12 Best Android Browsers With Flash Player

Flash player is the software required to use the program created in the flash platform. Macromedia created the Flash Player. For example, the flash player helps in viewing videos, contents, streaming audio, and to read the content uploaded in the adobe flash player. The games and animations use the Flash Player as the base.

Android Browsers With Flash Player

So to play some games or to stream some videos one need flash player on their Android phones. Android phones do not have access to the flash player on their own. It requires an additional support of any browsers to use the flash player. 

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Top 10 Android Browsers With Flash Player

Here I have listed the best ten Android browsers with the Flash player.

1. Puffin Browser

Cloudmosa released the puffin browser. It supports to use the flash content as it has the adobe flash player. A person using the puffin browser experience the fast browsing. Puffin uses the split architecture, and it is the reason behind the browser for its fast browsing.

Users with the puffin browser can have access to the flash videos and games, as it has the flash technology. The other features in the puffin are it has the virtual trackpad and gamepad in the browser.

2. Boat Browser

It is a browser for smartphones and tablets. It is one of the fastest browsers and designed by Boatmob, Inc. It also has the mini version of boat browser to store the memory of the device. It has the flash video, youtube video support, voice search, etc. The other extra features of this browser are personalising the background, and volume control. 

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3. xScope Browser

It’s one of the best browsers which have many new features along with the flash player. It works well with the powerful devices like Jellybean, ICS, Nexus, Galaxy S III, etc. It has the facility of navigating front and back, as it has a SwipeNav technology.  Its performance is fast and has the features like ad blocking, zooming, and saving the battery.

4. Dolphin Browser

It can use flash content as it has the adobe flash player. It is the software developed by MoboTap.  It is the first browser introduced to sustain multi-touch gestures. Features of Dolphin Browser: –

  • Dolphin Sonar- voice search. 
  • It can sync devices using chrome or firefox.
  • Gesture browsing is available in this browser.
  • Webzine- the content in the web appears in the magazine format.

5. Photon Browser

It can be downloaded from the Google play store for Android devices. The browser has the flash player, and it is the fast browser for streaming the videos, and the speed of the flash player is extraordinary in this browser. Photon Flash Player supports the access of flash games, flash websites and videos for free. To activate the flash player in the photon browser you have to click on the lightning bolt button. 

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6. Flash Fox

It is the android browser which can run the flash content quickly once the software has been installed. Those who have the flash fox must upgrade to the pro version of the flash fox to experience the fast browsing and efficient condensing of the flash videos, games, audios, etc. 

It is reviewed as the fastest flash player among several browsers. It comes with all the essential features of the browser. You can enjoy live sports, Netflix, Flash videos, movies, news and games through this browser.

7. Lightning Browser

It is the software developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It has the features like long press navigation, sudden exit, tabbed net surfing, adobe flash player, etc. It helps in viewing flash content, streaming flash videos, flash games, etc.

8. Maxthon

It is a web browser for android, windows, ios, etc. It can access the favourite site immediately. You can access the page you should read by deleting other garbages. Other features in Maxthon: –

  • Data saving. 
  • Fetch Mode-can load the new page simultaneously.
  • It can sync all the browsing through My Cloud Tabs.
  • It has the flash player with the assistant of screenshot RSS reader.

9. Firefox

It is the most commonly used software in the windows. Now it can also get adapted to the Android mobiles to get better browsing experience. It has the Web-RTC enabled like the chrome. It can block ads while browsing. 

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The reader mode can be enabled in the browser which gets out the useless junks in the browser. This feature helps the user to access the page what they want. The reader mode can access by clicking the little book icon in the browser. Guess session mode in the browser can save the data while your friend you mobile.

The flash player in the Firefox supports the device in accessing all the content stored on the flash platform.  It is the richest and safest browser for viewing the Flash content from the web.

10. Fast Internet Web Browser

It’s the fastest and most reliable web browser available for the Android mobiles. It is the app with built in flash player. The web pages will load quickly in this browser. It supports the flash video and the HTML5 video. It has new security feature and has the full-screen feature in the browser.

11. Naked Browser

Naked browser is a very bare-bones browser without much of a visual presence; however, it is free and ad-less and supports both Flash and HTML5. It is entirely trustworthy and has permissions for web page requests and retrievals, handling changes in network connectivity, saving and uploading files and can also keep the device from sleeping to prevent downloads being cut off.

12. AOSP Browser

The AOSP browser is an unbranded browser which renders itself using Webkit or Blink and can be used in the place of Chrome. Since it uses the same rendering engine, it can generally be compatible with the same pages as Chrome. 

The AOSP browser used to support Flash freely but the recent version requires your device to be rooted to use Flash Player on this browser. However, thanks to an XDA developer, it is possible to get the AOSP browser without rooting your device.

These are the browsers searched by most Android mobile holders. People love to stream in the flash platform they can prefer these Android browsers to view flash content, watch flash video, audios, enjoy flash games, etc. The performance of these browsers is fast and safe. Android users should try it.

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