What is FACETS Healthcare Software?

FACETS Healthcare Software

Navigating the complexities of current healthcare management calls for robust and adaptable software program answers. FACETS, a complete healthcare software program suite, stands proud as an effective tool for streamlining administrative techniques, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Brief Overview of FACETS Healthcare Software

Advanced via Cognizant, FACETS is a modular healthcare software platform that caters to healthcare companies’ diverse wishes, including payers, providers, and government corporations. Also, It incorporates a wide variety of functionalities, along with

Core management

Managing member enrollment, eligibility, and advantages

Claims processing

Automating declare adjudication, charge processing, and reconciliation

Financial management

Overseeing revenue management, financial reporting, and price containment

Care management

Supporting care coordination, sickness management, and excellent improvement tasks

Importance of Technology in Modern Healthcare

Administration Technology plays a pivotal role in cutting-edge healthcare management, enabling agencies to:

Importance of Technology in Modern Healthcare

Enhance efficiency

Automate tasks, streamline workflows, and reduce manual facts access.

Improve accuracy

Minimize mistakes and ensure statistics integrity.

Promote Compliance

Adhere to evolving guidelines and standards.

Enhance decision-making

Gain insights from data analytics to inform strategic selections. Improve patient care: Facilitate verbal exchange, coordination, and care transport.

What is FACETS?

FACETS stands for Financial And Clinical Electronic Transaction System. It is primarily a comprehensive healthcare software suite evolved through Cognizant.

What is FACETS?

FACETS is a modular platform that can be tailored to the particular desires of different healthcare corporations, consisting of payers, providers, and government companies.

Core Functions of FACETS

FACETS incorporates a wide variety of functionalities, including:

Claims processing

Automating declare adjudication, fee processing, and reconciliation


Managing member enrollment, eligibility, and advantages

Care management

Supporting care coordination, disorder control, and excellent improvement projects

Network management

Maintaining company directories, credentialing, and contracting

In addition to those middle capabilities, FACETS also gives several different modules, such as:

Utilization management

Monitoring and handling healthcare usage.

Quality control

Tracking and enhancing healthcare is first-rate.

Data analytics

Generating insights from healthcare data.

Who Uses FACETS?

Demographics of FACETS users:


Many healthcare organizations utilize FACETS, such as payers, vendors, and authority companies.


FACETS is used in nations worldwide, including the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.



FACETS is used in many sectors in the healthcare zone, such as hospitals, fitness plans, and pharmaceutical organizations.

Breakdown with the aid of Agency Length and Type:

Here’s the breakdown for the Agency size and Types

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

FACETS is a popular preference for SMBs in healthcare due to its scalability and affordability.

Large firms

FACETS is also used by massive organizations within the healthcare sector, including some of the world’s most extensive health plans and hospitals.

Government agencies

Government groups use FACETS to manage healthcare packages and services.

Key Segments Served by FACETS

FACETS’ complete healthcare software suite caters to a wide range of stakeholders inside the healthcare environment, which includes payers, pharmacy gain managers, and companies. Let’s delve into each section and explore how FACETS streamlines their operations and enhances patient care.

What are Payers?

Payers are entities that endure the economic obligation for healthcare offerings. They encompass health insurance agencies, authorities corporations, and employers who self-fund their employees’ health advantages.

What are Payers?

Payers play a critical function in ensuring they get admission to healthcare by collecting rates, processing claims, and reimbursing companies for offerings rendered. They also manipulate the overall price of healthcare by negotiating quotes with providers and enforcing numerous fee-containment strategies.

How FACETS enables payers:

Streamline claims processing:

Automates declare adjudication, payment processing, and reconciliation, reducing manual effort and enhancing accuracy.

Enhance user experience:

Provides self-service portals for individuals to manage their advantages, check eligibility, and look at claims status.

Improve cost management:

Offers equipment for reading utilization records and identifying fee-saving opportunities.

What are Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

PBMs are intermediaries among payers, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Additionally, They manage prescription drug formularies, negotiate drug costs, and technique pharmacy claims.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Challenges addressed via FACETS:

Here are the challenges for FACETS:

 Managing medicinal drug fees

Rising drug fees pose a tremendous mission for PBMs. In addition, FACETS allows PBMs to control prices by negotiating favorable drug fees and enforcing utilization control strategies.

Ensuring remedy adherence

Poor medication regimen adherence can result in adverse fitness consequences and extended fees. Also, FACETS helps medicinal drug adherence tasks by supplying reminders, monitoring adherence prices, and figuring out sufferers at risk of non-adherence.

Improving the affected person’s safety

FACETS promotes protection by identifying and stopping capacity remedy interactions and unfavorable drug activities.

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All about Providers

Providers are healthcare specialists who supply care to patients. They consist of physicians, nurses, hospitals, and different healthcare centers.

All about Providers

How does FACETS facilitate providers?

Here is the breakdown:

Streamline administrative responsibilities:

Automates responsibilities, which include scheduling appointments, pre-authorizing offerings, and submitting claims, freeing up time for patient care.

Enhance care coordination:

Facilitates conversation and collaboration among carriers, improving care coordination and affected person results.

Improve great care:

Provides gear for measuring and monitoring exceptional metrics, enabling companies to pick out and cope with areas for improvement.

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Core Features of FACETS

ACETS is a comprehensive healthcare software suite that gives a vast range of capabilities to assist healthcare businesses in enhancing performance, lowering prices, and improving patient care. These capabilities may be widely categorized into four key regions:

Core Features of FACETS

Market Vision:

  1. Provider management: FACETS helps providers manage their networks, contracts, and credentials.
  2.  Risk sharing: FACETS enables carriers to percentage threats with payers through various danger-sharing arrangements.
  3. Regulatory compliance: FACETS enables companies to comply with complex healthcare guidelines.

Intelligent Operations:

  1. Automation: FACETS mainly automates many guide obligations, which include claims processing and billing.
  2. Enhanced productiveness: FACETS improves vendors’ productivity by streamlining workflows and decreasing mistakes.

Optimized Experience:

  1. Customer service: FACETS affords self-provider portals and different gear to assist companies in enhancing their customer support.
  2. Billing features: FACETS provides quite a few billing features to assist companies in managing their revenue.

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Enabled Enterprise:

  1. Integration: FACETS integrates with other healthcare structures to offer an unbroken consumer experience.
  2. Data sharing: FACETS mainly facilitates sharing statistics among companies, payers, and stakeholders.
  3. Decision support: FACETS provides choice guide gear to help vendors make knowledgeable selections.

Therefore, These center functions make FACETS a powerful tool for healthcare businesses of all sizes and brands.

Real-world Applications and Case Studies

Here are real-world applications and case research of FACETS:

Case study 1: Strategic boom in a fitness plan

A massive fitness plan changed into facing demanding situations with its legacy machine, which could not aid the plan’s increase and strategic goals. Also, The program implemented FACETS to streamline its administrative techniques and enhance its performance.

  •  As a result, the fitness plan was able to:
  • Reduce its administrative prices by 10%
  • Improve its member satisfaction ratings by15%
  •  Increase its enrollment by 20%

Case Study 2: Improving Performance and Accuracy in a healthcare provider

A large sanatorium changed into going through demanding situations with its claims processing and billing machine, which became sluggish and erroneous. In addition, The clinic implemented FACETS to automate its claims processing and billing. As a result, the clinic was able to:

  • Reduce its claims processing time using 50%
  • Improve its billing accuracy by 99%
  • Reduce its denials price by 20%

Hence, These case studies demonstrate the actual-world advantages of FACETS for healthcare agencies. FACETS is an effective tool to help organizations enhance performance, lessen expenses, and enhance patient care.


FACETS has emerged as a powerful and flexible healthcare software program suite, empowering organizations throughout the healthcare spectrum to streamline operations, enhance performance, and supply patient-focused care. In addition, Its comprehensive suite of features caters to the diverse desires of payers, pharmacy benefit managers, and carriers, addressing essential challenges and using excellent results. The future of healthcare management software programs is mainly characterized by the help of continuous innovation and adaptation to evolving industry traits. Hence, Here are some key areas to watch:

Artificial intelligence (AI) and system mastering (ML), Data Analytics, Interoperability, and Cloud computing.

In conclusion, FACETS is well-positioned to preserve a leading position in the future of healthcare management software programs.

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