Clean Junk & Remove Unwanted Trash With MacCleanse 5

Being a Windows user, it’s hard to admit that Mac is, in fact, one of the best operating systems available in the market nowadays, but it is the truth.However, the one reason I still prefer Windows over MacBook or iMac is the high requirements for its regular maintenance. And this is only required because the device gets slow and inefficient if not taken care properly.

So, whenever you’re changing the hard disks, formatting them or ultimately increasing the RAM size would help you to overcome the speed and performance that you’ve lost, you can only install a Mac cleaner software on your device.

Since it is considered to be the best way to help you out with all the speed troubleshooting queries; the market is already filled with so many cleaning software for Mac OS that you can choose from.

MacCleanse 5 Review

Recently, we’ve come across a tool that is now the best-recommended cleaning software you would ever need. So, without any more blabbering, let’s get started with the review of Koingo’s MacCleanse Space Cleaner Software.


Serving happy customers with more than 5 version updates, MacCleanse is considered as the most satisfying cleaning software as reviewed on different websites all over the web. It is a premium tool and serves some very beneficial and handy features to all the Mac users who are tired of using their slow devices. It is affordable too and doesn’t put much pressure on your pocket.

Getting Started

Though it is wholly a premium software with features like removing the cache and log files, the developing company also offers a trial version of the MacCleanse software that can be used to get a glimpse of this tool is accomplished of.You can download the trial version directly from the official website of MacCleanse for Mac OS powered devices. It works seamlessly with minimal configurations and the latest version 5 requires Mac OS X 10.9 or later to run.

Plans & Pricing

So, how much does this software costs? Well, the single user license is priced at $29.95 annually. Also, the renewal cost is decreased to $12 with the subscription. MacCleanse also offers free updates and upgrades for a six-month period after the purchase.

MacCleanse Pricing

Moreover, if you’re a student, then you can avail the software at a very discounted price of $14 and renew it for $7. The household or the family license is priced at $74 that serves up to 10 unique activation per year, and the renewal price is reduced to $20. You can get more information about the plans and pricing on the official website of MacCleanse.

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MacCleanse 5 Review

Since everyone is aware of the fact that Windows already comes with clean-up tools that are inbuilt into the OS. Also, with the easy availability of clean-up software, you can easily maintain your devices, but same doesn’t happen with Mac OS. You need some external programs to do the job done.Fortunately, I tried out several different applications and disk cleaning programs, both free and paid and at the end, I successfully landed on MacCleanse 5. It comprises a dedicated set of features that are beneficial to clean up some space from your device.

MacCleanse Cleanup

MacCleanse 5 does a good job because of the smart algorithm that powers a range of clean-up tasks. The two-pane view gives you quite an intuitive interface to work with. A list on the left displays the configure bits that you can use to clean up your device. Considering all the maintenance tasks, log and cache clean-up processes and the app slimming feature removes the unwanted temp files from your programs that are generated automatically.

Uninstall Apps

With the integrated support of Mac OS and the advanced filtering of the MacCleanse software, you can quickly eliminate and remove the unnecessary log files that are created in specific programs. It certainly increases your device’s capabilities, and efficiency as a clean Mac is a faster Mac.

File Eraser

You can also automate the MacCleanse software to configure the scanning process for your machine for all the junk files stored there. The program deletes all the fragments of the data and secures the erasing process. The simplified menu bar on the top makes it more feasible for the user to carry out various cleaning procedures.

Things I liked about MacCleanse

  • MacCleanse is a value for money as it offers an array of features with an affordable price tag of $29.95.

Things I wasn’t so sure about

  • With a little more investment, you can get some of the best cleaning software for Mac devices.

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Final Words

So, this was my take on the handful MacCleanse Space Cleaner software for Mac OS. Do share your thoughts and comments on the tool and let me know if you’re going to speed up your device with this cleaner. Be sure to go for the trial version first. Cheers!
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