PD Howler Review: A Fast Digital Painting & Animation Program

Saturday, 16 April 2016

PD Howler Review: A Fast Digital Painting & Animation Program

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Legend has it that 3D animation or FX creation is an expensive job, I mean you I don't have to hire a team that is a very expensive comma or you have to get the tools that will break a hole in your pocket.
Well, I'm guessing that's about to change, by the end of this article you will have a neat clear view of why you don't need to spend a fortune if you want to get the most professional 3D FX effects out there.

PD Howler
So technically, it's not just about the 3D effect, you might be a digital painter, A game developers, or whatever else but technically what I'm talking about in this  article is a project that will change the way you look at FX effect till now.

OK so, I am talking about PD howler that has been designed by project Dogwaffle. What this software does?

Well, it lets you create 3D animation, design, and paintings and add effects to them so I'm sure it's kind of an upgraded version of the other 3D animation tools out there.

create animation
Well saying upgraded might not be the exact word, but well the reason I am talking about PD howler and not the other tools is that, the other tools cost you a fortune to do the exact same job which PD howler will do for you, the only difference is, they would cost you a fortune while PD howler is technically the best Value for money tool when it narrows down to 3D animation and painting tools.

Ever seen one of those Mars landing movies, or maybe of a fight between aliens in space? And wondered how the hell did those people get their cameras out there in another Galaxy? Well, they didn't, water that is being used some kind of FX creation tool and just created a background out there.

Well, that is what PD howler does, just better and at a cheaper price.

Why PD Howler?

Let's see what you'll be getting with the PD howler latest version.

Advanced Onion Skins (Light Tables)

Advaned onion skins
If you have ever worked around editing a video you most probably have felt a distraction recognizing the prior and the future frames, right?

Well, that's One Less distraction you will be getting with advanced life tables from PD Howler.

Their advanced Onion skin let you work around frames without being distracted Because they get a reddish tint, I mean the older frames just letting you easily distinguish between them.

Secondly, you get an option to colorize the onion skins for yourself, And well that is what will just take away your struggle between recognizing the prior and future frames because you yourself have the capability to colorize them as you want, and then you won't have to remember which frame was what.

Well here's a video to explain it better to you:-

For more such tutorials simply refer to their collection of 700+ video tutorials for newbies.

Puppy Ray

Image 2
Remember, what I was talking about those unbelievable space fights and Mars landings? Well, that's exactly what Puppy Ray lets you do.

I don't want to complicate things for you, so let's just take it as The advanced Ray tracing filter included with PD howler that will let you create some of the most unbelievable landscapes you can ever imagine that too without a lot of technical knowledge or without paying a fortune for it.

Without a lot of technical knowledge?

Well yeah, the whole thing was created keeping in mind that not every guy out there has a degree in video animation and thus it is almost extremely easy to work with the tool, meaning apart from the initial difficulties,  once you get to be friends with the tool you can create what not using it.

Advanced Shading Effects

Advanced shading effects
As I was talking about the Puppy Ray thing just couple seconds ago, It hit my mind that it would not be fair of me on my part to be writing a review and including Puppy Ray in it but missing the advanced Shadow & Erosion (and a lot more) part.

So yeah this feature was it be there in 2 popular in its 9.5 person technically what it does is it lets you create advanced weather effects, not just weather but it lets you enhance your landscape to get a more realistic flavor.

For example, you might want snow capped mountain tops (after all who expects a forest at 8000 ft. huh?), Or maybe a deep eroded Valley, or just about anything so well technically it is like the final spice of the vegetable without with you might not really enjoy the food.

High Range Lightening

If you are in this article, I don't think I need to explain to you what I read the lightning is, right? So well let's just say that CD holder has embedded in itself a High range lightening value that will give the perfect details to your videos that your audience or maybe just you want.

Motion Prediction Module

Motion prediction module
If you're out there editing a video I don't think you can do it without motion production module, right? So if you were thinking that just because PD Howler comes at dirt cheap prices it might not be worth it,  well you are wrong.
Using the Motion Prediction Module from PD Howler, you can:

  • Track motion angles and Create Slower>faster frames. 
  • You can introduce motion blur into the frames! So that only the "in-motion" frames would be blurred! 
  • And well, the rest depends on upon your creativity.
So if you are working around editing a video I would say you just can't do that without having a motion prediction tool and that is what exactly what PD Howler offers you embedded inside its main tool without any additional prices are string attached.

Advanced Local Contrast
What does advanced local contrast does is, well add advanced contrasts to your images?

and by advanced, I mean advanced. It's not that hard creative a video editing a snap from it, where the hard part comes is detailing and perfecting the video out.

Now that you just can't do without this small little advanced plugin that has already been added into the PD howler.

At a first glance, they don't feel like making a lot of difference well look at the below snapshot, the first is before adding the contrast to it and the second is after editing it with the contrast map and you tell me don't they make a difference?

advanced local contrast
Convinced Yet? Final Words
Let me be honest, it's loaded with so many effects and modules and features that it'll take me a decade if I actually wanted to explain and illustrate all of them to you.

and anyways I personally believe the cover of a book is enough to just the  story inside it, well, of course, it depends on the Illustrator of the cover but still it make sense.

So if you take the above features of the cover, can you judge the story of PD howler yet? Let me put it this way, if the above features can't convince you nothing can.

I mean I can't seem to find a single reason why I won't go with PD Howler.

First, it comes at a dirt cheap price.

It comes in at only $74! I mean how much are you looking at? A month of coffee? Well yeah, that’s how cheap PD Howler is priced at!

Additionally, there is almost nothing you are missing with it, meaning just because it's cheap does not mean you will be deprived of certain features or modules.

So yeah you pay $74 and you can bring out the creative genius in you.

I mean seriously just try and give me one excuse for not going with PD howler right now?
So what are you waiting for? Go out and give it a try, right now, well yeah right about now!


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