Best Photo Locker Apps for Android: Top 10

Are you afraid over the fact that if you leave your phone even for a second, someone might spy in and get hold of all your secret stuff? And why not?! Our dear smartphones contain everything- every little detail of ours. From sensitive data like bank account details to private photos which are too embarrassing to show anyone (ha-ha!), our smart phones are the key to all. 

Photo Locker Android Apps

Someone rightly said necessity is the mother of inventions. Though not for sensitive data, at least to hide your photos away, numerous apps have been invented which aid you in keeping them secure. And how do these amazing apps do this mind-blowing job? All they do is, to encrypt the selected photo and tuck it away so well in a password protected virtual vault, which it is visible nowhere on your phone or SD card. So, if someone goes prying about your phone, trying to access your private photos, they are going to have hard luck finding it. 

Read further to know the best apps (top ten) in the field, for Android, available on Google Play store (Click on the link to go directly to the Play store page), to lock your photos away in a safe place. I hope you thank me later. 

1. Gallery Lock

It is a simple app to hide your photos and videos too quickly. This app individually passwords locks each of the selected media laying more degrees of protection at your disposal. It secures your media under pattern or pin lock system. It has many other features like Stealth Mode which hide the icon or any traces of the app itself from your phone. Only the user is allowed to know the location and access it.

2. Smart Lock Free

An excellent app which protects your pics, videos, and media files, etc. Available freely on Google Play store this app offers many features like default Locking App, Staying awake while executing and several Lock types like a pin, password, pattern and so on.

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3. Hide it Pro

Using military grade 256 bit AES encryption technique to build encryption this app is one of the most trusted in the market for the job. It is obtainable freely and has an unlimited version. 
It has many Gallery features like “pinch to zoom,” “picture rotation,” etc. and uses Batch support for the hiding and showing.

4. Super Vault

An app capable of concealing your images, photos, files, etc. with an AES encryption (using the same algorithm employed by the military). And the unique thing about this app is that its icon looks like a regular gallery icon unless you long press it; it then reveals its true identity and asks for a password to unlock your vault. It also provides recovery by e-mail, if you tend to forget your password.

5. Vaulty

A free and quick app which lets you protect your photos in a safe and secure place right on your phone itself under passwords and pins that only you have access to. It also allows you to have an automatic online backup to keep your data safe, in the case of any mishap. Another incredible feature this app has is that you can organize your media into several Vaulty vaults and a different password can access each of them.

6. Photo Locker- Hide Pictures

It encrypts your data using advanced 128 bit AES technology to hide your personal files conveniently. It has a Fast bulk hide feature and Folder level locking systems. All your data is accessible through a pin number and if you forget it; it can be quickly recovered. And the beauty of this app is in its user friendliness. 

7. iLock Neo – Hide Photos and Videos

It is an uncomplicated, easy to use the app with pin based access, to secure your secret photos and videos. It encodes your media such that it can never be found when someone is hacking into it. Once it is hidden, the pictures/videos are no longer visible in the Gallery.

8. Magic Box

This app does its job so well that you can’t the find your photos anywhere on the phone or the SD card too. It perfectly hides and protects your private photos. Even to start the app you need to type in a password, hence giving multi-layered protection. And if you somehow end up uninstalling this app, none of your private photos or videos is lost.  

9. Smart Gallery (Media Lock)

It employs strong passwords and pins to conceal your media and data files. It also allows you to manage your photos while inside the app; you can view them and move them into various folders etc. It can also protect your audio files.

10. Private Gallery

It provides you with real-time photo encryption with unique light weight encryption algorithms for your personal media. You can open the app by dialing your pin number on the phone dialer hence making your data inaccessible to anyone else.

Though, there are countless other apps available on Play store which provide similar functions and help you guard your photos well, the ones mentioned above are the most trusted and well-known for their jobs. 

So, before you give someone your phone to use, make sure you have one of these apps protecting your media.

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