8 Best Graphic Design Software Free Download

Graphic design is the essential thing needed nowadays for any project to stand out and attract the customers. And, if it is provided for free, bingo! What else does one need? There are many free graphic design softwares available online. You just need to do your ground work, as to which one works the best for you. To save as much of your time, I have listed down some of the best graphic design software provided online by many platforms.

Graphic Design Software Free Download

1. Crello

In this list, Crello is probably the most feature-rich graphic design instrument that always adheres to the latest design techniques and offers you a decent library of ready-to-go design patterns. A drag-and-drop interface, numerous free stock images, design objects, and media assets are all there. Crello is a free web-based graphic design software that also proved to work just great as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

2. Pixlr

It is a free App, made available both for iOS and Android platforms. It does fascinating work on your pictures. From cropping to adding effects, resizing, adding borders, whitening teeth, removing marks. It proudly proclaims to have more than 600 effects and overlays.

You will find it easier and similar if you already have tried your hand in Photoshop.

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It is cloud-based, it will provide you with many sets of image tools and utilities, which includes a sufficient number of photo editors, photo sharing service, and screen grabber browser extension. Having said that, Pixlr has listed under Time top 50 websites of 2013. Designed for non-professionals, but it also has features from simple to sophisticated photo editing.

3. SVG-Edit

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and SVG-edit is online based free and open source vector graphics editor used to edit SVG images or files from within a web browser without any additional software installation.

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It’s being built on JavaScript, HTML5; CSS3 does not require any server-side processing. It is so flexible that you not only can use SVG-edit, to edit and create documents but also can make the best of it by downloading and modifying the code and personalizing it as you want.

So, it serves the purpose of being a standard, even though a basic tool set of all vector images.

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4. Inkscape

It is an another free and open source vector graphics editor and works perfectly fine on Windows/ Linux platforms. Its primary vector graphic format, being SVG. Nevertheless, many other formats can be exported and imported accordingly. Like, it has an excellent SVG integration, it’s very collaborative with many more advanced lineaments that are not easily available in other apps. Markers, alpha blending, and cloned objects are some of the few that come on the list.

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It provides for a lot of primeval vector shape like rectangles, squares, circles, cubes, spirals, polygons, ellipses, stars, etc.; and also different types of texts. They also provide with many options like filling the boxes with different colors, adjusting borders, giving them a personal touch by adding patterns, smoothing the boundaries, changing shadows, giving it a colorful look by adding multi colors.

Having said that, it also gives the user a free hand to create vector graphics from photos and other raster sources. Moreover, already established designs and shapes can be personalized and transformed into 3d and rotational images.

Inkscape provides you to achieve highly clean and neat artwork. It gives a brand new touch to an old picture.

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5. Paint.net

 It helps in image and photo editing for free, for systems that have Windows. It supports a wide variety of options to choose from, from selecting different layers, the neverending windows, the miracle of special effects and large scale and variety of useful tools. Above all, it is user-friendly that even a person with limited knowledge about editing can use it efficiently. It also provides for user-friendly and understandable tutorials and plugins.

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One can adjust the curves, brightness, and pixel. It can be used as a good alternative for Photoshop, which being is very complicated for an average person to understand.

6. easel.ly

This free graphic design software allows users to create infographics. It also stands out for being user-friendly and easy to use software. But since it is still in its early stages it might have some ups and downs here and there. But once you start using it, it gives the best infographics in a jiffy. All you need to do is just select your familiar theme, shapes, objects and insert text if you wish to.

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The software also includes interesting themes and patterns to choose from. The themes are not only perfectly color- coordinated, but can also be personalized according to your requirements and taste. Being a free software, it gives way too awesome infographics.

7. Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition

Who would be happy to pay a lot of bucks for a similar exciting drawing program, if getting a small chunk of the original price?
The most surprising part of this App is, though it doesn’t look like an App to be used by ordinary people. But, yes, it is capable of the same. DrawPlus, a very user-friendly software specially designed for immediate use, in addition to that it has a broad range of functions, tutorials for making the best use of the App.

This App supports a huge variety of brushes and well-formulated templates, on which you can work instantly. 3D imaging is a unique feature of this App, helps you to apply your style to your images.

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GIMP is again an open source free graphic design software. It works perfectly well on Linux, Windows, and MAC operating systems. The expanded form on GIMP being GNU Image Manipulation Program is a tad bit different from Photoshop. But, it provides you with another version of Adobe, which is a ditto copy of Photoshop.

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The software specializes in painting tools, enhancement, color correction, selective, resizing, spot detection and cloning.
The internet is filled with a truckload of free software for every purpose, but choosing the best out of them is important. Apart from this, you can also outsource graphic design task if you’re not comfortable wit the software process. The Softwares mentioned above are the best among the crowd which you can go ahead without hesitation.

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