[How To] Change Facebook Profile Name After Limit Is Over

Monday, 29 August 2016

[How To] Change Facebook Profile Name After Limit Is Over

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Facebook, the most widely used social networking tries to make it simpler and more accessible to the user. They try to introduce new things that are trending or something that people are looking for. But every website has some policies & guidelines for using their features genuinely without producing faults/spams. Anything in excess won’t always work, and similar postulate applies to Facebook too. 
Change Facebook Name After Crossing Limit
People are not aware that Facebook maintains some limits for Profiles, Groups, Pages, Friends, Events and much more. Not only it is with the profile name that can’t be changed more than 5 times, but following marks have to be also considered.
  • We can’t change our profile username more than 1 time. 
  • We can’t change page name after having 200 Likes. 
  • We can’t change group name when 150 members have been reached.  
  • Apart from these, we can’t add more than 5000 friends to our Facebook profile.
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Nowadays, many people keep their Facebook profile names in stylish Fonts and cool names like ďą$hɨɲǥ ǥµ¥, $ɨďďhąяţh hąɲď$๏ʍ€, etc. But Facebook is banning such type of accounts using stylish fonts and fake names because there has been an increase in cyber crime using fake accounts and they keep a spy on such account. If they found something unusual about the account, they immediately ban it.

Also, ensure that your name doesn’t contain following:

  • Titles of any kind that hurt sentiments. (professional, religious etc.) 
  • Symbols, repeating letters or punctuation, capitalization, and numbers in between the name.
  • Avoid Phrases or nicknames in the place of a middle name  
  • Offensive content.
  • Prevent multiple language characters.
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Today, we are going to see some tricks regarding changing your profile name after crossing the limit. For solution, there are two possible ways:
  1. Either you directly contact the Customer care, or 
  2. You adopt a circumlocution technique. (Most of the people go with this)
As per rule, one can change his/her Facebook profile name 4-5 times only. Once this limit exceeds, he/she can’t change it anymore. The only available option for them is to select a name (out of 5) from the drop-down list stated by Facebook.

Once you reach the limit and try to change your name, you will get the following message “You can’t update your name right now because you’ve already changed it too many times.

But as usual we are here to provide you some more solution, and here they are:


For this solution there are some requirements listed below:
  • You need to have one legal government Id or proof that shows your image and name. 
  • Choose your Profile picture same as available on your Id/proof. 
  • Ensure here that your account has exceeded this limit. Only then you can proceed further. 
  • Now, open Facebook's official form to request a change in name.
  • Make sure you have entered the accurate data because your Id/proof will reflect it and there shouldn’t be any discrepancies.
Form to Request Facebook Name Change
  Follow outlined steps for guidance on filling the form:
  • Enter First, Middle and last name accurately in a new format which you want. 
  • Select the reason for changing the name. 
  • Upload the image of your Id/Proof which shows that this is the name which you are using. 
  • Click on the send button and you have to wait for a week for request approval.
Sometimes, Facebook doesn’t approve the request, and the reason will be mentioned in the e-mail sent by them. Resolve that issue and again follow the procedure outlined above.

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If you don’t have valid government Id/proof, you can submit any 2 copies from the list mentioned below:
  • Credit card 
  • School or work ID 
  • Utility bill 
  • Library card 
  • Bus card 
  • Check
Above mentioned step is the only accurate and safest way to change your profile name. It’s better to change it legally and with your real name and not to transgress. It may lead you to face legal problems and you may get banned.

Hope you have found your solution and will help you to accomplish it.


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