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We all are very familiar with the word being the universally accepted document formats. Microsoft originally developed word file format in 1983. Back then it was available on various platforms like Mac, Windows, SOC Unix, etc. Gradually with time, the number has increased. Supporting over 160 user interface languages, word format has emerged as one of the highly used file formats. The various formats of a Word document are .doc, .docx, .dot, .rtf, .docm etc. Word documents are best suited to be used when editing your documents, or writing some business documents or when you need to extract images from your file.HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is the most popular language used for writing web pages. As it is not a linear language, so HTML lets you go anywhere anytime on the internet pages. Using HTML, you can also add graphics to a web page, format the texts as titles and headings. The HTML web pages take less time to load. It is also user-friendly and flexible.

Doc to HTML Converters

In this article, some ways to convert your word document to HTMLs is listed down in case you feel the need of it.

1. Text Fixer

It is a very famous online site that helps you to convert your word documents to HTML documents. The conversion process is very straightforward and hassle free.

  • Open your doc or docs file.
  • Copy the contents of your Word file.
  • Go to the Text Fixer website and paste the copied contents.
  • Click on the option “Convert Word to HTML.”

Your word contents will be converted to HTML contents. This conversion site has advantages like producing a much cleaner code, cutting off casual styles and additional Markup codes, preserving HTML formatting tags and HTML links, etc. But, it also has some shortcomings like the fact that it can not protect the images from a word file.

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2. NCH Doxillion

It is a commercial word to HTML conversion software that comes with real help when you want to convert Word files to HTML in bulk. Using Batch file converter options, NCH Doxillion can convert numerous files at one go.

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Free trial version is also available, so you can first try out this software without having to pay for its installation, and then decide whether you want to use it further or not. It is functional In operating systems like Windows XP, Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS X 10.5 or above. It can even convert e-books from file formats like epub or mobile to HTML.

To convert documents from some online site or cloud service, you can copy paste the URL, or else drag and drop it to the software. This software is highly designed to easy and intuitive to use. Also, as soon as you upload the file to the software, the conversion will be over in no time as the software operates real fast.

3. Using Microsoft Office’s Built-in Converter

This process is the simplest and easiest of the methods. But it comes with some disadvantages too. The final converted HTML document is not a cleaner HTML document and also is bulkier. Thus it might not open in all browsers. But still, this method is purely fit for simple and minimalist use.

  • Open the Word document that you want to format in Microsoft Word.
  • Go to the Microsoft Word “menu” bar and select “Save As.”
  • A screen with the drop-down menu will appear. Here you need to select “Web Page” or else “Web Page Filtered” and saving it as an HTML file from the various lists of file formats available.
  • The HTML file will be stored in the exact place where you saved it to your desktop.

4. Word To Clean HTML

It is an online document converter tool that is produced by Microsoft Word and similar office software. The advantage of this online converter tool is that it provides you with many filters that can rectify the unnecessary things that Microsoft Office adds in your file. The result is that you get a well-formatted HTML file.

  • Copy the contents of your desired word file.
  • Paste them in the blank space provided on the online site.
  • Choose the filters that you want to apply. Some of the available filters are “Remove empty paragraphs“, “Convert to , to “, ” Replace non-breaking spaces with ordinary spaces” etc.
  • After check marking the filters that you want to apply while conversion, click on “Convert to clean HTML.”

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5. Word Cleaner

It is an excellent online Word to HTML converter that can work on any browser. The conversion process is simple and easy.
Choose and upload the document file from your device storage.
There will be an option available where you can remove the text formatting from your file. If you want, then you can tick that option.

  • In the next step, provide the site with the email id where you want the converted file to be sent.
  • The converted document will be sent to the mentioned email after few minutes.

Also, you can Register yourself for free on this website which will get you many features like creating your template, uploading your files in bulk and converting them once, etc.

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6. Using Google Drive

The conversion process can also be done with the help of Google Drive.

  • Sign into your Gmail account.
  • Go to Google Drive and select the red “Create” button and then click on the option “Document.”
  • Copy the contents of your word file and then paste to the blank Google Drive document.
  • Go to “File” from the menu of Google Drive and select “Web Page” from the “Download As” option.

This process is used by journalists to convert their articles to web pages so as to publish them.

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7. Online Convert

Very evident from the name itself, this is an online site that helps you convert your Word docs to HTML.

  • Go to the homepage of the site.
  • Either upload your word document by clicking on “Choose File” option or else if you want to convert from a URL then enter your URL in the blank space below.
  • Other options available are selecting a file from Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Click on “Convert file.” The link to download the converted file will be accessible within few minutes.

Sometimes the downloaded file will be offered in the form of a ZIP file.

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8. Word To HTML

It is one of an online type Word to HTML converter that comes with lot many options like controlling images, CSS, page splitting and other options.

  • Go to the homepage of the website and copy paste the details from your word document.
  • There are many options like changing fonts, formatting data, inserting links, etc.
  • In next step, you need to specify what you want to remove from the HTML-like format, empty tags, tag IDs, etc. You also get an optional “Find and replace” option.
  • After clearing all the necessary changes, you click on “Clean my HTML.”
  • You will get your converted and clean HTML.

The process mentioned above is for a single file. So if you want to batch convert, then you can download the desktop version.

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9. ZamZar

Zamzar is another free and online doc file converter. It allows doc file to converted to various other formats like epub, doc, html4, html5, PDF, txt, etc.

  • You can either paste the URL or upload the word file to the homepage of the website.
  • In the next step, you need to choose HTML as the format that you want to convert your word document too.
  • Now enter the email address where you want to get the converted HTML file.
  • Click on “Convert.” Voilà your data is converted.

This process is only limited files of 50 MB. If you want to convert bigger files with faster speed, then you can Register yourself as a Basic or Pro member.

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10. Dreamweaver

It is an HTML writing software that lets you design, create, code, manage a website and available for both Mac and Windows.

  • Open a new web page.
  • To to the menu bar on the page and select “File.”
  • Then go to “Import” and import your word document.
  • After selecting the required options that will be present in the pop-up box right after you import your word document, click on “OK.”
  • Your document will appear on the web page.

So this was a complete list of tools used for converting word document to HTML.

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