How Much Does It Cost To Fax At UPS?

how much does it cost to fax at ups

Are you curious how much UPS charges to fax your documents securely to other locations? Sending faxes is an easy and affordable option at an affordable price. In this article, we will read how much does it cost to fax at ups

Here’s what you can expect on average: Local faxes around $1 per page to start. National faxes are usually $2 for that first page. International faxes are $3 for each page.  

Sending or receiving documents through UPS can be a handy option in a pinch. But before you head to the store, knowing what things might cost is reasonable. Fax fees at UPS vary depending on where you live. Prices can differ at specific UPS locations. So, it’s always wise to call your nearest store for the exact figures in your area. Let us read more about how much does it cost to fax at UPS.

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UPS Fax Services

UPS offers several options for sending and getting faxes. Whether you need to send out essential papers or want to receive something, their fax services can help. Some of the main ones are:

ups store

  • Sending Faxes: Use one of their machines to transmit your documents. Just give the papers and recipient’s number to the staff.
  • Receiving Faxes: Have your mail sent to a UPS store by providing your number. They’ll notify you by phone or email once a fax comes in.
  • Finding Numbers: Need help determining a contact’s fax number? Ask staff to help look it up using their resources.
  • Printing: You can also print papers from your email or devices in the store. UPS makes it simple to fax or copy what you need.

You can use FAX from your iPhone for a fully-featured faxing solution you can use on the go. It has everything you need to send faxes quickly and reliably without finding a fax machine.

The app is very affordable, too. Even the free version is helpful for occasional faxing needs. With this, you can learn how to send fax from iPhone. Additionally, there are multiple free fax apps for Android devices as well.

Now let’s move further with our discussion on how much does it cost to fax at UPS.

How to Send a Fax at UPS

Follow the steps to send a fax at UPS:

  1. Find the Nearest UPS Store by checking the UPS website or maps to locate the closest store and go to the store during business hours when they offer fax website
  2. Tell a staff member you must fax. Let them know how many pages and hand your documents to the staff member to send.talking to ups employees
  3. Give the Recipient’s Fax Number. Write or tell the staff the number who should receive the fax and please wait for the Fax to be sent. It should only take a few minutes to go through their machine.sending fax
  4. Pay the Fax Fees; Cash or a card is acceptable. Expect $1-5 per page, depending on the fax

You’re Done! The staff will confirm when it is complete. Simple process to fax from UPS.

Comparing UPS Fax Costs to Other Options

When sending faxes, comparing the costs between different service providers like UPS, FedEx, Staples, and Office Depot is essential. Here is a table comparing their basic fax prices, answering “How much does it cost to fax at UPS?”:

Service Local First Page Local Additional Pages National First Page National Additional Pages International First Page International Additional Pages
UPS $1 $1 $2 $1 $3 $3
FedEx $1.89 $1.59 $2.49 $2.19 $5.99 $3.99
Staples $1.79 $1.59 $2.39 $2.19 $5.99 $3.99
Office Depot $1.49 $1.29 $1.99 $1.79 $7.99 $3.99

 As you can see, UPS tends to offer the most competitive pricing for local and national faxes. However, their international fax rates are slightly higher than alternatives like Staples and FedEx.

It’s also worth noting differences in service hours – while UPS stores are typically open standard business hours, FedEx may offer later hours or even 24/7 access, depending on location.

For convenience, office supply stores like Staples also have broader weekend hours. Overall, UPS provides a reliable option for basic fax needs, but other services could save on international rates or provide more flexible access times in some cases.

Drawbacks of Faxing at UPS

Now that we have discussed how much does it cost to fax at UPS, here are some potential drawbacks to consider when faxing documents at UPS:

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  • Accessibility can be an issue if no UPS store is near your home or office. This makes the process less convenient compared to online faxing.
  • Privacy and security may be a concern since UPS store employees can access faxed documents. This poses the risk of personal information being leaked.
  • The costs tend to be higher over time compared to alternatives. UPS charges per page, so frequent faxing can become more expensive than an online fax service with lower monthly rates.
  • Limited business hours at UPS stores could be problematic if you need to send an urgent fax outside of their operation timing. Online faxing allows sending faxes 24/7.


What is the cheapest way to fax?

Sending faxes online via a digital fax service can be the most cost-effective approach, avoiding physical fax machine costs while allowing transmission from any device.

How much does UPS charge to send a fax?

UPS offers affordable faxing services starting at just $1 per page within the U.S. and $2 per page internationally. They also have discounted rates if you purchase faxing in bulk.

How secure is faxing from UPS?

UPS takes security very seriously when handling customer documents. All faxes sent through UPS are transmitted via a secure online portal. The documents are then printed securely at the destination and held safely for pickup. UPS stores faxes for a limited time only to ensure privacy.


While faxing was once a reliable way for UPS to share documents internally, technology has progressed. With more accessible options like email scanning and cloud storage, UPS would benefit from moving away from its outdated fax infrastructure. It’s time for the company to transform its document-sharing processes to boost efficiency and sustainability digitally. Updating these systems could streamline operations across departments. And with that hopefully we have answered the question “How much does it cost to fax at UPS?”

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