How to Recover Temporary & Permanently Deleted Emails From Gmail

To err is human”. Out of all the creatures, the power to do mistakes and learn from them was granted only to the human race. And accidentally deleting that very important e-mail from that very important person is one of the mistakes each one of us has at least made once in our life. You regret that ill-fated moment till the end of time, the instant when you, “by mistake” pressed the delete button, unaware of the fact that, it was actually an important e-mail. 

It’s OK! It happens with everyone all the time and of course there are various ways to correct it. All e-mail providers have recovery options which help you as far as possible to restore your “accidentally” lost work so that their customers receive fewer problems while using their e-mail service.   

Recover Temporary Permanently Deleted Emails

Gmail, one of the largest and the most popular e-mail service providers, has to offer such a facility too. In Gmail, not only can you retrieve your temporarily deleted emails but also the ones removed forever. This is a great boon to people who tend to press the DELETE button a lot and then later regret it. 

How to Recover Temporarily Deleted Email in Gmail

You received a mail on your Gmail account. It is very important. You want to read it. But as soon as you pressed on the mail in your inbox unread list, your fingers fumbled at the last second and fell on that dustbin like looking icon, instead. Your fingers numb. Your heart stops. What are you going to do now? The mail was a vital piece of your work. You can’t afford to lose it.

And Gmail won’t even let you. The makers of Gmail kept in mind the simple follies of the human race while creating it. 

When you find any of your mails missing from your INBOX, the first thing you should do is go to the menu and search for the TRASH button. All the e-mails that are deleted from the inbox, whether they are read or unread, are transferred directly to the TRASH box. 

You can either search for your e-mail manually by scrolling down the lists (which might take ages); or you can look for it by typing the keywords (any words you remember which had comprised the mail you are hunting for) in the SEARCH BOX. For example, you remember that the mail was from some so-and-so or you remember what it was about. Just type in what ever you can recall and Gmail will start displaying results which match your keywords. And voila! Within seconds you’ll find your missing e-mail or the one you deleted by mistake.

The trash folder keeps the emails for around 30 days before permanently deleting it out of the mail account. So, if you still can’t find your mail in the Trash folder, most likely it has been flushed out of your account and is now DELETED FOREVER (heart stops).

But don’t be afraid, just as yet. You still have the power in your hands to retrieve it. Read further to find out how.

How to Retrieve Permanently Deleted Emails in Gmail

An email can be permanently removed for other various reasons (other than the one mentioned above), like you accidentally emptied the Trash folder in one single go and then remembered that it contained some important mail which you didn’t want then but require now. 

No worries, Gmail has got your back covered even here. All you need to do is send a request to the Gmail team asking for the recovery of your email. For that, you need to navigate to the Gmail’s missing email webpage and fill in the necessary details asked. Such that your current email id, the email id you want to recover, the time when you noticed your mail was missing, the actual issue (you are required to give a short description of the problem and what and how exactly you want it). All your mail data stored at Google will be searched in order to find your missing email.

This Gmail service helps you in retrieving not only the emails you deleted by mistake but also the ones which might have gone missing due to some compromising of your email account. But this facility also largely depends on how long back your email had disappeared. The longer you wait to retrieve your email the less likely is it to be found easily. So, keep a good track of your emails to avoid such mishaps, altogether. 

A third, but a not so very uncommon problem, some people while accessing their email accounts, tend to face is not being able to find the TRASH folder itself.  Sounds bizarre, but believe me, the struggle is real!

But the solution couldn’t be simpler. Just click on ‘Settings’ in the menu bar or click on the cog icon above, then ‘Profile Settings.’ Find the ‘Manage Labels’ option and click on it. Make TRASH folder visible and do any other settings you would like to and close the SETTINGS menu. And you will find your TRASH folder in the menu, later. 

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In a nutshell, never go all panicky when you find some of your emails missing. I hope by reading the above article, you now know what to do when and how to do it. Gmail and all the leading mail service providers lay a broad range of recovery options at your disposal, and you should know how to take full advantage of them.

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