3 Ways to Create Single Name Account on Facebook

What’s the first name that comes to your mind when someone says social networking site? For most of us, that brand is none other than Facebook. It has become an integral part our lifestyles, and we tend to share our best or worst of moments or our thoughts with our friends and family with the help of Facebook. With its numerous incredible features, it has become an irreplaceable site.With multifarious features, be it technical or social, Facebook has attracted a large number of developers who develop various tricks by finding bugs. One trick that has been searched by a lot of people is ‘How to make a single name account on Facebook?’.

Officially, if you are not from Indonesia, then you are not allowed to make an account without Last name. It shows an error that blank space not allowed. Still, there are some ways by which you can make a single name account or hide your last name on Facebook.

You can hide your last name by VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. But before starting, keep in mind that Facebook follows a strict policy for name change relative to all other social media sites. And since our procedure for changing name will be unofficial, hence Facebook can close your account or change your name without any prior information once it discovers your trick to change your name unofficially.

Single Name Facebook Account

So, after knowing all the consequences, if you still want to change your name and make a single name account or hide your last name, then you can follow the steps given below.

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Method #1 Modifying Proxy Setting

We’ll start by modifying our proxy settings for the browser.

  1. Add manual proxy settings in your browser. Since all the work will be manual, so we will have to choose Indonesian proxy. You can take help from proxynova.com some other site that you are aware of. 
  2. Now after the first step, check if it is working fine on Facebook. Note that we changed the proxy settings to prove our belonging to Indonesia to Facebook.
  3. Open your Facebook account and go to Account Settings.
  4. You will see Language column there. Now change your language to Bahasa Indonesia
  5. Go to your profile and change your name or just remove your Last name. Save it and you are done.

Method #2 Using Hola Extension

  1. If you don’t want to add manual proxy settings, you can download Unlimited Free VPN – Hola extension. 
  2. After installing Hola Extension, turn it on.
  3. You’ll see a country column, select Indonesia from that column.
  4. Hola will change the proxy settings on its own and hence there is no need to add proxies manually. Now follow the steps 3-5 as mentioned in first method.


Note that if you have changed your name in the last 60 days, then you won’t be able to change your name to single name. You’ll have to wait for the 60 days period to be completed. Also, if you have crossed the name change limit, then you can’t change your name in this account. Make a new account.

Once you have changed your name successfully, you can remove the proxy and change your language to the earlier one as per your need.

Method #3 Using Tamil Language

I have one more way by which you can make a single name account, and it’s a minuscule and easy trick especially if you can understand Tamil.

  • You just have to change your Language to Tamil just as you did in the above steps for Bahasa Indonesia. After modifying the language to Tamil, Just follow the steps given above and your account name changes to a single name without any last name.

You can change your language back to English or some other language as you want once you complete the steps given.

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So now you’re all set to create a single name Facebook account.

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