[Tutorial] How To Add a Temporary Profile Picture on Facebook

Friday, 22 July 2016

[Tutorial] How To Add a Temporary Profile Picture on Facebook

Posted by Rahul Gupta
No doubt that Facebook is rolling out some major updates nowadays . Of course, it is the strategy of the Facebook to stay at the top position by maintaining the interest of the users with them. Everyone knows about the Nokia company; they had to sell their business just because they lacked to change with the time. So I am not going to talk about those previous changes made by Facebook as it won't be worth talking here about them.  

Nowadays Facebook is testing temporary profile picture feature which allows you to set any profile picture for a specified period. The only reason behind this update is to show support for a cause collectively. Now the whole Facebook community can showcase their feelings & support for any event going viral over the web.
 Set FB temporary profile picture

One can easily upload new photos or choose from the existing ones on Facebook and set the expiry time of an hour, a day, a week or custom one. 

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Here's how to set temporary profile picture through the Facebook web or mobile app for Android or iOS.

1. Add Temporary Profile Picture through Facebook Web

  • Navigate to your Facebook profile and select upload profile picture.
  • Upload new profile picture or choose from the existing ones.
  • Now click on "Make Temporary" button.
Make temporary photo
  • Select expiry duration according to your comfort.
Select expiry duration
  • Once all done, click on "Save" button to appear the changes.
  • This temporary profile picture will revert to your previous photo after the specified expiry time. 
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2. How to Set Temporary Profile Picture from Android Phone

Follow the step by step guide given below:
  • Go to your Facebook profile and click upload profile picture.
  • Select a photo from your Smartphone's file manager or existing ones on FB.
  • You can capture new one too.
  • Adjust or crop the photo according to your need.
  • Tap Make Temporary button and choose the expiry time. 
  • Hit Done and that's it.

 3. How to Add Temporary Profile Picture from iPhone 

 Apply these steps if you're an iOS user:
  • Navigate to your FB profile and tap on your profile picture.
  • Choose Change Picture or Video.
  • Select the picture in your camera roll or take a new one.
  • Crop it to adjust in the frame.
  • Now hit Make Temporary and select the expiry duration.
  • Tap Save and you're done.
This temporary picture will switch back to your old profile photo once the time specified by you is over. You can show your interest and support for the trending events or causes. Don't hesitate to comment below if you face any issue.


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