3 Ways to Block YouTube Videos/Channels in Google Chrome

In this world of technology and growing business, the Internet is playing a great role. From shopping online to studying online to working online, Technology has been an important asset of our day to day lives.We get each and everything online. There is no need to struggle physically to get what we want, we can just use our smartphones or laptops, and the things get done.

Not everybody is aware of how to use these advanced technologies, but there is a user-friendly site that teaches one and all what to do and how to do. And it’s our favorite, ‘www.youtube.com’. Everyone is using YouTube to learn something they are passionate about and also to showcase their talents globally.

It’s like YouTube has become our favorite Teacher when we need to learn something, an ideal source of entertainment when we are bored, our business partner when one need to display his services or products and an incredible platform when we need to sing, dance, etc.

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Block YouTube Videos or Channels

So, now because there are so many advantages of this site, you can’t simply find no reason to block any particular video channels, but sometimes, you really need to.

Such situations arise when small children are using this site, and something adult pops up or when there is a channel which has too many adds to follow. It can get very irritating at times. So, to avoid all this, we have an option of blocking various channels when necessary.

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Blocking a youtube channel is not a very robust process. So, don’t worry about it at all! The process is straightforward and easy. It will prevent you from unwanted channels, sites and the risk of small children seeing something you don’t want them to.

There are two ways to block videos on YouTube mentioned below:

Method #1 Using Video Blocker Extension

If you are using Google Chrome then this method is for you. Follow the step by step mentioned guide below:

  1. First of all, download Video Blocker which is one of the extensions of Google Chrome and easily available on Chrome Web Store.
  2. After completing the process, one can block the unwanted videos from a particular channel easily.
  3. The minute you see something you don’t like, you can right-click on the video and select “Block videos from this channel”.
  4. It’s one of the easiest way and very useful for people who are not very technically sound and want some way out of unwanted videos.

This extension will block all the videos from that particular channel. You can always see them again by unblocking them. But till then they will not be available to view. It will make your work very smooth and easy unlike before. 

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Method #2 Using Ytblockr

It is used to block the videos of youtube channel by the titles. Ytblockr will automatically block the videos of 0 to 20 seconds. One can download this Chrome extension and block the videos by clicking on flag icon that will appear when you move the cursor on the video space. Using this, you can block channel, video and title.

Method #3 Using YouTube Plus

The other option is to use YouTube Plus. It will blacklist the videos you block. This extension adds a close button to the youtube video thumbnails. So, just click the close button and the video is blacklisted. And hence you won’t find videos from that channel again.

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All these are Chrome extensions, and the one that has proved to be the most efficient is Video Blocker.

You can block the channels temporarily or permanently. I hope this article helps you to understand show to block youtube channels with ease.

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