14 Most Popular Youtube Tips & Tricks One Must Try

YouTube, the first thing that strikes our mind when we think of videos. Though there are other official video sites, it is rated as the top most. As it has created a belief in us, that assures the availability of every video that humankind ever needs. It has one of the biggest libraries in the world and is a great place to find any video, which made it one of the most popular sites.

Youtube Tips & Tricks

But, besides allowing us to view, share, upload videos, it has some flabbergasting hidden features that make it the unique video giant that it is today. So here I am with some of the cool tips and tricks that most of us aren’t aware of, to help us have fun on YouTube.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Firstly, moving on with the keyboard, YouTube facilitates several shortcuts that help you navigate through the video as easy as pie. Here are the keys followed by their functionality.

J: – This rewinds the video for ten seconds
K: – Stopresume the video
L: – To fast forward the video by ten seconds
M: – Mute the audio of video
Shit +N: – Skips to the next video
Shift +P: – Recedes to the previous video

<->: – Rewind/Fast-forward the video by five seconds
Up/Down Arrow Keys: – Controls the volume

2. Skip Particular Time

If you want to skip to a particular time in the video you are watching, type this in the address bar beside your video link without any spaces ‘#t=1m50s’. 

For Example www.youtube.com/videolink#t=1m50s. This starts the video from 1 minute 50 seconds.

3. For Keyboard Nerds

If you feel bone-idle to work with a mouse, I bet this feature is just for you.

Type ‘www.youtube.com/leanback’ in the address bar. This takes you to the other side of the video giant, where you can make your keyboard act as a navigator. So, you can surf through the videos using the arrows, search using the ‘s’ key, etc. If you go into standard mode, you can use the keys mentioned above (j,k,l etc.) to navigate through the video.

4. Downloading A Video

Download!! The absence of this feature frustrates many people and forces them to download certain software (like YTD) to download videos that aren’t available offline. So to save all this crap, I suggest you do this thing.

If you feel to download a video you are watching, go to address bar and type ‘ss’ or ‘kiss’ before YouTube. 

For example ‘www.ssyoutube.com/videolink‘ or ‘www.kissyoutube.com/videolink‘. It takes you to their respective websites where you can download the video you are watching.

5. Audio From Video

Another common problem that most of us encounter is, downloading an audio (music) file from a website. Well, the search ends here. As we are familiar with the fact that YouTube has one of the biggest libraries, search for your music file in YouTube. 

Once you have got the video, copy the video URL and go to ‘www.listentoyoutube.com’ paste the video link in it, select download and wait for the file to download. Don’t worry, only the mp3 format gets downloaded and not the video. There you go, you got your music file. 

6. Loop

We, sometimes, feel the urge to watch a video again and again. At that time, it would be difficult to seek it again to start or reload the page. Now, the trend has changed. YouTube has developed an innovative feature called loop, which repeats the video on loop indefinitely. All you have to do is right click on the video you are watching and check on the option ‘loop.’

7. Skip buffering

You have a slow connection. As a result, the video gets frequently paused, the first word that comes out of our mouth is “oh shit! It’s buffering again”. This often happens when the video is in high resolution. Changing resolution during that point would consume more time. To save that, I insinuate to do this (if the resolution isn’t important to you). 

Go to address bar type ‘www.youtube.com/account_playback‘ now check ‘I have a slow connection, never play high-quality videos’ and it’s done.

8. Harlem Shake

Every one of us must have heard of Harlem Shake, aren’t we? Not only us, but even YouTube is also familiar with it. Type ‘do the Harlem shake‘ in the YouTube search bar and watch it dancing according to music being played automatically in the background.

9. Trick Your Friends

If you want to make your friend a nincompoop, type ‘use the force Luke’ in the YouTube’s search box. This shifts the screen side to side following the movements of your mouse. But just don’t do it for too long as it makes you feel dizzy.

10. Video to GIF

We all must be acquainted with the gif images that we post on Facebook while chatting. Know what? You can create on too.  While watching a video, type ‘gif’ in front of ‘YouTube’ in an address bar. For example www.gifyoutube.com/videolink and it will lead you to a web page where you can create gif images from the video you are watching.

11. Floating Video

While you are busy with your work on a website, but, you also want to watch a video desperately, fear not chrome’s to the rescue. All you need to do is to install an extension. The procedure is as follows.

In Google Chrome, go to settings>extension>more extensions Search for floating YouTube player. You’ll get both app and extension. Install the extension followed by the app. An icon will appear as extension beside the address bar. Now go to YouTube, browse for your video. While watching it click on the extension icon. This creates floating video.

Hold ‘+’ on the keyboard and use the mouse to drag the floating video to your required position. Now continue with your work while watching the video.

12. Get/Identify The Background Music

While looking at an individual video, if you come across some melodious snippet of music and, we know nothing about it. Don’t get despondent, here’s the alternative. Copy the video link. Go to ‘www.mooma.sh’ paste the link and allow it to identify the background music track of YouTube videos.

13. Doge Meme

Black and red, oh yeah blue sometimes are the only colors that strike our minds when we think of YouTube. But, not after this. To make it look colorful, type ‘doge meme’ in the YouTube’s search bar. Now watch the fun.

14. Test Tube

If you are a person of inquisitiveness and always curious to know more about YouTube, here’s the source for you people. At the bottom of the YouTube page, you will find a link written as ‘try something new‘. Click on it, OR, go to the address bar type ‘www.youtube.com/testtube’. It takes you to their developer page where you can get access to entire information, and you can also get to know in advance what kind of features are going to be implemented.

Final Notes

So, there are the top tips and tricks to help you extract most out of YouTube and have fun with it. Hope you enjoyed the article.

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