7 Best Websites for Free Unlimited Spoof Calling

Thursday, 19 January 2017

7 Best Websites for Free Unlimited Spoof Calling

Posted by Rahul Gupta
How do you know whose call it is before you pick up the phone and hear the voice? The caller's ID information that appears on the screen! Just by bypassing this verification, one can give ways to deceptive scams and hard-to-trace hoaxes.

There's a lot of dirty history associated with caller ID spoofing- Many have impersonated the police or the White House to facilitate scams, while some have even used it to send a SWAT team to a commoner's house.

It has even been used a lot in telemarketing and elections. With caller ID spoofing, you can be anyone from anywhere, thus enabling you access a selectively available recipient or trick someone into taking your call, which couldn't be possible if he knew your actual identity.

Not only in nasty jobs, but caller ID spoofing also finds utility in many personal and professional arenas. Law enforcers may impersonate a suspect's close friend and urge him to answer the call to divulge his location. Doctors and teachers, if especially famous, might receive hundreds of calls each day. Letting out their personal numbers would ruin their private space.

Free Unlimited Spoof Calling
So, they may set a caller ID of their office to assist their patients/student's guardians from their homes, without the risk. On a lighter note, this can be a pretty good tool to have fun with. Call your friends, pretend a creepy fellow and annoy them ludicrously. The ethicality of caller ID spoofing only depends on what you choose to use it for.

Spoof calling isn't much of a hacker's job. A lot of sites let you do it conveniently. Some even provide features for recording and speech parameters to make your trick seem more genuine. Here, you shall find ten such websites that offer free unlimited spoof calling.

1. SpoofTel

SpoofTel offers a free 15-second caller ID spoofing trial wherein they'll ask you your number, the number you wish to call and the spoofed number you want the recipient to see as the caller. If you feel you might get caught speaking in your natural voice, the site also provides voice change feature with four sound profiles- Man, Woman, Girl and Boy. The soundboard feature lets you add sound effects or create your custom ones. After this, you just require typing in the captcha code and press "Call".

If you found the service fantastic, you may sign up to get the time restriction removed and gained exposure to a wider number of features such as recording and sending spoof SMS. All users of SpoofTel receive SpoofMinutes which can either be purchased or borrowed as credit. The spoof calls can be made over the internet or their Canadian and US toll-free numbers.

2. CrazyCall

To get started with a free trial, CrazyCall has its procedure. You shall be asked to choose your country, come up with a caller ID you want to display and finally fill in the number you want to call. Upon pressing the "Get me a code" button, you will be rendered the number to call and a code for verification. Call this number and tell the code which will allow you connect to the friend you want to fool. 

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CrazyCall also provides the mobile application both for Android as well as iOS. The site also provides customer support, in case you have queries and requests. Also note that the choice for the dialer's country is limited, providing only seven to eight major countries where the service is available. There is no registration to the site, and your content will be checked for profanity or vulgarity, as their Terms state.

3. BluffMyCall

The site opens with a free trial window asking the dialer's number, the recipient's number and the fake caller ID you'll be impersonating. There are options for voice changing and enabling recording and announcement. As soon as you fill in the above information and preferences, just press the "Place Call" button, and you will be making a spoof call. This free spoof call is allowed for two minutes.

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To avail extended features and options, the site has a credit system, which you must be permitted to use after you sign up for the service. There are various packs to opt for- from 60 credits at $10.00 to 1-month unlimited subscription for $29.95. One credit is equivalent to 1 minute for residents US/Canada/most of Europe, 2 minutes from some other countries and 3 minutes for isolated regions.

4. SpoofCard

SpoofCard has some notable features- It enables you to send your calls straight to the recipient's voicemail if even talking to that person might blow your cover, retaining the credibility of the message as it is one-sided. They also claim to be the world's first real-time voice changer, allowing you sound like a man or a woman with background effects to pretend to be somewhere else like music for a discotheque, all on the go. It even allows you to send spoof texts, just like spoof calls.

The credit system allows you to purchase credits after you sign up. One minute of spoof calling costs one credit while one spoof text is available for five credits. You can avail, for example, 45 credits for $9.95. And of course, a free trial is available. Apps both for Android and iOS are downloadable too.

5. My Phone Robot

My Phone Robot offers you a 40-second free spoof call trial, though it is stated that this free offer is available in the US only. But there is some great news for non-US residents. You can still enjoy free calls with their secret bonus scheme, according to which they're giving 150 free credits for every sign-up with Facebook or Twitter. 

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That means you can still have at least seven pranks and spoof call, enough to do your job! Like all spoof calling sites, this site too has an economical pricing system, with 250 credits costing at $3.99 to up to 7000 credits for $49.99, in case you decide to sign up. The process is simple- they'll call you, they'll call the recipient and then the call will be bridged.

6. Covert Calling

Here, you are allowed to make three calls with thirty-second limit for the free trial. Just enter your number, the recipient's number and the number to display. Then enter the captcha and finally place your call by clicking ob "Submit" button. You will receive a call; then your friend will be called, and the connection will be bridged.

Upon signing up, the site appeals with favorable and reasonable pricing, with 100 minutes of spoof calling just for $10.00. Apart from your PC, you can call from your phone as well just by dialing into their 800 number.

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7. Spoof My Phone

You can certainly try a spoof call, with a similar procedure, but if you want more of such free calls, you may like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter and Google+. They'll keep updating their free promo codes, which would be sufficient for some more calls. You may even download their free app on Google Play store, Amazon apps, Blackberry world or iPhone App store.


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