feature is available there.

Quick Pros

  • You can remove DRM protection from purchased and rented movies and TV shows from iTunes.
  • It is capable of converting the standard iTunes M4V files to MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, or simple MP3 formats without any quality loss.
  • Preserves the original audio tracks and subtitles during the conversion.
  • After converting the iTunes videos, the output would be compatible across different mobile devices or media players

Plans & Pricing

So, if you want to convert iTunes M4V to MP4 or any other supported format, TunesKit DRM Media Converter is the final solution. Offering so many exclusive features, this is definitely a premium software but the company also offers a trial version for its users.

You can download the latest TunesKit DRM Remover v3.4 absolutely free from it official website.

Moving on the premium version, you can it for a discounted price of $44.95 for both Mac and Windows powered devices. It supports the latest macOS 10.12 Sierra for Apple and the latest Windows 10 otherwise.

Final Words

You may have a second thought that why should you go for TunesKit? Now, even if you haven’t been visiting iTunes often, the tool would still be beneficial for you. As previously mentioned before, the tool can possibly allow you to convert an iTunes rental and keep it forever. This somewhat saves you a lot of extra bucks which you’d have invested in purchasing that specific movie or TV Series from the Apple iTunes Store.

I believe that TunesKit DRM Media Converter Tool comes useful and is well worth the investment you’re doing. This will definitely add a lot of value to media collection and you might save some bucks if you purchase the discounted version now. Cheers!

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